Chapter 1430 - Qing Yanjing shows up

Explosions constantly resounded from the sky with Futu Xuan standing on the air and his hands behind his back as the black-white wheel continued to revolve around him, shattering all the rays of Spiritual Energy.

At this moment, he was moving closer to the Protective Spiritual Array. Regardless of how Mu Chen controlled the Spiritual Array, he wasn’t able to hinder Futu Xuan’s movements.

The spectators all held regret in their eyes. The might of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign was unimaginable. Although Mu Chen has borrowed the Spiritual Array to defeat dozens of Elders in the Ancient Buddha Clan, he was being forced back by Futu Xuan to the point that he had to hide in the Spiritual Array.

When Ling Xi, Long Xiang, and Qing Shuang saw this scene, their faces changed with anxiety in their eyes.

However, they knew that there was nothing they could do to help in this situation and could only pray that Mu Chen could persevere

“What should we do now?” Qing Xuan anxiously looked at Qing Tian. According to this situation, it wouldn’t be long before Mu Chen was defeated.

Qing Tian bitterly smiled. “The Grand Elder is truly enraged, and there’s nothing we can do to help. But don’t worry, the Grand Elder won’t be ruthless to Mu Chen.”

Qing Xuan gritted her teeth. “But even if he won’t be ruthless, won’t Mu Chen be delayed if the Grand Elder decides to imprison him?”

With Mu Chen’s talent and the Nine Divine Pulse, now was the time for him to charge to the pinnacle, and if he was imprisoned, he would lose out his best years. So even if he had the opportunity to reach the pinnacle in the future, he would have to spend more time and a greater price.

Qing Tian bitterly smiled and sighed, “If it has really come to that, then we can only find a way to secretly free him, even at the expenses of being punished by the Grand Elder…”

Qing Xuan also helplessly sighed. That was the only thing that they could do.

On the mountain of the Ancient Maha Clan, Maha You wore a smile on his face. “This trip to the Ancient Buddha Clan is truly not in vain. I even got to witness such a spectacular show.”

The other experts of the Ancient Maha Clan nodded their heads. As someone from the Ancient Maha Clan, they wished for the Ancient Buddha Clan to be in chaos, and Mu Chen flipping the entire Ancient Buddha Clan was just to their benefit.

“But that Mu Chen is truly too naïve. Although I have no idea how he gained control of the Ancient Buddha Clan’s Protective Spiritual Array, he’s only able to control 30-40% of this Protective Spiritual Array, and he’s too naïve to think that he can confront Futu Xuan with that.”

Maha You ridiculed, “Anyhow, it’s good for this Mu Chen to be captured by them, so that I won’t have to deal with another person in the Primordial Assembly.”

Evidently, they also felt that Mu Chen was doomed to fail today.

Futu Xuan moved towards the Protective Spiritual Array and coldly looked at Mu Chen, then hollered, “Brat, you still want to continue to resist at this point in time?!”

At this moment, Mu Chen had also slowly opened his eyes and coldly looked at Futu Xuan. However, he did not speak. Instead, both of his hands were joined together. Instantly, the Protective Spiritual Array revolved, and amongst the rumbling noises, an enormous mountain was created and pressed towards Futu Xuan, along with a huge shadow.

When Futu Xuan saw this, his brows were raised with rage in his eyes. Both of his hands abruptly joined together and the black-white wheel instantly expanded to a few myriad feet wide.

As the black-white wheel revolved, it emanated a destructive power that caused even the void to collapse from the rotation.

The black-white wheel clashed with the mountain and a black and white radiance blossomed. The mountain that could easily suppress Xuan Guang and Mo Tong was swiftly collapsing.

In just ten-odd breaths, the black-white wheel soared into the sky and the mountain was reduced to dust that drifted down like a gorgeous rain.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes at this scene. A Saint Heavenly Sovereign was truly terrifying, and despite pushing himself to the limit, he still wasn’t able to resist Futu Xuan.

As the black-white wheel shot towards the Protective Spiritual Array, it burst a radiance just when it was going to connect and it formed into a massive hand that grabbed ahold of the Spiritual Array.

When the massive hand clashed with the Protective Spiritual Array, a terrifying force was unleashed and the hand managed to gradually penetrate the array, making a grabbing gesture in the direction of Mu Chen.

Evidently, Futu Xuan was trying to extract Mu Chen from the Spiritual Array to seize the latter’s control over the Protective Spiritual Array.

“Brat, you’re arrogant and don’t know how to respect your elders. Since Qing Yanjing didn’t teach you, then I’ll personally teach you and let you know the meaning of ranking!” Futu Xuan coldly roared and the hand enveloped the space around Mu Chen, not allowing the latter to escape.

The spectators inwardly shook their heads. It seemed like Mu Chen was doomed in this situation.

“Uncle Diao, quick! Call dad over!” When Lin Jing saw this scene, her face changed and she grabbed onto Lin Diao’s arm and anxiously said.

Xiao Xiao also turned to look at Yao Chen with a trace of anxiety in her eyes.

Both Lin Diao and Yao Chen knitted their brows before they exchanged a look and nodded their heads. The two of them had decided to call the Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor over.

But just when they’re about to make a move, they suddenly sensed something and their actions came to a stop while looking behind Mu Chen in puzzlement. Suddenly, space tore apart and a silhouette stepped out.

At the same time, the furious cold voice of a woman resounded, “Futu Xuan, you’re in no place to teach the child of I, Qing Yanjing!”

When that woman’s voice resounded, a Spiritual Array suddenly spread out above Mu Chen. It was akin to a starry sky that formed into a world that looked exceptionally profound.

When the hand flew over, it was sucked into the Spiritual Array before a fluctuation was released. Then, the massive hand and Spiritual Array canceled each other out.

The sudden terrifying confrontation had caused all the spectator’s faces to be drained of color. They couldn’t imagine that Futu Xuan’s attack would be dealt with so easily.

Thus, all the dazes were directed behind Mu Chen with shock. They saw a white-dressed woman stepping out with a cold expression on her gentle-looking face. There were also myriads of spiritual seals around her with every single one of them forming into a Spiritual Array.

“Oh my god, that’s a Spiritual Array Grandmaster!”

“Furthermore, the spiritual seals around her have formed into individual worlds! That’s the Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor Realm!”

“Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor... this is too terrifying!”

“What did she just say? Mu Chen is her child? Then, can she possibly be Mu Chen’s mother?!”

While everyone was dumbfounded, the clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan were shocked to see that silhouette. The spectators might not know her identity, but every single one of them there did.

That’s because that woman was the mother of Mu Chen, Qing Yanjing!

Lin Diao and Yao Chen were also somewhat shocked when they looked at that woman and said, “I never expected that Mu Chen’s mother would be a Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor…”

In the Great Thousand World, Saint Heavenly Sovereigns were extremely few in numbers, and those that could reach that realm based on their attainments on Spiritual Arrays was even rarer!

“Haha, since Mu Chen’s mother is here, then there’s no need for us to step in anymore.” Lin Diao and Yao Chen exchanged a glance and smiled.

While everyone was shocked, Mu Chen naturally heard the voice behind him and his body trembled before he slowly turned around with great difficulty and looked at that silhouette.

That silhouette’s gaze was fixed on him with the spiritual seals around her fluctuating, showing the intense emotional ripples in her heart.

“Mother…” Mu Chen muttered.

Back in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he had already met his mother once, but it was just a spiritual clone of hers back then. But right now, he’s looking at her real person.

He had wished for this scene every single day ever since he walked out of the Northern Spiritual Realm, and he had gone through uncountable tribulations. At this moment, he was no longer that unripe youth. But he had finally waited for this day to come…

This woman before him should be unfamiliar, but when he saw her, he could tell from the tremble deep down his bloodline.

That’s because when Qing Yanjing left him, he was still a babe back then. But along his journey, he could feel what she has done for him.

To protect him, she willingly returned to the Ancient Buddha Clan and suffered loneliness just so that he could grow peacefully.

To protect him, she even bore the pain of separating her flesh and plant her Eight Divine Pulse into his body.

It was something that even Mu Chen couldn’t help feel touched about, and his eyes reddened.

Looking at Mu Chen’s reddened eyes, Qing Yanjing also felt a heavy strike in her heart. The coldness she had when facing Futu Xuan earlier had disappeared. She quickly walked up and held onto Mu Chen’s face.

“Chen’er, you’ve grown up…” Qing Yanjing’s hoarse, yet gentle voice resounded. Back then, Mu Chen was still a baby when she left, and before she knew it, he had already grown up to be such a handsome young man.

His appearance was similar to his father, but his brows were more similar to hers.

The connection between blood has practically caused Qing Yanjing to be unable to shift her gaze.

Sensing the cold and trembling hands on his face, even Mu Chen could keep his composure anymore and his eyes turned moist. “Mother, I’ve finally found you.”

For this day, he had given too much effort.

Hearing his words, Qing Yanjing’s tears also couldn’t help pouring out and she felt heartache. She knew how much effort Mu Chen had committed just so that he could come to the Ancient Buddha Clan. Perhaps if there was a mistake in his step, they would have been eternally separated…

She could practically see the tender youth leaving the Northern Spiritual Realm to roam the Great Thousand World and grow stronger through tribulations…

Just thinking about these made Qing Yanjing feel heartache, as if her heart was stabbed.

“It’s all my fault.” Qing Yanjing was at a loss as she wiped Mu Chen’s tears. Her panicking actions had no appearance of a Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor. She was just a mother who felt sorry for her child.

Gently holding onto Qing Yanjing’s hand, a brilliant smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face. “No, I promised father that I would certainly bring you back home for us to reunite.”

Qing Yanjing heavily nodded her head and calmed her emotions, then rubbed on Mu Chen’s head before raising her head with her gaze turning cold.

“But before that, I will take from them all the sufferings that you’ve felt all these years!!!”

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