Chapter 1477 - Primordial Immortal City

The Maha Continent was also one of the supercontinents in the Great Thousand World with vast territories and ample resources. The name of this continent was also resounding throughout the Great Thousand World.

Naturally, it was mostly due to the Ancient Maha Clan.

As one of the five Ancient Clans, the Ancient Maha Clan existed for a long time. So even in ancient times, the Ancient Maha Clan was a powerful force, and with its accumulation now, it could be ranked amongst the top of the Great Thousand World…

Back then, when the Endless Fire Territory was rising in the Great thousand World, Maha Tian had tried to devour the Endless Fire Territory when he took over as Patriarch. It was a matter that shocked everyone.

At that time, even the Ancient Maha Clan never expected that the Flame Emperor, who came from the Lower Plane, would be so formidable. In the end, he shattered Maha Tian’s ambition. Not only did the latter fail to devour the Endless Fire Territory, he even returned with dust on his fame that further stabilised the status and reputation of the Endless Fire Territory…

Although Maha Tian was defeated by the Flame Emperor, the latter had now grown into a pinnacle powerhouse in the Great Thousand World. Thus, his defeat became a testament to his strength instead. Even if Maha Tian had disdain about this testament, that wasn’t the same for everyone in the Great Thousand World…

After all, being able to fight with the Flame Emperor to that level meant that his strength couldn’t be underestimated as well.

Thus, the Ancient Maha Clan’s reputation grew more resounding and held a high position amongst the five Ancient Clans. Whether it was their foundation or powerhouses, they could turn their noses at the four other Ancient Clans.

In the Maha Continent, Primordial Immortal City

This city wasn’t the capital of the Maha Continent. Still, its fame was even higher than the Ancient Maha Clan because this was rumored to have been constructed by the Immortal Emperor, and the Primordial Immortal Assembly would be held here.

Looking at this city that permeated with the aura of an ancient, there were innumerable streaks of light across the horizon that flew over. It was even more bustling than the Ancient Buddha Clan’s Bloodline Competition.

The Bloodline Competition and Primordial Immortal Assembly weren’t on the same level. The former event was just on a scale with those forces that they’re familiar with. The latter was of a larger scale where practically half of the forces in the Great Thousand World would come over.

After all, this event concerned the ownership of the Primordial Immortal Body.

“What a gathering.” Mu Chen sighed, since everyone who came here were all pinnacle powerhouses from the various forces. Ordinary figures wouldn’t be able to bear the pressure here.

As he sighed an exclamation in his heart, Mu Chen had also turned into a streak of light and flew into the city. While he’s approaching the city, his gaze fell on the gate and could sense an ancient fluctuation permeating from the entire city.

Although the fluctuation was subtle, it still caused the Spiritual Energy in his body to ripple and he lost control, so he descended.

“This fluctuation…” Mu Chen locked his brows together. That wasn’t the pressure from a Saint Heavenly Sovereign. It was something even more mysterious.

“Could it be something left by the Immortal Emperor back then?” Mu Chen’s heart jolted. After all, it was terrifying that the ripple left by the strongest powerhouse in the Great Thousand World tens of thousands of years ago would still remain today.

However, this thought was soon suppressed by him. Holding admiration in his heart for the Immortal Emperor, Mu Chen walked towards the gate.

The moment he entered the city, his view instantly expanded with streets stretching out. Everyone there was emanating a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

Mu Chen’s appearance had also attracted attention and some of them had splendor in their eyes. Evidently, he was recognised.

Mu Chen was also briefly stunned by that attention before he mockingly smiled to himself. He had to admit that he was a little pleased that he had become a famous person in the Great Thousand World with people recognising him.

But this thought had merely flickered in his heart before he walked towards the city.

As he passed through a few streets, he suddenly saw a multitude of people gathering together and directed his gaze over.

There was a giant crystal wall with silhouettes flickering on it.

“The Primordial Immortal Assembly’s Betting Chart.” Mu Chen looked at it and saw the first person was a man in a black and white robe. Despite being merely an image, he was emanating a heart-racing pressure.

Looking at that familiar silhouette, Mu Chen squinted his eyes. It was naturally Maha You. At this moment, the total bets of him winning have reached twenty billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Evidently, many people had favorable opinions of Maha You winning. In terms of strength, he was truly powerful, and he was also someone of the Ancient Maha Clan and cultivated the Immortal Golden Body. So if the Primordial Immortal Body would choose its master, everyone felt that Maha You would have a higher chance.

Beneath Maha You was the Asura Spear Ye Qing, Golden Vajra King Shi Luo, and Blade Saint Tuoba Cang.

Ye Qing was a man with long hair holding onto a crimson spear and an indifferent gaze that was permeating with killing intent.

The Golden Vajra King, Shi Luo, was someone donned in golden robes and his bald head was reflecting light that seemed like stars. He had a skinny frame and didn’t look like someone proficient with physical strength.

As for Tuoba Cang, he was donned in black robes with a blade being held on his back. Although he looked ordinary, his eyes seemed to permeate a sharpness that made others feel their scalps going numb.

On the betting chart, Maha You was leading with twenty billion Sovereign Spiritual Liquids, while the remaining three were around five billion.

After that, Mu Chen wasn’t surprised to see his image beneath the four of them. But compared to the top four, his bet was only a pitiful one billion…

“No wonder I would be recognised.” Mu Chen awkwardly shook his head. With such a huge screen here, how could anyone not recognise him?

When Mu Chen looked at the four silhouettes, he smiled. So, these four were his greatest competitors?

Walking up to the crystal wall, there were beautiful women collecting bets. They were naturally from the Ancient Maha Clan, and only the Ancient Maha Clan could host a bet of such scale here.

“Are you interested in playing?” A peal of laughter suddenly resounded from his side and Mu Chen squinted his eyes and turned around. He saw a familiar figure smiling in his direction — Maha You.

As the Overlord of the Maha Continent, Mu Chen’s location was naturally grasped by the Ancient Maha Clan the moment he stepped in.

Looking at Maha You with a playful gaze, Mu Chen replied, “So? Do you want to make your move here? Isn’t your Ancient Maha Clan a little too lacking in confidence?”

Shaking his head, Maha You replied, “Confident or not, I just don’t wish for any unforeseen events. But don’t worry, it was just an elimination round. If you couldn’t withstand those troubles, then you’re not qualified to attend.”

With a mocking arc rising on the corner of his lips, Mu Chen responded, “I don’t think that the Primordial Immortal Assembly created by the Immortal Emperor has any elimination rounds.”

With a faint smile, Maha You rebuked, “My Ancient Maha Clan guarded the Primordial Immortal Body for years, and we already consider it ours. So it’s not surprising for us to create an elimination round.”

Shaking his head, Mu Chen commented, “I believe that the Immortal Emperor doubted his choice back then.”

“As long as our Ancient Maha Clan becomes the owner of the Primordial Immortal Body, not even the Immortal Emperor can take it back.” Maha You casually said.

Looking at Mu Chen, he continued, “Mu Chen, if you’re willing to give up on the Primordial Immortal Body, our Ancient Maha Clan can compensate you.

“This isn’t because we’re not confident, but we’re just telling you that our Ancient Maha Clan won’t allow anyone to touch the Primordial Immortal Body…”


Hearing Maha You’s words, Mu Chen’s eyes flickered with sharpness as he waved his hand. A Universal Bracelet flew to the woman beneath the crystal wall. “Ten billion, I bet on myself.”

Under the surrounding astonished gazes, Mu Chen ignored Maha You as he walked away.

After indifferently looking at Mu Chen’s departing silhouette, Maha You shook his head. “If it wasn’t for your mother, why would I bother talking so much with you… What a fool.

“Since you’re courting death, then I can only fulfill your wish.”

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