Chapter 1429 - Futu Xuan makes a move

When Mu Chen’s cold voice resounded, everyone remained silent. They were shocked at how Mu Chen suppressed the Elders of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines all by himself.

They never imagined that a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign would be able to force the Ancient Buddha Clan to this point. Thus, everyone knew that after today, Mu Chen’s name would probably resound throughout the Great Thousand World…

All the gazes were being directed towards Futu Xuan’s direction and they saw the glass alms bowl flickering with elements that emanated boundless might.

Sitting in his seat, Futu Xuan’s aged face was cold as he stared at Mu Chen while unleashing a terrifying pressure.

Even while sitting there, the pressure emanated from a Saint Heavenly Sovereign could make an ordinary Heavenly Sovereign feel the pressure.

“I never expected that a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign like you could achieve such a feat. You’re truly the son of Qing Yanjing.” Futu Xuan spoke, then he continued, “But I’ll also let you know that rules are rules, and they will not be changed. As long as I’m the Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan, I won’t release your mother!

“And you will always be the sinner of my Ancient Buddha Clan!”

A terrifying light flickered in Futu Xuan’s eyes as he slowly stood up. Instantly, it felt like a mountain was pressing over with a terrifying momentum spreading out in this region.

“Initially, I didn’t want to make things difficult for you for Qing Yanjing’s sake. But since you dared to come to my Ancient Buddha Clan to cause trouble, I will deal with you today!”

When Futu Xuan’s voice resounded, it had instantly caused the clouds in the sky to roll, along with the rumbling of thunder. It was as if Armageddon has arrived.

The rage of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign could destroy the heavens and earth.

As the spectators felt the pressure, they showed revere on their faces. Saint Heavenly Sovereigns stood at the pinnacle of the Great Thousand World. Evidently, the power of a pinnacle powerhouse was terrifying.

This time, even Yao Chen and Lin Diao wore grave expressions. Although Futu Xuan’s strength was inferior to Xiao Yan and Lin Dong, he was still a genuine Saint Heavenly Sovereign. Thus, he couldn’t be underestimated.

Suddenly, the glass alms bowl started to tremble and the elements on it whistled before turning into eight dragons that roared towards Futu Xuan.

“He’s going to make a move!” Yao Chen and Lin Diao’s eyes narrowed before they instantly poured their Spiritual Energy into the alms bowl.

“Hmph, if the Martial Ancestor was personally here, I really might not be able to break free. But the two of you are just Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns. So how can you bring forth the true might of a Saint Rank Peerless Saint Artifact?”

Futu Xuan’s snicker resounded from the alms bowl and his robes started to flutter with immense radiance condensing in his palm.

In the next instant, boundless brilliance gushed out from his palm and formed into a massive black-white wheel with the two colors intertwining that emanated destructive fluctuations.

Futu Xuan roared and the wheel soared into the sky, then slammed against the alms bowl.

“Roar!” The eight elemental dragons felt threatened and unleashed draconic breaths of different elements that distorted space and clashed together with the wheel.

When the two forces connected, the ground suddenly shook and space constantly collapsed into a vortex. Even rocks were rolling down the mountain from the tremors.

But no matter how the eight dragons tried to attack, they were instantly shattered upon coming in contact with the black-white wheel.

“Rise!” Futu Xuan unleashed another holler and the wheel soared into the sky, then crashed with the alms bowl.

As the sound wave swept out, the spectators with inferior strength immediately spew mouthfuls of blood and laid on the ground. Only those who were strong enough could negate the force of the sound wave.

Everyone fixated their eyes on the alms bowl, and they saw it violently trembling, as if it was bearing tremendous force. Thereafter, it was sent flying with an explosion.

When the alms bowl flew out, Futu Xuan had also turned into a streak of light.

Lin Diao and Yao Chen knitted their brows at this scene. They wanted to control the Eight Ancestral Glass Alms Bowl again.

Suddenly, Mu Chen’s voice resounded, which stopped the two of them, “Seniors, there’s no need to make a move anymore. Let me handle the rest now.”

Judging from the current situation, even if Lin Diao and Yao Chen had the alms bowl, they couldn’t contend with Futu Xuan. If they forcefully fought, then they might be injured instead, which was something that Mu Chen wasn’t willing to see.

Yao Chen and Lin Diao exchanged a glance. They understood Mu Chen’s thoughts, which made them nod their heads in the end after a brief consideration.

“Give up if the situation isn’t looking good. If they intend to bully you with their age, then that disciple of mine might have to make a trip over.” Yao Chen replied unhurriedly.

“That goes the same for my Martial Realm.” Lin Diao coldly said.

Their words had instantly caused everyone’s faces to change. All of them squinted their eyes, even the clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan. If the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were really here today, then it would be an enormous pressure, even for their Ancient Buddha Clan.

Although Futu Xuan had remained indifferent, his pupils slightly rippled a little, but soon calmed down. How could he not hear the warning in Yao Chen and Lin Diao’s words? But as someone as unyielding as him, not only was he undeterred, he even sneered, “I’ve long heard of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s reputation. However, no one can interfere with how my Ancient Buddha Clan is going to deal with this sinner!”

When he finished, his sharp gaze was directed at Mu Chen. “If you think that you can fight with me after controlling the Protective Spiritual Array, you’re too naïve!”

Mu Chen did not pay attention to Futu Xuan’s words, but quickly formed seals. The massive Spiritual Array in the sky also started to revolve and the boundless rays shot towards Futu Xuan.

“Seems like you won’t listen unless you see the coffin. Since that’s the case, I will fulfill your wish!”

Futu Xuan flew into a rage and waved his hand. Another black-white wheel was formed and soared into the sky, clashing with those rays, instantly dissolving those attacks as well.

When Mu Chen saw this, he squinted his eyes. A Saint Heavenly Sovereign was truly formidable. With the Spiritual Array, he could even defeat Xuan Guang and Mo Tong, but he couldn’t do a thing to Futu Xuan.

When the black-white wheel destroyed the rays, it flew towards Mu Chen with a terrifying momentum, as if it could grind and destroy anything in this world.

With his eyes flickering, Mu Chen wasn’t reckless enough to clash with the black-white wheel. With a flash, he soared into the sky and hid within the massive Spiritual Array. At the same time, he controlled the Spiritual Array and constantly rained down attacks on the black-white wheel.

Instantly, a series of rumblings echoed out with a terrifying impact that constantly leveled mountains to the ground…

However, everyone could tell that the Protective Spiritual Array was gradually weakening, since the black-white wheel was constantly approaching the Spiritual Array.

“Mu Chen is still a Saint Heavenly Sovereign, even with the Protective Spiritual Array, there’s no way he can contend against Futu Xuan.” Many experts sighed at the sight of this scene.

“The Protective Spiritual Array is truly extraordinary, but it's a pity that Mu Chen can’t fully control it. Otherwise, Futu Xuan wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.”

“Looks like he won’t be able to last much longer now…”


Whispers started to resound and no one was optimistic about Mu Chen.

Mu Chen maintained a calm expression while hiding in the massive Spiritual Array with his gaze flickering. Then he closed his eyes.

Right from the start, he knew that he couldn't contend against Futu Xuan with the Protective Spiritual Array. After all, the strength of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign was practically impossible to contest with external prowess.

Thus, the reason why he controlled the Protective Spiritual Array wasn’t to confront Futu Xuan, but for another reason.

As he spat a mouthful of white mist, his perception instantly spread throughout the Spiritual Array, enveloping the entire Pagoda Realm.

There was part of the Spiritual Array that made him feel familiar and close. He knew that it was the part that his mother had added. As long as he followed it, he would be able to find the place that he’s looking for.

He had already cut off all disturbances from the outside, focusing his perception on every single inch of the Ancient Buddha Clan. In the end, he suddenly felt a familiar fluctuation.

Thus, his perception pierced through space and he saw an ancient pagoda right before him. He had seen this pagoda once before; it was the place where he came to refine his Divine Pagoda.

When his perception approached the pagoda, it wasn’t obstructed, since it was being transmitted from the Protective Spiritual Array, allowing him to pass through…

Soon, his perception stopped in a location and his body started to tremble because he could sense a connection.

Thus, his perception had muttered echoing voices, “Mother… I have come to bring you back home.”

In that space, a white-dressed woman suddenly raised her head and she looked in a corner with tears rolling down her cheeks.

She gently wiped the tears on her cheeks and smiled. Then, the gentle aura around her slowly retracted, replaced with a cold and ferocious aura.

Her body trembled before she gradually disappeared, leaving behind a voice that resounded from within the void.

“My child, no one will be able to bully you from today onwards…”

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