Chapter 1432 - The New Grand Elder

“I request the Ancestral Pagoda!” When Futu Xuan’s cold voice resonated, the spectators could still maintain their composure, but the clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan couldn’t help changing their expressions.

“Shit, the Grand Elder is calling the Ancestral Pagoda!” Qing Xuan anxiously cried out.

Qing Tian’s expression was also unsightly. The Ancestral Pagoda was one of the strongest trump cards of the Ancient Buddha Clan, and it was precisely because of the Ancestral Pagoda that the Ancient Buddha Clan could sit firmly as one of the Five Ancient Clans and not be targeted by others.

With the Ancestral Pagoda, even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign would be fearful of it. Back then, when Qing Yanjing fought with the Grand Elder, the Grand Elder had called out the Ancestral Pagoda to suppress Qing Yanjing.

Right now, the Grand Elder clearly knew that he could only rely on the Ancestral Pagoda to suppress Qing Yanjing right now.

“Heh, he’s actually forced to use the Ancestral Pagoda.” When Maha You saw this scene, he smiled. He was more than willing to watch the fight between the two Saints of the Ancient Buddha Clan. It was best if the two could fall, since the Ancient Buddha Clan would fall from being one of the Five Ancient Clans due to that.

On the other hand, he did not have any good impression of Qing Yanjing, either. Back then, the Ancient Buddha Clan initially wanted to link their clans together through marriage with his big brother, Maha Tian. But in the end, Qing Yanjing was stubborn and called off the wedding. For Maha You, it was extremely humiliating for their Ancient Maha Clan.

“Now, let me see how Qing Yanjing will resist this. The foundation of an Ancient Clan isn’t something that can be shaken by a Saint Heavenly Sovereign.” Maha You tugged his chest and sneered.

If Qing Yanjing were suppressed within the Ancestral Pagoda, then Mu Chen would surely not be able to escape the fate of imprisonment.

Mu Chen had also sensed the other gazes and knitted his brows. If Futu Xuan was really going to rely on the Ancestral Pagoda, then he could only seek help from the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

No matter what, regardless of what he used, he would take his mother away with him!

“Futu Xuan, is using the Ancestral Pagoda the only thing you’re good at?” Qing Yanjing coldly said as she looked at Futu Xuan.

Hearing the disdain in her tone, Futu Xuan’s face was ashen. “If it wasn’t for you and your son constantly challenging the bottom line of my Ancient Buddha Clan, I wouldn’t have used it. So you deserve it!”

With a cold gaze, Qing Yanjing coldly said, “Alright, since you insist on being stubborn, then come and give it a try!”

“Hmph, you still insist on being stubborn?!” Futu Xuan snorted and he hands joined together. Instantly, everyone could sense a terrifying pressure, and it was something that even made other Heavenly Sovereigns tremble. Even the Spiritual Energy in their bodies was uncontrollably being released to protect themselves.

Everyone had shock on their faces when they sensed it. If the Ancestral Pagoda came in their direction, they surely wouldn’t be able to escape.

“The Ancient Buddha Clan is truly worthy of their reputation to have such a terrifying trump card.” Those powerful experts sighed. They knew that even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign could only flee while facing that old pagoda.

It looked like Futu Xuan had thoroughly been enraged this time.

As the pagoda gently fell, it gradually descended into the world of Spiritual Array formed by Qing Yanjing. The Spiritual Array actually wasn’t able to resist the pagoda, and allowed it to enter.

“Qing Yanjing, I initially thought that you would reflect on your mistakes after all these years. But in the end, there have been no changes in you. Since that’s the case, then I’ll imprison you till you know your mistakes!” Futu Xuan said.

“Obstinate.” Qing Yanjing sneered, “Futu Xuan, you were never suitable to be the Grand Elder. Look at your time as the Grand Elder. The Patriarch position has been empty without an inheritor. The Xuan and Mo Bloodlines are holding all the resources in the clan, and not caring for the other talented clansmen, causing the Ancient Buddha Clan to be the weakest of the Five Ancient Clans. All of this is due to your stubbornness!”

Hearing her words, Futu Xuan instantly flew into a rage and he barked, “Nonsense!

“Go into the Ancestral Pagoda!” His face was ashen and his seals changed. The pagoda instantly appeared above Qing Yanjing. Although it was slow, it was descending towards Qing Yanjing.

That old pagoda was extremely bizarre, as if it had determined the outcome upon its descent. No matter how one tries to escape, it’s a futile effort.

However, Qing Yanjing showed no panic on her face when she faced the pagoda. She only looked at Futu Xuan with a flash of disappointment in her eyes.

“You’re the one that should calm down.” She suddenly stretched her hands out and gently pushed towards the descending Ancestral Pagoda. Shortly after, countless people were dumbfounded. The Ancestral Pagoda had actually come to a stop, hovering above Qing Yanjing.

“What?!” The clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan were instantly dumbfounded, as if they had seen a ghost. Even the Elders of the Qing Bloodline had horror on their faces.

What had they just witnessed? Qing Yanjing actually controlled the Ancestral Pagoda?!

One must know that only the Patriarch and Grand Elder could control the Ancestral Pagoda, so how was Qing Yanjing able to command it?

“You…you!” Futu Xuan was also shocked with his eyes widened. His finger was trembling while pointing towards Qing Yanjing. He couldn’t speak from the shock.

“How are you able to command the Ancestral Pagoda?!” A long-time later, Futu Xuan finally recovered from the shock and he said with great difficulty.

Casting a glance at him, Qing Yanjing replied, “This is the last time that you’re commanding the Ancestral Pagoda.”

Futu Xuan’s face drastically changed before he tried to change his seals to control the Ancestral Pagoda. But this time, no matter how he tried, the Ancestral Pagoda only quietly sat above Qing Yanjing without moving and paid no attention to his command.

With a huge change in his expression, Futu Xuan took a step back and he exclaimed, “How is that possible?”

However, Qing Yanjing’s eyes didn’t have any fluctuation as she explained, “When every Grand Elder of our Ancient Buddha Clan comes to the end of their lifespan, they would be refined by the Ancestral Pagoda and leave their will within it. This is also the reason why the Ancestral Pagoda is so powerful.

“That means the consciousness of our ancestors are also left within it, and gradually, the Ancestral Pagoda has formed its own consciousness…

“What I did was report your doings in the Ancient Buddha Clan during my imprisonment time. Putting it in a nutshell, I was ratting you out.

“The Ancestral Pagoda exists for the Ancient Buddha Clan, and the ancestors also wish the strengthening of the Ancient Buddha Clan. Thus, they gave me a response…”

Looking at Futu Xuan coldly, “They’re extremely unhappy with you.”

Futu Xuan looked as if he was struck with a heavy blow. He never expected that his management would cause unhappiness of their ancestors. Wouldn’t that mean that what he has been doing for all these years was wrong?

Qing Yanjing continued with a calm expression, “According to the rules of the clan, anyone who commands the Ancestral Pagoda is the new Grand Elder. From today onwards, I am the new Grand Elder!”

Her words had instantly set off a wave in the clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan. They had no idea why, in just a few minutes, even their Grand Elder has changed!

The clansmen of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines were pale. The moment Qing Yanjing became the Grand Elder, they wouldn’t have a good time ahead.

On the contrary, the Qing Bloodline burst out into cheers. Even the Elders wore joyful expressions. Qing Yanjing was unwilling to take up the post in the past. Otherwise, she might have even become the Patriarch of the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Futu Xuan’s expression was dull. He still hadn’t recovered from the fact that the ancestors were unhappy with him. But after a long time, his expression gradually sank, and he even looked to have grown much older.

Looking at Qing Yanjing, Futu Xuan said in a complicated tone, “The position of Grand Elder was initially yours, but I never imagined that you would take the initiative to seize it.”

With a cold snort, Qing Yanjing refuted, “It’s all for my child. Otherwise, who would want to become the Grand Elder?

“So, have you decided to step down as the Grand Elder?”

Everyone anxiously directed their gazes at Futu Xuan. If the latter wasn’t willing, then an enormous battle would most likely take place in the Ancient Buddha Clan. In the end, there was even a chance that the two Saints might fall and cause the clan to fall apart. If that happens, it would be massive damage to the Ancient Buddha Clan.

After a long silence, Futu Xuan let out a long sigh with a bitter smile. “Didn’t you say that I’m stubborn? Since I’ve treated the rules of the clan like the heavens, how can I go against them?

“From today onwards, I have decided to go into closed-door cultivation. If the Ancient Buddha Clan can develop better in your hands… then perhaps I was wrong.

“And you… will be the new Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan.”

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