Chapter 1480 - Battle of Primordial Immortal

When the mottled gate slowly opened, there was a patch of darkness in it that emanated a feeling of desolation and being ancient.

Everyone was excited as they looked at the gate that was opening with thirst and greed in their eyes. If they didn’t know that only those who cultivated the Immortal Golden Body could enter, they would’ve lost control and charged in.

After all, the temptation of the Primordial Immortal Body was too great.

Maha Tian was also looking at the gate with a complicated expression. Yearning and greed were flickering in his eyes.

Amongst the five Ancient Clans, the four other clans each possessed a Primal Celestial Body, since their ancestors cultivated them and handed them down. However, no one amongst the four clans managed to cultivate them…

But even so, those clans were the owners, while the Ancient Maha Clan was just a ‘protector.’

Their Ancient Maha Clan was defeated when their Ancestor fought with the Immortal Emperor for the Primordial Immortal Body. The latter won and ultimately cultivated it, being the strongest powerhouse in the Great Thousand World back then.

But perhaps it was also because of this reason that the Immortal Emperor left the Primordial Immortal Body to the Ancient Maha Clan for safekeeping.

The four other clans possessed a Primal Celestial Body each, while they were just safeguarding theirs. Thus, the Ancient Maha Clan had been jealous since ancient times.

Thus, this was also the reason why they were so stubborn towards the Primordial Immortal Body.

“Immortal Emperor, my Ancient Maha Clan, has safeguarded the Primordial Immortal Body for tens of thousands of years. Shouldn’t it be time for you to hand it over to us now?

“Back then, you seized the Primordial Immortal Body from my Ancestor. So shouldn’t you return it to us now?”

Maha Tian squinted his eyes as he swept a glance at the hundred silhouettes nearby. Those were the qualified candidates who would enter the Primordial Immortal Pagoda.

“The Primordial Immortal Pagoda has opened, but I have to remind you that the competition is fierce. Every layer will eliminate half of you, so if you want to reach the end, then eliminate everyone else.” Maha Tian’s voice resounded, which caused everyone’s hearts to tremble as their faces turned grave.

“Half every layer…” Mu Chen locked his brows. This elimination rate was too terrifying. That meant there would be a brutal competition awaiting them within the Primordial Immortal Pagoda.

This was practically like the room for cultivating poisonous insects, with the last one standing to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body.

After Maha Tian’s voice, Maha You immediately flew out and turned into a streak of light, flying into the gate without any hesitation.

Closely following behind him were Ye Qing, Shi Luo, and Tuoba Cang…

With them taking the lead, everyone also flew into the gate.

“I’m making a move too.” Mu Chen turned to Qing Yanjing and Futu Xuan.

“Be careful.” Qing Yanjing nodded her head before she continued, “Give up if it’s really impossible. Although this Primal Celestial Body is powerful, you can also give a try at our Endless Radiance Body of the Ancient Buddha Clan. It’s one of the Primal Celestial Bodies, and it’s not any weaker than the Primordial Immortal Body.”

*Cough!* Futu Xuan coughed as he commented, “Even if you’re the Grand Elder, how can you allow just anyone to come in contact with the Endless Radiance Body as you wish? Shouldn’t you seek the opinion of the Ancestral Pagoda?!”

However, Qing Yanjung was unfazed by his words and replied, “I’m the Grand Elder, and I can make recommendations. How would you know that the Ancestral Pagoda won’t agree to it?”

“You!” Seeing the two of them arguing, Mu Chen couldn’t help smiling as he shook his head and turned into a streak of light before entering the gate.

In less than one minute, over a hundred silhouettes had thrown themselves into the pagoda. As they entered, Maha Tian waved his hand and Spiritual Energy gathered into a hundred mirrors, each projecting a silhouette.

The moment Mu Chen entered, he could sense a violent spatial fluctuation. However, he wasn’t resisting and allowed the fluctuation to encase him in it. A few breaths later, the darkness before him receded and a desolate land appeared.

Mu Chen stood on a desolate hill and looked at this place that was permeating with desolation.

Spreading his perception out, he noticed that the state of the space here was distorted, as if it was being sliced into smaller regions.

However, he could also vaguely sense a violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation spreading out.

“Has the battle begun…?” Mu Chen muttered.

When he muttered, a Spiritual Energy fluctuation came from nearby and a streak of light flew in his direction.

But when that person saw Mu Chen, his face changed and turned around without any hesitation.

It was a middle-aged man with strength at the Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm. However, he recognised Mu Chen, and he knew that Mu Chen’s fighting capability was terrifying despite his cultivation.

“Since you’re here, why are you running?” But when he turned around, space fluctuated before him and Mu Chen stepped out with a smile.

Everyone here were competitors standing on different standpoints.

“I’ve long heard of your fame, so let me experience your strength today!” Seeing that it’s impossible for him to escape, the middle-aged man stomped his foot and a massive Sovereign Immortal Body appeared behind him, along with a mysterious fluctuation.

It was a familiar Sovereign Immortal Body, the Immortal Golden Body.

Looking at this silhouette, Mu Chen sighed. This was his first time seeing another person using the Immortal Golden Body.

“Divine Immortal Runes!” That middle-aged man roared and radiated with runes that were swiftly forming, reaching a total number of 300.

“Congeal!” The Divine Immortal Runes combined together into a sword that permeated a sharp aura. Even space was being torn apart by it as it slashed towards Mu Chen.

There was even a long mark that was drawn on the ground from the sword.

Raising his head, a crystal pagoda flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes as the Spiritual Energy in his body roared and was converted into crystallised Spiritual Energy. Even his clothes was fluttering.

Forming seals with his hands together, a wave of crystallised Spiritual Energy swept out and clashed with the purplish-golden sword.

When they connected, a violent storm of Spiritual Energy swept out and turned into millions upon millions of lusters that enveloped the sword.

The Spiritual Energy on the sword instantly dimmed down before it dissipated.

“Go.” Flicking his finger, the crystallised lusters pierced through space and reached that Immortal Golden Body.

“Sealing power?” That middle-aged man’s face changed upon seeing the crystallised Spiritual Energy and immediately controlled the Immortal Golden Body to formed a solid defense.

As the lusters enveloped over, it had formed into a cocoon that wrapped the Immortal Golden Body.

Looking at the cocoon, lights flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes. With his current cultivation nearing the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, the strength of his crystallised Spiritual Energy was comparable to an Initial Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Thus, it wasn’t tough for him to deal with a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, even if the other party has cultivated the Immortal Golden Body…

A brief moment later, Mu Chen waved his hand and the cocoon burst into sparkles.

When the cocoon disappeared, the middle-aged man standing on the Immortal Golden Body wore a wry smile.

Cracks spread out on his Immortal Golden Body before it suddenly exploded…

There were crystal flickers on the middle-aged man’s silhouette. The Spiritual Energy in his body had also been temporarily sealed.

“The fame of the Mu Abode’s Ruler is well deserved. I admit my defeat.” The middle-aged man surrendered with a wry smile.

When his voice resounded, a beam of light descended and enveloped the middle-aged man. He was about to be sent out of the pagoda.

“Thanks.” Mu Chen nodded his head.

Just when the middle-aged man was about to be removed, there was a purplish-golden beam that shot out from the center of his brows.

Stretching his hand out, Mu Chen grabbed onto that beam. Itt was filled with immortality and a mysterious aura.

“This is… the immortal aura of the Immortal Golden Body…” Mu Chen was familiar with this aura. This was practically the foundation of the Immortal Golden Body, and a denser immortality aura would enhance the Immortal Golden Body.

“The failures would have their immortal aura extracted by the Primordial Immortal Pagoda…” Mu Chen wore a complicated expression. This immortal aura was the foundation of the Immortal Golden Body. Being extracted, the power of the Immortal Golden Body would also be weakened.

This was the price of defeat.

To a certain degree, this Primordial Immortal Pagoda was truly brutal.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t someone soft-hearted. The path of a supreme expert was filled with contests. If he wasn’t determined enough, this would also be his outcome.

Balling his fist together, a purplish-golden light appeared behind him and devoured that strand of immortal aura. Instantly, the Immortal Golden Body grew more profound and more mysterious.

When Mu Chen opened his eyes, the Immortal Golden Body had disappeared. But when he sensed the changes to the Immortal Golden Body, he suppressed his excitement then turned around and stepped into the distorted space.

Only one person could get through this path, and he, Mu Chen, would have to fight for it!

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