Chapter 1475 - Secluded Cultivation

When the battle in Greatlaw City came to an end, the entire Greatlaw Continent shook. Everyone understood that the Mu Abode would become the undisputed Overlord of this continent. With someone as powerful as Mu Chen, the Mu Abode already possessed the qualifications to rule the entire continent.

This time, no one would be able to shake the Mu Abode’s position.

Thus, everyone in the Greatlaw Continent rushed to the Mu Abode after the battle to express their willingness to submit, and strived for the biggest benefits.

After all, the sheer size of the continent itself was too massive, so it was impossible to control everyone. Thus, they needed various forces to hold stability in their territories.

In the Headquarters of the Mu Abode, the Ancient Haven Palace

Mu Chen sat on a peak and looked at the distant mountain that was permeating a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

Mandala was currently in secluded cultivation on that mountain after obtaining the corpse of the Primordial Mandala Flower, trying to reach the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

The sound of air tearing apart resounded and Nine Nether’s silhouette appeared beside Mu Chen. She was wearing clothing made of black snake leather that outlined her impressive curves.

“How is the Mu Abode doing?” Mu Chen turned and smiled towards Nine Nether.

Nine Nether sourly looked at him. Mandala was in secluded cultivation, and Mu Chen hid in the Ancient Haven Palace while dumping everything onto her.

“Many forces have come to the Greatlaw Continent recently, but I have to wait for Mandala to finish her secluded cultivation before making any decisions.” Nine Nether replied.

Mu Chen had no objection to this, since it was a hot potato. If he gave them too much freedom, it might weaken the Overlord position of the Mu Abode. Thus, it was better for Mandala to ponder about this matter.

“The number of experts joining the Mu Abode have also increased, and the quality is pretty good. In just Perfected Earth Sovereigns alone, we have six still under inspection.”

These sorts of experts were pillars in any force, since they would strengthen their forces if they break through into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“Impose stricter inspections on their backgrounds,” said Mu Chen. Although they needed to have experts, they still had to thoroughly look through their backgrounds, since there wasn’t any lack of vile people in the world who would resort to underhanded means to obtain resources.

Nine Nether nodded her head.

“I will also go into secluded cultivation for the next five months, so I can only rely on you with the Mu Abode’s matters.” Mu Chen said with an apologetic tone. He kidnapped Nine Nether from the Nine Nether Bird Clan, and in the end, she became his coolie.

Helplessly flinging her lips aside, Nine Nether knew that aside from Mu Chen, only she could hold her ground in the Mu Abode. Furthermore, she also knew Mu Chen’s objective for his secluded cultivation. He was going to make preparations for the Primordial Immortal Assembly.

It was extremely important for Mu Chen, since he was aiming for the Primordial Immortal Body ever since he started cultivating. Now that he has evolved his Great Solar Undying Body to the Immortal Golden Body, he would be able to fulfill his dream as long as he took that last step and obtain the Primordial Immortal Body.

Thus, Mu Chen had to firmly grasp the time and raise his strength as much as possible. He knew that anyone who could cultivate the Immortal Golden Body was a powerful character in the Great Thousand World. Thus, it wouldn’t be easy for him to stand out from the masses and obtain the acknowledgment of the Primordial Immortal Body.

“Rest easy and go into cultivation. I will handle the Mu Abode’s matters.” Nine Nether nodded her head. Mu Chen was the core of the Mu Abode, and the Mu Abode would be able to stand firm in the Greatlaw Continent if he was powerful.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen retrieved three Universal Bracelets and gave one to Nine Nether. “There are five billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in here, it should be enough for our development for the time being.”

Those five billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid were naturally those that he extorted from the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns. As for the remaining ten billion, Mu Chen was saving them for his secluded cultivation. After all, he was trying to reach the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm in five months, so he required a massive amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Otherwise, it would be impossible, despite his talent.

Nine Nether took it from him, since the Mu Abode required Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for it to swiftly develop.

After a brief chat, Nine Nether left. After all, many things required someone to attend to them right now.

Retracting his gaze from Nine Nether, Mu Chen’s gaze turned towards the Heavenly Lake, where youthful silhouettes were cultivating on the platform around them.

Suddenly, a beam descended and enveloped into a silhouette that soon attracted cheers. Under everyone’s envious gazes, that youthful silhouette disappeared.

It was naturally a talented person that was chosen by the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. It was now a rare opportunity for all the disciples in the Mu Abode.

Looking at this scene, Mu Chen smiled. The current Mu Abode has grown. In the future, these disciples would also represent pillars in the Mu Abode.

He sighed. The Mu Abode has come this far without him knowing…

The youth that stepped out from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy back then has now become the Overlord of this Greatlaw continent.

Lowering his head, Mu Chen chuckled before he composed himself and turned into a streak and landed on the mountain beneath him. There was a cave dug out for cultivation.

Sitting on the azure rock bed, he pointed his finger at the two Universal Bracelets and an endless flow of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid flew out, looking akin to an enormous dragon residing in the cave.

There were also spiritual lines on the wall that had vaguely formed into a Spiritual Array.

It was the Spirit Convergence Array meant to compress Spiritual Energy. Thus, when the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid flowed over, it was refined through the Spiritual Array and turned into crystals…

Ten billion Sovereign drops of Spiritual Liquid was an enormous amount, and if it was an ordinary Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, they would require at least a few years to absorb them. Thus, Mu Chen had done preparations to speed up his absorption rate.

However, that alone was still insufficient.

Forming seals with a single hand, a spiritual light rose from his head. It was a crystal pagoda. It hovered above Mu Chen’s head.

To absorb ten billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in five months, his Divine Pagoda played a crucial role, since it could assist him in the refinement process.

After all his preparations, Mu Chen gradually closed his eyes, and even his breathing had silently slowed down. He was like an old monk in meditation.

A gale roared in the cave as the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid flowed and endlessly poured into the Divine Pagoda.

As the pagoda emanated a sacred radiance, it became akin to a bottomless pit that endlessly devoured.

At the same time, a radiance gushed out from the bottom of the pagoda as crystals fell towards Mu Chen. Although those crystals were tiny, they were extremely refined Spiritual Energy…

As the crystal dust drifted down, it swiftly melted when it came in contact with Mu Chen’s skin.

Mu Chen’s blood had also boiled at this moment. His entire body was devouring the crystal dust…

A gale roared within the cave, and as more crystal dust drifted down, Mu Chen’s skin emanated a radiance that made it seem like a gem.

For the next few months, while Mu Chen was focused on his cultivation, a piece of news spread out.

Under Mu Chen’s secluded cultivation, the Great Thousand World started to boil with the Primordial Immortal Assembly that would soon be hosted.

Unlike the Bloodline Competition in the Ancient Buddha Clan, the Primordial Immortal Assembly was a dazzling event in the entire Great Thousand World, since the Primordial Immortal Body would choose its owner.

The Primordial Immortal Body was one of the five Primal Celestial Bodies, and it was ranked 4th of the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies. But everyone knew that the five Primal Celestial Bodies weren’t separated by levels, they were just different in their abilities. Thus, the five Primal Celestial Bodies should actually be ranked together.

However, the Primordial Immortal Body was more famous, since it has created the strongest powerhouse in ancient times. The Immortal Emperor was the cultivator of the Primordial Immortal Body.

Thus, the power of the Primordial Immortal Body was unquestionable.

Not to mention ordinary Heavenly Sovereigns, even Saint Heavenly Sovereigns would drool over a Primordial Immortal Body like this. However, the rules of the Primordial Immortal Assembly stated that only those who have formed the Immortal Golden Body were qualified, and they could only participate once in their lifetime.

Although the requirements were harsh, it didn’t hinder the Primordial Immortal Assembly being one of the renowned events in the Great Thousand World. That’s because no one could predict who the owner of it would be…

Thus, as the Primordial Immortal Assembly drew near, the entire Great Thousand World’s attention was focused on the Ancient Maha Clan.

Time gradually flowed, and in the blink of an eye, four months have already passed. The Primordial Immortal Assembly would start in ten days…

However, the two Universal Bracelets powerlessly fell, since the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had been completely exhausted.

When the crisp sound of the Universal Bracelets falling on the ground was heard, Mu Chen had also sensed it, so he slowly opened his eyes.

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