Chapter 1431 - Battle Of Saints

When Qing Yanjing finished speaking, her gaze coldly fell onto Futu Xuan.

“The Grand Elder is pretty impressive, he even makes a move against a junior.” Qing Yanjing’s cold voice was prickly as it resounded.

With a cold expression, Futu Xuan snorted, “Junior? My Ancient Buddha Clan doesn’t have such an arrogant junior. If I don’t make a move today, I’m afraid that that son of yours will completely flip the Ancient Buddha Clan!”

However, Qing Yanjing refuted, “Do you think that I’m unaware of Chen’er’s character? The reason why he did this was all due to being forced by you people.”

When Futu Xuan heard those words, his face was instantly swept with rage and he hollered, “Qing Yanjing, how dare you! Get lost right now, and I will certainly capture and judge that sinner for daring to mess around in my Ancient Buddha Clan!”

“In the past, I exercised forbearance for the sake of protecting Chen’er. Now that you people have challenged my bottom line time and time again, I’ll see how you dare to touch my son before me?!” Qing Yanjing’s brows furrowed as she roared.

At this moment, she no longer had the warm appearance from before; it was replaced with a chilling aura that made many people of the Ancient Buddha Clan feel fearful, since they’ve never seen Qing Yanjing fly into a rage, especially towards the Grand Elder.

Evidently, even the mildest woman would turn into a ferocious tiger for her child.

“Qing Yanjing!” Futu Xuan hollered. He never expected that Qing Yanjing would be so unyielding today, she wasn’t even giving him any face.

“Since you insist on being stubborn, then I’ll capture you, mother and son together!” Futu Xuan barked. As the person in power of the Ancient Buddha Clan, he had viewed the rules of the clan as the sky. However, Qing Yanjing’s actions have placed disregard to the clan rules, so how could he tolerate it?

Along with his voice, a radiance burst out from his body and formed into a massive black-white wheel that permeated destructive force as it rotated.

At this moment, this Saint Heavenly Sovereign of the Ancient Buddha Clan has finally unleashed his prowess without holding back.

The pressure from his rage instantly enveloped the heavens and earth, causing some Heavenly Sovereigns to feel their scalps turning numb from the pressure. It felt like a mountain pressing onto their bodies, making them feel heavy.

“Hmph, I’ve also endured enough of this. Today, I’ll personally experience the Grand Elder’s ability!” Qing Yanjing didn’t back down from the enraged Futu Xuan, but took a step out. She instantly exited the range of the Protective Spiritual Array. She was clearly disdainful about borrowing power of the Protective Spiritual Array.

As she took a step forth, the entire region suddenly turned dark and myriads of spiritual seals flickered like stars in the sky.

Stomping his feet, Futu Xuan caused the ground to tremble and the black-white wheel beneath his feet swiftly shrunk in size. Although it had turned small, the colours that were condensed on the wheel were terrifying. It was so much so that a trace of light from it could make ordinary Heavenly Sovereigns feel fearful.

Waving his hand, the black-white wheel shot out, and as it rotated, cracks appeared in the space around it. The sharpness was something that not even a True Dragon would dare to receive head-on.

Qing Yanjing swiftly formed seals and countless spiritual seals flew out. In just a few breaths of time, they had developed into thousands of Spiritual Arrays between the heavens and earth.

When the black-white wheel entered the Spiritual Arrays, it swiftly tore through everything. Still, as it passed through the Spiritual Arrays, its power was also rapidly being exhausted before disappearing.

Although their confrontation was dazzling, the vague fluctuation that was being emanated caused many Heavenly Sovereigns to tremble. If the battle were fought without any concern for their surroundings, they would probably destroy the entire Pagoda Realm…

“It’s all thanks to the Grand Elder that I could become a Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor. So today, I’ll have to ask the Grand Elder to test the power of my Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor’s array!”

Qing Yanjing coldly spoke, and in the next moment, myriad spiritual seals fused into space and a Spiritual Array started to spread out. In just a few short moments, it had already enveloped the entire heavens and earth.

Although the Spiritual Array had a wide range, it only enveloped Futu Xuan. Although the rest were also within the range of the Spiritual Array, they were in another world within the Spiritual Array.

This massive Spiritual Array seemed to have become an enormous world, and no one would be able to escape unless they break through the Spiritual Array.

Everyone widened their eyes as they looked at the Spiritual Array. It was already rare to see a Saint Heavenly Sovereign making a move, and a Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor was even rarer.

Today, their trip wasn’t in vain, witnessing two Saints fighting.

Standing in the Spiritual Array, Futu Xuan’s expression had gradually turned solemn. Even someone like him did not dare to belittle the Spiritual Array of a Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor.

As he squinted his eyes, a radiance burst out from within this world of Spiritual Array and nine suns slowly took form.

There seemed to be nine ancient Golden Crows within the suns. They unleashed a cry and breathed flames from their mouths that were at a high temperature, causing this world to be melting from the high temperature. This temperature could even melt the body of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign.

Suddenly, sharp cries resounded from the nine suns and burning rays of flames descended towards Futu Xuan.

Futu Xuan’s expression was grave before his hands joined together. As a black and white aura swept out from his sleeves, they formed into a black dragon and a white dragon, which roared while unleashing two beams of different colours towards the flames.

As they clashed, the Spiritual Array world suddenly started to tremble with a destructive fluctuation sweeping out. It was so much so that even those outside the Spiritual Array could feel the temperature blowing against their bodies, making them feel a stinging sensation of pain.

It’s hard to imagine how terrifying it would be within the Spiritual Array.

Standing in the sky, Qing Yanjing’s robes fluttered as she looked at the two dragons that Futu Xuan had created, before her hands joined together. “Nine Suns World Refinery!”

The nine Golden Crows cried out and they flew down, surrounding Futu Xuan. As the flames flared, the nine suns gradually disappeared, replaced by a massive golden cauldron.

Along with torrential flames, the cauldron trapped Futu Xuan.

Golden flames violently gathered in the cauldron. The flames that filled the world swiftly resided as they started to retract.

Facing this scene, even Futu Xuan wore a grave expression.

The golden flames that resided in the end were replaced with nine golden drops of magma that quietly floated. Although they seemed harmless, only Futu Xuan knew that if the nine drops of magma fell onto any of the Lower Planes, all of the Lower Planes would burn to ashes.

“Go.” Qing Yanjing pointed her finger out and the nine drops of magma shot towards Futu Xuan.

As Futu Xuan retreated, he waved his hand and the black and white dragons intertwined. In the next moment, a holler echoed from him, “Buddha Cave!”

The black and white auras violently circulated and formed into a black and white hole.

As the nine drops of magma shot into the cave, Futu Xuan’s expression drastically changed in the next moment. That’s because the black and white hole violently trembled before it exploded.

A massive golden mushroom rose up in the sky and a golden shock wave swept out, bringing destruction to the world.

The Spiritual Array violently trembled, with all the spectator’s faces ashen as they watched the shock wave from outside. All of them felt their scalps going numb. They knew that if the Spiritual Array shattered and the shock wave spreads out, most of them there would be reduced to ashes.

But fortunately, the shock wave only reached the border of the world within the Spiritual Array before it dissipated. Everyone instantly directed their gazes over and saw Futu Xuan’s moustache being burnt. Not only that, his blood and flesh have become charred from the burns.

This scene left many experts dumbfounded. One must know that the physique of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign was exceptionally terrifying. But even so, Futu Xuan was left in such a sorry-looking state.

“A Saint Grade Spiritual Array is truly terrifying…” Many people inwardly exclaimed. Before a Saint Grade Spiritual Array, anyone that falls into it could only wait for death.

Under the attention of everyone, Futu Xuan’s face was grim. He looked at Qing Yanjing and rebuked, “Qing Yanjing, you really want to be stubborn?!”

Qing Yanjing coldly refuted, “Am I going to stand aside and watch you bully my child?”

Futu Xuan’s face was ashen upon hearing her words, then he said in a grim tone, “Good, good! Since you intend to be stubborn, then don’t blame me today!”

Taking a deep breath, his voice resonated throughout the entire Pagoda Realm, “I request the Ancestral Pagoda!”

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