Chapter 1478 - Condition

In a serene manor on the west side of Primordial Immortal City

Although Primordial Immortal City was filled with people, this manor enjoyed tranquility because no one dared to approach. That’s because this was the manor allocated to the Ancient Buddha Clan.

When Mu Chen came here, a guard immediately recognised him and went up. “Young Master Mu Chen, the Grand Elder has been waiting in the manor.”

Due to the havoc Mu Chen caused in the Ancient Buddha Clan, everyone practically knew him, not to mention that Qing Yanjing has become the Grand Elder and wielded the authority in the clan. Thus, no one dared to be disrespectful towards the son of the Grand Elder.

“Thank you.” Mu Chen nodded his head. Although he wasn’t interested in the status as the Ancient Buddha Clan’s Young Master, he couldn’t be bothered to correct the guard. He then entered the manor. When he passed through the courtyard, he saw Qing Yanjing at the front of the hall.

“Mother.” Mu Chen walked up and smiled.

“You little fellow, causing such a big incident the moment you go out.” Qing Yanjing reprimanded as she rubbed Mu Chen’s head.

Evidently, she heard about the event of Mu Chen fighting Huang Xuanzhi and the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

“Can’t help it. It couldn’t be avoided.” Mu Chen weakly shook his head before he smiled. “Pops didn’t come?”

Hearing his words, Qing Yanjing’s expression turned grave. “This is a dangerous place, so how can I allow him to come and mess around?”

As she spoke, she stared at Mu Chen. “Chen’er, are you certain that you want to fight for the Primordial Immortal Body?”

Mu Chen’s face had also turned grave at this topic and firmly nodded his head, “Mother, I’ve worked hard for years to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body. So I can’t give up on this opportunity.”

He had determined that his path to the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm required the Primordial Immortal Body. So if he couldn’t obtain the Primordial Immortal Body, then all his effort would go down the drain, and he would have to spend even more time and energy on his future path.

Thus, the Primordial Immortal Body was his path to the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Looking at Mu Chen’s firm expression, Qing Yanjing nodded her head and smiled. “Since you have such ambition, I will naturally support you.”

“Thank you, mother.” Mu Chen felt warmth in his heart. He knew that obtaining the Primordial Immortal Body wouldn’t be simple. Even if he succeeded, he would have to face the Ancient Maha Clan.

The Ancient Maha Clan has considered the Primordial Immortal Body theirs. If it wasn’t for the Immortal Emperor setting the Primordial Immortal Assembly, they probably wouldn’t allow anyone to try and obtain it.

Thus, Qing Yanjing was supporting him in case Mu Chen falls out with the Ancient Maha Clan, since there would undoubtedly be a great battle.

“The Ancient Maha Clan is powerful, and I’ve invited a helper for you.” Qing Yanjing smiled as she pointed in a direction.

Following that direction, Mu Chen was stunned when he saw an old man digging the ground with a hoe and exclaimed, “Futu Xuan?”

That old man was naturally the previous Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan, Futu Xuan.

Mu Chen never imagined that Qing Yanjing would invite him over.

At this moment, Futu Xuan also raised his head. He then walked over and swept a glance at him before snorting, “This brat can obtain the Primordial Immortal Body? I don’t believe it. Maha You, Ye Qing, Tuoba Cang, and Shi Luo aren’t pushovers.”

With a smile, Qing Yanjing responded, “Futu Xuan, it’s Chen’er’s matters if he obtains the acknowledgment of the Primordial Immortal Body. We just need to protect his safety if he succeeds.”

After a brief hesitation, Futu Xuan replied, “I can help, but you know my condition.”

“What condition?” Mu Chen interrupted as he looked at Futu Xuan with alert. This old fellow caused the separation of him and his mother, and he had just managed to resolve that issue. Is he going to start something again?

Qing Yanjing replied, “His condition is for you to acknowledge your ancestry and become the Patriarch of the Ancient Buddha Clan if you obtain the acknowledgment of the Primordial Immortal Body.”

Hearing her words, Mu Chen couldn’t help ridiculing, “Didn’t the Grand Elder constantly call me a sinner? Why would you want me to acknowledge my ancestry?”

Futu Xuan’s lips twitched, and even his face had turned red.

However, Mu Chen did not take it too far and locked his brows together. “I have no interest in being the Patriarch of the Ancient Buddha Clan. Isn’t there anyone else who can take the job?”

“In the entire Ancient Buddha Clan, you’re the only one with the highest chance of reaching the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.” Qing Yanjing pridefully declared.

Her words instantly left Mu Chen with a headache. Just a Mu Abode was already giving him a hard time, not to mention an ancient clan.

“Then we don’t get his help. At most, I’ll thicken my face and ask the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.” Mu Chen flung his lips away.

“Hmph, I’m afraid you won’t be able to invite them this time.” Futu Xuan snorted. He was feeling unhappy in his heart. The Mo and Xuan Bloodlines were yearning to become the Patriarch, but this brat had refused him.

“Why?” Mu Chen asked.

Even Qing Yanjing’s expression had turned solemn, “There are movements from the Fiend Clan, and both the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm are located at the borders of the Great Thousand World. So the two of them can’t move.”

Mu Chen’s eyes had also turned cold. The Fiend Clans were the mortal enemies of the Great Thousand World, and compared to that, any other conflicts were nothing.

If that was really the case, then he couldn’t ask those two for help.

“Chen’er, I know you have grudges with the Ancient Buddha Clan, but you can’t refuse that the bloodline is flowing in your body. Furthermore, are you going to watch your mother bitterly hold everything up?” Qing Yanjing held onto Mu Chen’s hand with her eyes turning red.

Seeing Qing Yanjing’s expression, Mu Chen could only raise his hands with a wry smile. “Mother, I give up. I’ll agree to your request… If I really obtain the Primordial Immortal Body, then I will become the Patriarch of the Ancient Buddha Clan.”

“Chen’er is the best.” Qing Yanjing’s reddened eyes instantly vanished and were replaced by smiles.

Mu Chen sighed at the terrifying acting skills of women.

Futu Xuan also nodded his head as his expression softened. He was also helpless about having Mu Chen being the Patriarch. After all, Mu Chen’s talent has exceeded everyone amongst the younger generations, and he had a high chance of reaching the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Every Saint Heavenly Sovereign was extremely important to the Ancient Buddha Clan. The reason why the Ancient Maha Clan would become the leader of the five Ancient Clans was because they possessed three Saint Heavenly Sovereigns.

If Mu Chen steps into the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm, then they would be able to fight with the Ancient Maha Clan.

Thus, Futu Xuan was willing to give in and even let Mu Chen be the Patriarch if it’s for the Ancient Buddha Clan’s sake. Furthermore, even if Futu Xuan was stubborn, he couldn’t possibly leave a Saint Heavenly Sovereign with their bloodline outside.

“The Primordial Immortal Assembly will start tomorrow, and according to the news, there will be a total of 108 participants.” Futu Xuan explained.

“108!” Mu Chen couldn’t help smacking his lips. The Great Thousand World was truly massive. He had never seen any cultivators of the Immortal Golden Body in the past, but there were 107 other competitors! Thus, he could tell that the Great Thousand World was a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

“This was something that the Immortal Emperor did. He wanted to find the best successor for the Primordial Immortal Body.” Mu Chen pondered. It seems that the Immortal Emperor had really put in a great amount of thought into finding a successor for the Primordial Immortal Body.

“Mother, the Primordial Immortal Body has never chosen a successor in the past?” Mu Chen asked. Anyone that could cultivate the Immortal Golden Body wouldn’t be weak, but there hadn’t been anyone who obtained the acknowledgment of the Primordial Immortal Body.

Shaking her head, Qing Yanjing sighed, “It is, after all, one of the five Primal Celestial Bodies. The strongest in the world, so how could it be easy to obtain its acknowledgment.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen’s expression turned grave as he looked at the center of the city. He could feel a vague primal, ancient aura coming from that direction.

It looks like it won’t be easy to obtain the acknowledgment of the Primordial Immortal Body.

Pursing his lips, Mu Chen’s eyes started to flicker as he clenched his fists.

Regardless of the difficulty, he wouldn't go down without a fight…

It was the path to the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm that he had chosen for himself.

“Tomorrow… let’s fight!”

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