Chapter 1474 - Compensation

When the golden claw clashed with the ghost seal, disbelief flickered in the Ghost Emperor’s eyes with astonishment.

“The strength of an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign?!” The Ghost Emperor exclaimed. He could clearly sense that the power contained in Mu Chen’s fist had reached the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Although Mu Chen was able to make use of the Battle Will Spirit to contend against Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns, it was still Battle Will, and it wasn’t something that belonged to him. Mu Chen’s cultivation was still at the Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

But this moment, Mu Chen’s jab held the power of an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.

However, he couldn’t think more about it at this moment because he could feel the pressure of a draconic roar from that instant of contact along with a massive exploding force that cracked his ghost seal.

His face drastically changed because Mu Chen, who was only a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, was so hard to deal with. If Mu Chen possessed the strength of an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, they’re practically not on the same level.

Thus, he retreated without any hesitation and his seals changed. The ghost seal exploded with a boundless chill as it whistled towards Mu Chen.

But before the chill aura could envelop Mu Chen, a golden draconic roar resounded and he instantly disappeared the moment he was about to come in contact with the cold aura.

As the phoenix wings behind Mu Chen flapped, he appeared before the Ghost Emperor and threw out his fist. Space shattered as the fist flew and landed on the Ghost Emperor’s chest under the latter’s fearful gaze.

An explosion resounded and the Ghost Emperor screamed out before a golden light exploded from his chest and destroyed all his defenses. Even half of his body was destroyed.

As blood drizzled down from the sky, the Ghost Emperor became akin to a bird with broken wings as he fell from the sky before crashing into the jade plaza. The ground trembled with a shock wave that spread out, destroying the plaza.

Instantly, the entire region was wrapped in silence.

Everyone’s face was pale at this scene as they looked at that youthful silhouette in the sky with deep respect in their hearts.

“He’s too powerful…” Everyone sighed with complicated expressions. At this moment, even they had been completely intimidated by Mu Chen’s strength.

By himself, he has defeated five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

Even in the Great Thousand World, this achievement would cause a wave of shock…

At this moment, everyone knew that with such an existence in the Greatlaw Continent, no one would be able to shake Mu Chen and the Mu Abode’s status.

From today onwards, the Mu Abode would become the unrivaled Overlord of the continent.

All of this was because the Mu Abode had a terrifying ruler…

When the Battle Will dissipated in the sky, the myriad Black Dragon Army returned to Mu Chen’s ring and he had retracted the phoenix wings as well. Lowering his head, Mu Chen calmly looked at everyone that was around.

“From today onwards, my Mu Abode will rule the entire Greatlaw Continent, and everyone here has to submit. Otherwise, leave the continent.” Mu Chen’s voice echoed out.

Although his tone was calm, there was an unquestionable dominance. He knew that the Mu Abode no longer needed to bide their time. What he needed to do now was to turn the entire Greatlaw Continent into the territory of the Mu Abode.

Only with such a supercontinent, the Mu Abode could swiftly expand and enter the ranks of a pinnacle supreme force in the Great Thousand World.

Mu Chen’s voice had also caused a commotion and everyone wore complicated expressions. They initially held high positions in the Greatlaw Continent, but there was now another existence above them.

But no one dared to question it, since the five who were qualified were defeated in Mu Chen’s hands.

Thus, everyone bowed and cupped their hands together with their voices echoing throughout the city.

“We greet the Abode Ruler.”

When Nine Nether and the rest witnessed this, they couldn’t help feeling excited and the other experts of the Mu Abode were also emotional and prideful. Indeed, under the leadership of Mu Chen, they would stand at the top of the Great Thousand World.

Calmly nodding his head, Mu Chen looked at the five craters in the plaza, “Stop hiding. Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns won’t die so easily.”

Along with Mu Chen’s voice, five streaks of light flew out from the craters and rose into the air in pathetic states.

At this moment, the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns were covered with blood. They had evidently suffered substantial injuries.

Looking at Mu Chen, the five of them had a hint of fear flickering in their eyes, even the Ghost Emperor had remained silent in fear.

They had completely lost their confidence in this fight.

“Mu Chen, you won. From today onwards, we will not dip our hands in the Greatlaw Continent anymore.” Venerable Violet Thunder said with a pale expression.

Mu Chen smiled. “It’s fine if you want to dip your hands in. I’ll just chop them off.”

Facing Mu Chen’s words, the five of them felt depressed, but they couldn’t refute. After all, a loser had no right to speak.

“Now, let us talk about the compensation.” Mu Chen slowly said.

Hearing his words, the Ghost Emperor’s face sank down. “What do you want?”

Mu Chen’s gaze had also turned cold as he replied, “If I just allowed all of you to go, then wouldn’t others come challenging me all they want?”

Gritting his teeth, Venerable Violet Thunder rebuked, “Don’t push it. You might win, but we’re not pushovers either. If you force us, we will pull you to death even if we have to self-destruct!”

“If you guys had that courage, you wouldn’t have lost.” Mu Chen smiled.

If the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns self-destructed, even he would be threatened. But anyone who could become a Heavenly Sovereign cherished their life, and he didn’t believe that these five were bold enough.

Sure enough, the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces ashened and they softened down. “What do you want?”

“Easy, a compensation of ten billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from each of you.” Mu Chen replied. The Mu Abode would take over the entire Greatlaw Continent; thus, he needed Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as a foundation.

“What?!” Hearing his words, the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces turned pale. It was a huge sum for them. It was something that they had to farm for ten years.

After all, each of them had a considerable force, and their expenses were great as well. Take the Mu Abode, for example, they might have a harvest of over a billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid a year, but they only had a tiny portion left over after all the expenses.

The Ghost Emperor’s face was pale as he said, “Mu Abode’s Ruler, stop joking around. If we took that amount out, we would all have to disperse our forces.”

Without Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, they wouldn’t be able to hold the hearts of their men, even as Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

“Then five billion, then.” Mu Chen smiled as his gaze soon turned cold. “If you can’t take it out this time, then you can self-destruct, then.”

The five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns were stunned, then felt a fit of anger burning in their hearts.

“Ghost Emperor doesn’t have to pay…” Mu Chen’s words made the Ghost Emperor rejoice. Was this fellow afraid of him as a Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign?

“Hand over the Ancient Divine Union Mirror.”

However, the latter part of Mu Chen’s words had instantly made the Ghost Emperor feel a chill down his spine as his face distorted.

“You!” The Ghost Emperor raged. The price of that Peerless Saint Artifact exceeded five billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“If you’re not willing, then I can only retrieve it myself.” Mu Chen’s eyes turned cold as Spiritual Energy surged around him.

The Ghost Emperor’s face was uneasy. He was, after all, a character. But in the end, he chose to swallow this anger and threw out a grey beam.

When Mu Chen received it, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

Seeing the Ghost Emperor submitting, the four other Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns also did not dare to resist and three of them threw out a Universal Bracelet each.

Receiving those, Mu Chen made a check before he nodded his head, and his gaze fell onto the last person, the Pellet Sun Ancestor. The latter wore a bitter expression. There were some significant changes to his force, and he had consumed quite a bit of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Thus, he couldn’t afford that amount.

Seeing that the Pellet Sun Ancestor did not making any actions, Mu Chen’s face turned cold.

Looking at Mu Chen’s sharp gaze, the Pellet Sun Ancestor could only toughen his scalp. “I wonder if I can make an exchange with a treasure?”

“What treasure?” Mu Chen asked without any interest.

After a brief hesitation, the Pellet Sun Ancestor probed, “I have once obtained the corpse of a Primordial Mandala Flower, who was an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign existence.”

When he finished, he looked at Mandala. He clearly knew the latter’s identity.

Just as he had expected, Mandala’s golden pupils showed excitement, since she has reached the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm. If she could obtain an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign corpse of a Primordial Mandala Flower, she would be able to enter the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

But the Primordial Mandala was extremely rare, and she never heard any news of it. Thus, she didn’t expect the Pellet Sun Ancestor would have one.

However, the Pellet Sun Ancestor was a little hesitant, since the actual price of it was just over a billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

But he never expected that the coldness in Mu Chen’s eyes would soon recede as he smiled. “Then I’ll take that for your payment.”

He naturally knew that the worth of it wasn’t five billion, but it was worth it since Mandala could use it to break through.

Back then, Mandala had helped him greatly in the Great Havenlaw Domain and even helped him with his Mu Abode. Thus, he wouldn’t hesitate since he could help her break through.

The Pellet Sun Ancestor never expected that Mu Chen would be so easygoing. He instantly rejoiced and a jade bottle flew towards Mu Chen. The bottle was filled with a liquid that soaked a palm-sized flower that permeated an unusual fluctuation.

“Indeed, it’s the corpse of a Primordial Mandala Flower…” Mu Chen then waved his hand and gave it to Mandala. When the latter took it, her gaze turned warm when she looked at Mu Chen.

“Alright, you guys are done paying your debts. Get lost, now.” Mu Chen patted his hands and smiled towards the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

Letting out a sigh, the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns also didn’t have any face to stay longer and left.

When they left, a black and white-robed man on the pavilion in the Greatlaw City coldly looked over. If Mu Chen saw this person, he would naturally recall him as Maha You, whom he had briefly met in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

“Five trash!” Maha You punched the wall and cracks started to spread out with a chill in his eyes. He was the mastermind behind the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns fighting against Mu Chen, and he even gave an Immortal Grade Peerless Saint Artifact to the Ghost Emperor to guarantee success. However, he never expected that Mu Chen would defeat those five trash and that Peerless Saint Artifact would even fall in his hands. So how could he not be enraged?

“Mhm?” When Maha You’s emotions were fluctuating, Mu Chen sensed it and his gaze locked onto Maha You.

“So, you’re the one playing tricks behind the scene.” Instantly, Mu Chen’s gaze turned cold.

Maha You had also sensed Mu Chen’s gaze and a terrifying Spiritual Energy rose around him.

“Milord, are we going to injure him?” Two black silhouettes appeared behind Maha You and said without any emotions.

Maha You’s gaze briefly flickered before he retracted his Spiritual Energy fluctuation and shook his head. “We will definitely draw out Qing Yanjing if we make a move.

“Forget it. We’ll leave him for now. That brat might be capable, but he’s of no threat in my eyes. If he dares to attend the Primordial Immortal Assembly, I will cripple him. At that time, Qing Yanjing won’t be able to interfere.”

Hearing his words, the two silhouettes behind him disappeared.

Looking at Mu Chen, the two of them exchanged a glance with chill building up in their eyes.

Stretching his hand out, Maha You clenched it in the direction of Mu Chen with a cold smile along with his voice that was transmitted to Mu Chen’s ears, “If you dare to come to the Primordial Immortal Assembly, I’ll cripple you!”

Maha You disappeared after showing a sinister smile.

Indifferently looking at Maha You, Mu Chen had also balled his fists together. “Maha You… don’t worry. I’m taking the Primordial Immortal Body for sure!”

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