Chapter 1428 - One Man against the Clan

The sun, moon, and stars descended from the massive Spiritual Array, along with a majestic might that caused countless experts’ faces to change.

Everyone had shock on their faces. Even as Heavenly Sovereigns, they felt fearful from the massive Spiritual Array in the sky.

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong’s faces changed and they exclaimed in fear, “The Protective Spiritual Array?!”

Both of them had shock on their faces. They were clear about this Spiritual Array that stood before them. This was the Protective Spiritual Array of their Ancient Buddha Clan, the meticulous project of several generations to protect the entire Ancient Buddha Clan. It was so much so that not even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign could destroy it.

However, this Protective Spiritual Array that they have treated as the umbrella of their Ancient Buddha Clan was being activated without their command. So how could they not be fearful?

“Who triggered the Protective Spiritual Array?!” Xuan Guang and Mo Tong soon gathered their attention onto Mu Chen. The latter stood in the sky with a profound connection with the Protective Spiritual Array.

“How is this possible?!” The two of them were dumbfounded at this scene. They couldn’t understand why Mu Chen was able to control their Protective Spiritual Array.

“This… this…” Qing Tian and the rest had shock on their faces, and even Qing Xuan’s expression had changed, since it was her who placed the jade strips that had Mu Chen’s blood essences into the Protective Spiritual Array. She never imagined that Mu Chen would be able to control it just with that.

“So that’s the case…” Yao Chen laughed as he finally understood the source of Mu Chen’s confidence. It turned out that he had gained control of the Ancient Buddha Clan’s Protective Spiritual Array without anyone knowing it.

With this Spiritual Array, as long as it’s not a Saint Heavenly Sovereign, no one could do a thing to Mu Chen.

“Not bad, knowing how to make plans first before moving, and obtaining a powerful trump card without anyone knowing.” Lin Diao sighed as he praised.

Lin Jing, on the other hand, had widened her eyes as she chuckled, “Mu Chen is going to beautifully use the Ancient Buddha Clan’s Protective Spiritual Array to deal with them.”

Xiao Xiao nodded her head. Mu Chen’s trip to the Ancient Buddha Clan was to save his mother, and doing this was genuinely soothing.

While everyone sighed in shock, Mu Chen coldly swept a glance and formed seals with a single hand. Instantly, the massive Spiritual Array started to revolve, and ten-odd myriad feet-long rays descended.

When the rays descended, they destroyed the attacks of the Elders without a hassle. It was truly worth its title as the Ancient Buddha Clan’s Protective Spiritual Array.

Seeing the attacks being so easily dissolved, the Elders of the two bloodlines couldn’t help the change in their expressions and they felt the urge to retreat. Facing Mu Chen, who had gained control of the Protective Spiritual Array, they practically couldn’t gain any advantage.

“Trying to leave?” But their thoughts were seen through by Mu Chen and he sneered. Those old farts who were so confident a moment ago with thoughts that they could deal with Mu Chen were trying to leave now, how would it be that easy?

Thinking about it, Mu Chen’s hands joined together and he connected to the massive Spiritual Array. Instantly, boundless light gathered from the Spiritual Array and a vast commotion was heard before ten-odd massive mountains made out of Spiritual Energy were formed. Those mountains looked glistening as if they were cumbersome. When they appeared, even space couldn’t bear the weight and collapsed.

Waving his hand, those mountains shattered space before descending towards the Elders of the two bloodlines.

When those Elders saw this scene, their faces were drained of all color. They could feel the terrifying might from those mountains.

With the power of the Protective Spiritual Array, Mu Chen was simply a terrifying existence at the moment. He could cause even an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign to feel fearful of his movements.

“Quick, retreat!” Those Elders felt fearful and did not dare to face them head-on. Thus, they executed their speed, and a few breaths later, they appeared a few hundred miles away.

But despite their escape, those mountains appeared, as if they had pierced through space and slammed down, causing those silhouettes to be suppressed by the mountains, to the ground.

The spectators were all dumbfounded while looking at the mountains. Every single one of them was suppressing an Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan.

“Hiss!” Everyone couldn’t help sucking in cold breaths. Who could’ve imagined that in just ten-odd breaths, those Elders who treated Mu Chen as their prey would be so helplessly suppressed?

The clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan were also speechless. Xuan Luo, Mo Xin and the rest were dumbfounded. They initially thought that Mu Chen wouldn’t be able to escape, but who would’ve imagined that the latter would gain control of the Protective Spiritual Array and suppress the Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan?

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong’s faces were pale. They had utterly embarrassed the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines today. Despite the two bloodlines coming out, not only did they fail to capture Mu Chen, but the Elders of the clan were also all suppressed.

“Mu Chen, are you still trying to resist now? Did you really think that my Ancient Buddha Clan can’t do anything about you?!” Xuan Guang hollered.

Hearing their hollers, Mu Chen indifferently swept a glance at him and his hands made seals. Instantly, the massive array started to revolve and formed into a massive hand that descended towards Xuan Guang.

That palm had instantly caused space to shatter, with the mountain range below leveling to the ground with a crater akin to an abyss.

“Impudent!” Xuan Guang hollered and his body radiated with Spiritual Energy as a massive silhouette formed that was akin to a fluctuating starry sky.

Xuan Guang had immediately brought out his Sovereign Immortal Body and the massive silhouette pushed its hands upwards, which connected with the descending hand.

A huge and ear-deafening explosion occurred and many people were shocked to see the massive Sovereign Immortal Body being smacked down from the sky, causing the ground below to collapse.

Standing on the shoulder of his Sovereign Immortal Body, Xuan Guang’s face was pale. He was in a disadvantageous position in his fight with Mu Chen.

“Mo Tong, act together! The Protective Spiritual Array has a huge exhaustion, and that brat won’t be able to last for long!” At this time, Xuan Guang couldn’t be concerned about his reputation. He wanted to cooperate with Mo Tong to deal with Mu Chen.

“Alright!” Mo Tong was also a decisive person and nodded his head. With Mu Chen in control of the Protective Spiritual Array, they would be defeated if they did not cooperate.

Thus, with two massive Sovereign Immortal Bodies being summoned, the pressure of two pinnacle experts in the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm swept towards Mu Chen.

Facing their cooperation, not only was Mu Chen not afraid, he even sneered as his seals changed. The massive Spiritual Array started to revolve and massive hands constantly descended from the sky. They were akin to the hands of a deity as they slammed towards the two of them, dispersing any attacks from those two.

An earth-shattering confrontation broke out across the horizon that left everyone’s hearts jumping. But as time passed, anyone could tell that Xuan Guang and Mo Xin were gradually falling into a disadvantageous position.

The Ancient Buddha Clan’s Protective Spiritual Array was too powerful. After all, this was the Spiritual Array that the Ancient Buddha Clan relied upon during a crisis and could even resist a Saint Heavenly Sovereign. Although Mu Chen wasn’t able to bring forth the true might, it wasn’t difficult to deal with two Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

“Looks like Xuan Guang and Mo Tong are going to be suppressed.” Lin Jing smiled at this scene.

“Keeping such a talent outside the door, the Ancient Buddha Clan is truly stubborn. It’s no wonder why it has fallen to be the weakest amongst the Five Ancient Clans.” Xiao Xiao shook her head and commented.

Lin Diao and Yao Chen nodded their heads and sighed. Who could’ve imagined that Mu Chen could flip the entire Ancient Buddha Clan upside down alone?

At this moment, Mu Chen sneered when he noticed that Xuan Guang and Mo Tong were putting in all their effort. With a change of his seals, two massive mountains descended from the sky.

The two mountains had even covered the light of the sun. They were akin to stars. The might that emanated from them was also more terrifying than those used to suppress the other Elders.

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong’s faces changed at the sight of this, but they tried their best to control their Sovereign Immortal Bodies to resist the mountains.

Evidently, they had underestimated their Protective Spiritual Array. When the mountain came in contact with their Sovereign Immortal Bodies, the Sovereign Immortal Bodies shattered apart.

Instantly, Xuan Guang and Mo Tong’s faces turned pale and they spewed blood out with horror in their eyes.

But before they could escape, the mountains had heavily slammed against them and suppressed them to the ground.

The ground trembled and two glistering mountains stood tall. Beneath the mountains, Xuan Guang and Mo Tong’s faces were pale and they vomited blood from the suppression of the mountains.

As the Spiritual Energy gradually calmed down, a deathly silence was formed in the sky. Everyone was dumbfounded and looked at the youthful silhouette in shock.

That silhouette still had a towering stance, permeating a sharp aura.

The clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan all gulped down mouthfuls of saliva with shock on their faces. Even the Elders of the Qing Bloodline were startled by Mu Chen’s achievement.

“My goodness, that monster…” Someone muttered. Who could’ve imagined that the youth would forcefully suppress the Elders of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines by himself.

He had literally faced the entire Ancient Buddha Clan by himself!

However, Mu Chen paid no attention to those gazes, but directed his sharp gaze at Futu Xuan before his cold voice rang out, “Futu Xuan, are you still not going to let my mother go?!”

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