Chapter 1473 - Almighty

When the dragon roared, 50,000,000 Battle Runes flickered and the pressure that emanated from it left everyone in fear.

Under those fearful gazes, the draconic roar clashed with that silver beam.

In that instant, when it connected, the sky started to collapse and an indescribable pressure had spread out, causing cracks in space in its path.

When everyone raised their heads, their eyes were fixated on the terrifying point of contact and saw the violent Battle Will and silver light clashing together, trying to devour one another.

Before this, the silver beam combined with the power of five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns could destroy 40,000,000 Battle Runes, but there was a drastic change in the situation upon reaching 50,000,000.

As Battle Will swept out, the destructive fluctuation in the silver light started to recede and couldn’t budge. Not only that, it was being pushed back by the draconic roar…

When the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns saw this scene, their faces couldn’t help changing. At this moment, they even had fear flickering in their eyes.

“50,000,000 Battle Runes… Why are Mu Chen’s attainments as a Battle Formation Master so terrifying?!” The five of them roared with reluctance in their hearts. One must know that 50,000,000 Battle Runes could even contend against a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.

While the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns were shocked in their hearts, an earth-shattering roar resounded from the dragon. In the next moment, it opened its mouth and devoured that silver light.

When it devoured the silver light, a drastic explosion occurred in the body of that dragon with vague silver flickers. But the 50,000,000 Battle Runes burst with radiance as it suppressed the explosion within its body…

The explosions briefly lasted before the silver light gradually disappeared. However, the dragon started to shrink in size. The 50,000,000 Battle Runes had decreased by half. Evidently, it exhausted an enormous amount of energy to suppress the silver beam.

But when the silver beam weakened down, the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces turned pale and the Spiritual Energy fluctuations around them grew intense before a mouthful of blood gushed out of their mouths and the Spiritual Energy fluctuations around them started to weaken.

Evidently, they had suffered the aftershock.

“This fellow is too troublesome, and he’s not an easy opponent!” The Pellet Sun Ancestor’s face was pale as he looked at Mu Chen with fear. He already felt the urge to flee at this moment. After all, the strength that Mu Chen has shown was too terrifying.

The few others also wore unsightly expressions. It was too embarrassing that the five of them couldn’t obtain any advantage in their fight with Mu Chen.

Only the Ghost Emperor was looking at Mu Chen with reluctance.

“Why don’t we disperse today?” The Pellet Sun Ancestor suggested. He had suffered grave injuries and his fighting capability has decreased. Thus, he no longer had the intention to compete with Mu Chen.

When Venerable Violet Thunder heard that suggestion, all of them were tempted and Spiritual Energy surged around them with the intent to retreat.

“You want to flee?” Mu Chen had naturally sensed the Spiritual Energy fluctuations with a cold flicker in his eyes. Although the other party has suffered the repercussions from their clash, the Black Dragon Army also had at least 2,000 warriors who suffered substantial injuries. So it would take a long time for them to recover.

Thus, Mu Chen was enraged in his heart. So how would he allow them to leave?

A cold light flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes and a silhouette stepped forth from his shadow and sat in the ocean of Battle Will to use the Battle Will Spirit to suppress the other party.

A golden pair of wings appeared behind Mu Chen and they flapped, before he disappeared.

“Watch out!” When Mu Chen disappeared, the Ghost Emperor and the rest immediately yelled with a grave expression. They couldn’t even sense Mu Chen’s speed.

The Pellet Sun Ancestor’s face drastically changed in the next moment when he saw a silhouette stepping out and facing him.

Without any expression, the pagoda appeared in his eyes and crystallised Spiritual Energy flowed through his limbs, before he gently pushed his palm out.

Although Mu Chen had gently pushed his palm out, the Pellet Sun Ancestor couldn’t follow it. Thus, the Spiritual Energy defenses around the Pellet Sun Ancestor exploded as Mu Chen’s palm, which was covered in crystallized flickers, fell on his chest.

In a blow, the Pellet Sun Ancestor’s chest collapsed from the palm, his Spiritual Energy couldn’t withstand this palm from Mu Chen.

Gushing blood from his mouth, the Pellet Sun Ancestor was blown back. At the same time, the Sovereign Immortal Body beneath his feet was also covered in cracks as it shattered.

Shattering the Pellet Sun Ancestor’s chest with a single palm, Mu Chen did not even look at the former as the golden wings behind him flapped again and he disappeared.

“Bring out your Sovereign Immortal Body defenses!” The remaining four had sensed it when the Pellet Sun Ancestor was heavily injured. Thus, they immediately roared. Mu Chen’s speed has surpassed them. Not even the Ghost Emperor could detect Mu Chen. Therefore, they could only resort to using the defenses of their Sovereign Immortal Bodies to resist Mu Chen’s assault.

But just when they wanted to utilise their Sovereign Immortal Bodies, the Dragon of Battle Will Spirit roared under the black-robed Mu Chen’s control and it tangled up with the four Sovereign Immortal Bodies.

“Damn it!” The four of them cursed and felt a chill in their hearts. At this moment, they were injured, and Mu Chen has executed a terrifying speed, intending to beat them while they’re weakened.

At this moment, they were left with no choice except to retreat.

Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared behind Venerable Violet Thunder and he threw a jab forth.

“Arrogant brat, you think that I’m afraid of you?!” Venerable Violet Thunder roared and lightning violently flickered around him as he threw a jab forth. As lightning swept out, it seemed like it could destroy anything.

At this moment, he knew that Mu Chen would suppress him if he showed any cowardice.

When the two fists clashed, Venerable Violet Thunder’s face drastically changed. A crystallised luster was spreading out from Mu Chen that formed into unusual runes as it crept over his body.

In the path of the crystallised luster, his Spiritual Energy bizarrely disappeared.

“Sealing power?!” Venerable Violet Thunder exclaimed out.

Before his voice could resound, Mu Chen’s fist suddenly broke through his defenses and sent him flying with the crystal runes creeping over his body. The boundless Spiritual Energy had declined and was temporarily sealed.

After dealing with Venerable Violet Thunder, Mu Chen’s gaze fell on the Nether Profound City Lord and White Tiger King. The two of them were Initial Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns, and now that they’re heavily injured, they’re practically not Mu Chen’s opponent. In just ten-odd breaths, the two of them had their Spiritual Energies sealed and fell towards the jade plaza.

At this moment, only the Ghost Emperor was still standing.

Mu Chen’s counterattack was too ferocious. It’s to the point that four Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns have been defeated. Only at this moment, the spectators recovered from the shock and took in deep cold breaths.

Raising their heads in shock, they looked at that youthful silhouette with respect in their eyes. Clearly, they were all astonished by Mu Chen’s fighting strength.

“Your turn now.” Ignoring the surrounding gazes, Mu Chen indifferently looked at the Ghost Emperor.

The Ghost Emperor’s expression was dark, but he retreated. Without the four other Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns, he could only withdraw.

“You think you can run?” Mu Chen’s eyes coldly flickered as the phoenix wings behind him flapped. He shuttled through space and appeared before the Ghost Emperor with a jab out.

The crystallised luster on his fist was extremely dazzling, and the Ghost Emperor was having a headache for the speed that the golden phoenix wings bestowed to Mu Chen. However, he’s a formidable figure. So when he saw that he couldn’t retreat, a ferocious light flickered in his eyes.

“You managed to trounce them, but that doesn’t mean that you can do the same to me!” The Ghost Emperor said as his hands joined together. Endless cold Spiritual Energy gathered over and formed into a ghost seal with ghastly howls resounding from it.

“Myriad Ghost Seal!” The Ghost Emperor hollered as he slammed it over at Mu Chen.

Light also flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes with a cold sneer. With a thought, a draconic roar resounded from his body and the True Dragon wriggled from his body and infused into his arm.

Dazzling golden light burst out from Mu Chen’s arm and his entire arm had undergone a complete change. It had been changed into the golden claw of a dragon — True Dragon Claw!

Tearing through space, the dragon claw slammed against the ghost seal.

In that instant of contact, the Ghost Emperor’s face drastically changed with shock as he exclaimed, “This… this is the strength at the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm?!”

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