Chapter 1433 - The Changed Ancient Buddha Clan

Everyone was dumbfounded. No one expected that the Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan would be changed right before them…

The clansmen of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines exchanged looks and they felt their scalps going numb. They knew that the moment Qing Yanjing became the Grand Elder, their two bloodlines wouldn’t be able to act as fearlessly anymore.

But the Elders of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines were currently being suppressed by Mu Chen. Thus, they couldn’t even sound any objections, nor did they have the qualifications to do so.

Although the other branches felt unbelievable, it was more acceptable, since Qing Yanjing was qualified to be the Grand Elder with her strength, and in addition to their dissatisfaction with the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines. Thus, it was good news for them.

The clansmen of the Qing Bloodline all cheered. Although becoming the Grand Elder would mean that Qing Yanjing would have to be removed from the bloodline to maintain fair and just decisions, it was still a piece of great news for them.

At least they wouldn’t have to worry about the suppression of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines.

“Interesting…” Yao Chen and Lin Diao were also shocked at this scene, before the two of them smiled. Who could have expected that the situation would progress in this manner? They initially thought that Qing Yanjing would suffer from the Ancestral Pagoda, but she actually became the new Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan at this moment.

They knew that this matter has finally come to an end, and Qing Yanjing could suppress all the voices in the clan with her strength.

“Tsk, what a useless old fool.” Maha You knitted his brows and cursed. He initially hoped for a battle between Futu Xuan and Qing Yanjing. In the end, he never expected this outcome. Furthermore, not only did Futu Xuan not fight for it back, he even accepted the result.

Mu Chen was also shocked at this event, and his expression became weird. He initially intended to get his mother and leave the Ancient Buddha Clan, but she somehow became the Grand Elder of the clan instead…

“How did this happen…?” Mu Chen scratched his head, and bitterly smiled.

While everyone was shocked, Qing Yanjing’s gaze eased out after seeing Futu Xuan peacefully handing over the Grand Elder’s position.

If Futu Xuan had disregarded the rules and retaliated, then she might have had to use the Ancestral Pagoda and forcefully imprison the former. If that’s the case, then it would be a significant fluctuation within the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Furthermore, it would be equivalent to losing a Saint Heavenly Sovereign. One must know that every single Saint Heavenly Sovereign was a pillar of the Ancient Buddha Clan, and losing any single one of them could damage the foundation of the clan.

This was also the reason why Futu Xuan and the other Elders did not dare to force her despite her imprisonment.

“At least you’re not a dotard.” Although her expression has eased out, her tone was still cold. She felt furious about how Futu Xuan tried to capture Mu Chen in the past.

As she spoke, the Spiritual Array around her fluctuated and disappeared, turning into myriads of spiritual seals before they returned to her sleeves.

“Those are the rules. Otherwise, I wouldn’t end it so easily.” Futu Xuan responded in an unyielding tone with his ashen face frozen.

However, he didn’t feel too good. He cast a glance at the mess and waved his sleeve. “Since you’re the Grand Elder now, you will handle the mess. I won’t care about anything anymore.”

After that, his glance swept at Mu Chen, which the latter could sense Futu Xuan’s complicated gaze.

“I hope that your son won’t bring the Nine Divine Pulse to waste.”

Hearing his words, Qing Yanjing instantly snorted, “You don’t have to worry about that. My son was all by himself without any resources of the Ancient Buddha Clan and came this far. His achievements in the future will exceed anyone since ancient times.”

Futu Xuan wanted to ridicule her words, but thinking of Mu Chen’s achievements, the latter had indeed surpassed everyone in the younger generations. Not to mention that he even built everything up from nothing by himself and was truly a talent.

Thus, he could only snort and fly towards the depths of the Pagoda Realm, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Once Futu Xuan left, the tense atmosphere in this region finally alleviated.

“We greet the Grand Elder!”

When the atmosphere was alleviated, the clansmen of the Qing Bloodline roared. Shortly after, the clansmen of the branches and even the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines followed along.

When Qing Yanjing saw their greetings, she waved her hand.

“Grand Elder… I wonder if you can let the Elders of our two bloodlines out?” The clansmen of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines finally, cautiously asked after some hesitation.

Lowering her head to look at the mountains on the ground, Qing Yanjing suddenly felt a headache. The job of a Grand Elder was genuinely not comfortable.

However, she couldn’t possibly leave the Elders of the two Bloodlines suppressed, or someone might nitpick about it. Thus, she waved her hand and those mountains raised before soaring into the sky.

When the mountains rose, dozens of silhouettes instantly flew out.

“Mu Chen, I will certainly not let you go today!” Upon being free, Xuan Guang’s hair was in a mess and he shot a furious look at Mu Chen.

But soon after, Xuan Guang suddenly felt the silence in the entire region before he saw the other Elders of the Xuan Bloodline trying to give him an eye signal.

Thus, he was briefly stunned before he heard a cold voice coming from the sky, “Oh? What are you going to do to my son?”

Xuan Guang abruptly raised his head. When he saw Qing Yanjing, his heart trembled and he exclaimed, “Qing Yanjing? Why are you here?!”

Mo Tong was also perplexed with fear in his eyes. At the same time, his gaze was continuously searching for Futu Xuan’s silhouette, trying to ask the reason why Qing Yanjing was there.

Coldly glancing at them, Qing Yanjing announced, “From today onwards, I am the Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan. Futu Xuan has already chosen to go into closed-door cultivation.”

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong were instantly dumbfounded with disbelief in their eyes as they stuttered, “How… how can this be?! What nonsense are you talking about?!”

They were only suppressed for a brief time, so how did the entire situation change by the time they’re released?

They looked at the Elders of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines, who wore bitter expressions, but no one refuted her words.

When Xuan Guang and Mo Tong recovered, they felt their scalps going numb. They never imagined that it would progress in this manner. With Qing Yanjing becoming the Grand Elder and holding the authority of the Ancient Buddha Clan, they wouldn’t be able to try anymore in the future, unless they’re able to take that step into the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm and compete for the Patriarch position, while contending against Qing Yanjing.

Although they’re at the Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, they knew they that it might be a step that they might not be able to take during their lifetime.

Thinking of their past suppression of the Qing Bloodline, and their attitude against Qing Yanjing and Mu Chen, even Xuan Guang and Mo Tong couldn’t help feeling dizzy.

They knew that the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines wouldn’t have a good time ahead of them.

Despite the mess in their hearts, the two of them were still the heads of their bloodlines. Thus, they suppressed their emotions and forced a smile towards Qing Yanjing. “Since that’s the case, then we pay our greetings to the Grand Elder.”

Qing Yanjing’s expression was cold before she casually nodded her head. She felt loathe for Xuan Guang and Mo Tong, but the two of them were, after all, heads of their own bloodlines. So if she dealt with the two of them, it would bring unhappiness to the clan. Thus, she couldn’t rush at the moment. As long as she’s holding the Grand Elder’s position, there’s plenty of chances to suppress the two bloodlines in the future and wear their advantage out.

“Head back first.” Hearing Qing Yanjing’s voice, Xuan Guang and Mo Tong bitterly nodded their heads before leading the Elders under them back to their various mountains.

Looking at the guests, the coldness in Qing Yanjing’s eyes gradually receded and returned to being warm.

“I’ve let everyone watch a joke today. The Bloodline Competition will come to an end today, and everyone can stay in my clan for a few days to allow us to do our job as the host.” Qing Yanjing’s voice was warm. But since everyone had witnessed her prowess just a moment ago, they swiftly expressed their gratitude.

Her gaze turned to Yao Chen and Lin Diao with her expression becoming warmer. “Many thanks to the two of you for taking care of Chen’er. If there’s an opportunity in the future, I will personally make a trip to the Endless Fire Territory, and the Martial Realm and pay the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor a visit.”

Facing a Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor, even Yao Chen and Lin Diao had to show their respect, so they nodded their heads with a smile.

When everyone saw this scene, they inwardly sighed. They initially wanted to watch the Bloodline Competition, but who could have expected that they would witness a grand show…?

From today onwards, the Ancient Buddha Clan was really different…

As for Mu Chen… his name would probably resonate throughout the Great Thousand World in the future, and in addition to a mother, who was the Grand Elder of the ancient Buddha Clan, there wouldn’t be many people that would dare to offend her in the Great Thousand World...

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