Chapter 1479 - Primordial Immortal Pagoda

On the second day, an ancient bell resounded throughout every corner of this city. After a brief moment of silence, countless silhouettes flew out like locusts as they made their way towards the center of Primordial Immortal City.

There was a bald mountain located in the center of the city. Although it was unremarkable, there was an ancient pagoda that sat in the center of it.

The stone pagoda also looked unremarkable, but everyone could sense a pressure that made them wear grave yet revering expressions on their faces.

This pagoda was known as the Primordial Immortal Pagoda, and it was created by the Immortal Emperor.

Facing the strongest powerhouse since ancient times that saved the Great Thousand World, everyone had maintained respect for him.

“That’s the Primordial Immortal Pagoda?” Mu Chen, Qing Yanjing, and Futu Xuan appeared on a pavilion in the surrounding mountains and looked at the pagoda with grave expressions.

The Primordial Immortal Body was kept in the pagoda?

“The Immortal Emperor was truly powerful. Even after tens of thousands of years, this stone pagoda is still so terrifying.” Futu Xuan said as he stared at the pagoda.

Facing this pagoda, even Saint Heavenly Sovereigns would feel a trace of danger.

“The strength of the Immortal Emperor seems to have exceeded the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm…” Mu Chen fell into silence. Although he has encountered several Saint Heavenly Sovereigns, this was the first time he felt such power.

Nodding her head, Qing Yanjing answered, “The Immortal Emperor truly did surpass the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.”

“Surpassed the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm?” Mu Chen was shocked in his heart. ‘So that mysterious level is the absolute peak of the world?’

“With so many Saint Heavenly Sovereigns in the Great Thousand World, there are only two existences with the chance of stepping into the Immortal Emperor’s level.” Futu Xuan commented.

With his gaze flickering, Mu Chen asked, “The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor?”

Amongst all the Saint Heavenly Sovereigns he met, only those two made him feel more unfathomable. They felt like a boundless starry sky.

Futu Xuan sighed, and even someone as stubborn as him had traces of respect in his tone, “Those two came from the Lower Planes, but they possess outstanding talents. It’s not impossible for them to reach the Immortal Emperor’s height in the future.”

“That’s considered a piece of good news for the Great Thousand World. With those two, we won’t have to be afraid of the Fiend Clans.” Mu Chen smiled.

Hearing his words, Qing Yanjing shook her head. Even Futu Xuan wore a grave expression.

“You’re simplifying the Fiend Clans too much. Back then, the Great Thousand World suffered defeats when facing the invasion of the Fiend Clans. It was when the Immortal Emperor stepped out that the entire situation stabilised. But even so, nearly half of the Great Thousand World’s territories were seized.”

With a gentle sigh, Qing Yanjing continued, “Rather than calling it a victory, it was rather the Fiend Clans biding their time. Most importantly, the strongest powerhouse of the Fiend Clan, the Heavenly Evil Monarch, was sealed at the cost of the Immortal Emperor’s life. This was the reason why the Fiend Clans stopped their invasion…”

Hearing those words, Mu Chen’s expression had also turned grave. It was unimaginable what tribulation the Great Thousand World was facing back then.

A slight carelessness would cause the entire Great Thousand World to be enslaved by the Fiend Clans.

He had once seen what happens when a Fiend Clan enslaves an entire Lower Plane. The lifeforms in that Lower Plane were akin to being kept like livestock.

“The Fiend Clans have shown signs of moving recently, but have no information regarding them. If another Evil Monarch is born, then the peace in the Great Thousand World will be disrupted.” Futu Xuan added.

Seeing the two of them, Mu Chen consoled, “Don’t worry so much. We’ll deal with it when it comes. If the Fiend Clans are really launching another invasion, then we’ll fight with them. The Immortal Emperor could beat them to retreat, but the current Great Thousand World is no longer like the past. We’ve grown stronger.”

Just when Mu Chen was consoling the two of them, an ancient bell rang out with more silhouettes gathering over.

Raising his head, Mu Chen saw a large group that had gathered on a towering platform with a familiar figure, Maha You, standing at the front.

Standing beside Maha You was a middle-aged man in golden robes. His figure was robust and permeated a pressure. Although there wasn’t any Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him, even Maha You couldn’t help wearing a respectful expression. Even the Elders of the Ancient Maha Clan took a step back.

“That’s the Patriarch of the Ancient Maha Clan, Maha Tian.” Qing Yanjing explained.

Mu Chen’s heart trembled. ‘This is the Maha Tian who fought with the Flame Emperor in the past? Truly extraordinary.’

When his gaze was directed over, Mu Chen could clearly sense the space around him freeze and he felt immobilised.

“Hmph!” When space froze, a snort suddenly rang out that broke the isolation. Futu Xuan was coldly glancing at Maha Tian.

Seeing Futu Xuan, Maha Tian smiled then nodded in the direction of Futu Xuan and Qing Yanjing.

“The Patriarch of an ancient clan trying to intimidate the youngsters? It seems like your breadth of mind hasn’t grown.” Futu Xuan snorted as he ignored Maha Tian’s gesture.

When Mu Chen was freed from the isolation, his expression was calm without any anger. However, he was recalling that feeling of being isolated. ‘That’s the power of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign? What power! A mere gaze was all he needed to immobilise me.’

Shortly after, he smiled towards Futu Xuan. “Thank you for your help. But there’s no need to be angered by now. After all, I will soon take the treasure that they’ve kept for so long.”

Hearing his words, Futu Xuan teased, “You’re truly arrogant. Do you really consider the Primordial Immortal Body yours?”

With a smile, Mu Chen’s gaze flickered with sharpness.

“That brat is Qing Yanjing’s son?” Maha Tian had also retracted his gaze as he turned and smiled towards Maha You.

“Yeah.” Maha You nodded his head and continued, “That brat isn’t simple. He managed to reach this height at his age, so he can be considered a monster. If he was given a few years, I’m afraid that even I wouldn’t be able to beat him in a fight.”

Looking at the ancient pagoda, Maha Tian commented, “But it’s a pity that he doesn’t have that time. That means that he’s not fated.”

Nodding his head, Maha You smiled. “Indeed… because I will become the new owner of the Primordial Immortal Body this time.”

There was strong confidence in his tone. After all, he held the highest chance when compared to the other competitors.

“I hope you won’t fail me…” Maha Tian’s hand caressed the stone lion on the pillar as he squinted his eyes. “Then again, no one will be able to take the Primordial Immortal Body away from us, even if you’ve failed.”

“That should be the Asura Spear Ye Qing?” Mu Chen turned to the northwest and saw an azure-clothed man. His crimson pupils were flickering with terrifying killing intent.

The air around him was cold, so no one dared to approach.

“The Golden Vajra King Shi Luo… the Blade Saint Tuoba Cang…” Standing not too far from Ye Qing, there was a skinny man in golden robes and light reflecting off his bald head that made him look eye-catching. Beneath his warm smile, he was akin to that of a beast.

On another tattered building, there was a black-robed man without any expression with a broken blade behind him. There was also a sharpness that permeated from his body that would reduce everyone who approached him into a puddle of blood.

“They’re all finally here…” Sensing those powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations, Mu Chen could sense his blood boiling with thirst, as if there was something in these people that attracted him.

Mu Chen knew that it was the attraction of the Immortal Golden Body.

Suddenly, the ground trembled with an ancient echo and everyone raised their heads and looked at the ancient pagoda with blazing eyes.

Under their gazes, the gate of the pagoda gradually opened with the aura of desolation…

When the gate opened, Mu Chen abruptly opened his eyes with sharpness flickering within his eyes.

The Primordial Immortal Pagoda was finally open!

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