Chapter 1427 - One Man against the Ancient Buddha Clan

“What can you do?” Futu Xuan’s voice had caused the atmosphere to freeze and many people felt a shiver down their spines. They never expected that they would witness such a ferocious confrontation on this trip.

If the Ancient Buddha Clan fought with the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm, it would probably cause a tremor throughout the Great Thousand World.

Under Futu Xuan’s gaze, Yao Chen and Lin Diao’s gazes did not change. They exchanged a look before saying at the same time, “If you want to insist on making a move, then we can only apologise beforehand and protect Mu Chen’s safety.”

Their words had instantly caused everyone’s hearts to tremble. The Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm are so determined to protect Mu Chen? Even at the price of offending the Ancient Buddha Clan?

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong’s faces were ugly and they felt that it was unbelievable. One must know that the Ancient Buddha Clan was one of the Five Ancient Clans in the Great Thousand World with a deep foundation. But right now, the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm wanted to offend them for one Mu Chen?

Just what charm did that sinner possess?

But since the situation has progressed this far, the two of them did not dare to speak, but looked at Futu Xuan, waiting for the latter’s decision.

Futu Xuan gently patted on his chair and looked at Mu Chen. “Seems like I’ve really belittled you. In just two decades, you’ve reached such heights in cultivation and even formed a relationship with the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm.”

As he spoke, coldness flickered in his eyes as he continued, “But my Ancient Buddha Clan managed to exist in the Great Thousand World for so many years all because we’ve followed our rules. If you think that inviting the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm can help you resolve your identity as a sinner, you’re too naïve.”

When he finished, he did not look at Mu Chen, but turned to Yao Chen and Lin Diao. “As for the two of you, get the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor to speak those words! The two of you are still not qualified!”

Futu Xuan was, after all, a Saint Heavenly Sovereign. Although Yao Chen and Lin Diao were both Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns, there’s still a massive gap between them and the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Thus, Futu Xuan did not place the two of them in his eyes.

Stretching out his finger, Futu Xuan coldly pointed at Mu Chen. “Xuan Guang, Mo Tong, what are the two of you still waiting for? Capture that sinner!”

“Roger!” Xuan Guang and Mo Tong acknowledged and brought the Elders over to envelop and capture Mu Chen.

When Yao Chen saw this scene, he couldn’t help shaking his head and Lin Diao took a step forth. “Since that’s the case, then we’ll seek teachings from the Grand Elder.”

When he finished, a glass alms bowl appeared in his hand with eight ancient symbols on it that seem to symbolise lightning, fire, ice, and other elements circulating on the alms bowl.

When the glass alms bowl appeared, it caused a commotion between the heavens and earth, along with an indescribable fluctuation that swept out.

Sensing the fluctuation, Futu Xuan squinted his eyes as he stared at the glass alms bowl in Lin Diao’s hand. “I’ve heard that the Martial Realm has refined the Eight Great Ancestral Symbols into a Saint Rank Peerless Saint Artifact known as the Eight Ancestral Glass Alms Bowl. If I’ve guessed it correctly, it should be the one in your hand, right?”

When Futu Xuan’s voice resounded, it had caused everyone to suck in a cold breath as they looked at the glass alms bowl in Lin Diao’s hand with shock. Peerless Saint Artifacts were also categorised with Spirit, Immortal, and Saint.

A Saint Rank Peerless Saint Artifact was rare, even in the Great Thousand World. Not to mention ordinary Heavenly Sovereigns, even Saint Heavenly Sovereigns couldn’t refine them that easily.

Thus, describing the might of a Peerless Saint Artifact being akin to Armageddon wasn’t an understatement.

“Exactly…” Lin Diao acknowledged. Exchanging a look with Yao Chen, the two of them pointed at the glass alms bowl and boundless Spiritual Energy violently poured in.

If they wanted to activate this Saint Rank Peerless Saint Artifact, even a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign would find it tough. Thus, Yao Chen and Lin Diao had to cooperate together to activate it.

As Lin Diao and Yao Chen poured their powers into it, the glass alms bowl suddenly emanated buzzing noises and eight radiances emanated from it. In the next moment, the glass alms bowl disappeared from Lin Diao’s hand.

In the next moment, everyone could see a near-transparent golden alms bowl descending from the sky. It was as if it had passed through time and space, and as long as it descended and locked onto someone, no one could avoid it.

The glass alms bowl enveloped and shrouded Futu Xuan within it, causing the massive mountain to tremble.

This scene had left everyone shocked. They initially thought that Lin Diao and Yao Chen would make a move to help Mu Chen, but they never expected that they would trap Futu Xuan instead.

What’s the use of this? After all, it’s impossible for Futu Xuan to make a move against Mu Chen personally, since it was sufficient for Xuan Guang and Mo Tong to do it.

Futu Xuan was also stunned, but he coldly snorted in his seat. No one could tell if his eyes were opened or closed, but a faint voice resounded from the glass alms bowl, “Carry on.”

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong no longer hesitated and flew over with boundless Spiritual Energy soaring the horizon and enveloping towards Mu Chen.

“Hey, Uncle Diao, aren’t you attacking the wrong target?!” When Lin Jing saw this scene, she was also dumbfounded before she tugged on Lin Diao’s sleeve. “How is it possible for Futu Xuan to make a move against Mu Chen? With Mu Chen’s strength, he won’t be able to resist the other Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan.”

Xiao Xiao was also puzzled by this movement, so she looked at Yao Chen and Lin Diao.

When Lin Jing swayed Lin Diao, he couldn’t maintain his cold expression and bitterly smiled. “My great aunt, don’t shake me anymore. It was Mu Chen’s intention to stop Futu Xuan from making a move, and he said that he'd be able to deal with the rest.”

Yao Chen nodded his head and smiled. “That’s indeed the case. Although I’m curious where Mu Chen’s confidence comes from, saying he could deal with all the Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan alone.”

Lin Jing couldn’t help exchanging a look with Xiao Xiao when she heard that. Although she knew that Mu Chen’s fighting prowess was extraordinary, this situation wasn’t something that he could deal with by himself.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t someone who boasts. Since he has made this decision, then he must have some means…

“Then… let’s watch it, then. If Mu Chen can’t hold it, you guys have to help him.” Lin Jing said with a brief hesitation.

Nodding his head, Lin Diao replied, “Rest assured. Since your father has already told me about this, we will surely protect his safety.”

While Lin Jing and the rest spoke, the other spectators were also puzzled as they watched Mu Chen being surrounded and inwardly shook their heads. Not to mention Mu Chen’s cultivation at the Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, even if he had stepped into the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, he also might not be able to defend against so many Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan.

“It looks like the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm also don’t want to start a war with the Ancient Buddha Clan for Mu Chen. This is probably why they trapped Futu Xuan and disregarded the other Elders.” While they were puzzled, someone found a reason and it made logical sense. After all, anyone could weigh the importance of Mu Chen and the Ancient Buddha Clan.

The Elders of the Qing Bloodline wore pale expressions. The Grand Elder has already been involved in this matter. So even if their Qing Bloodline wanted to protect Mu Chen, it wouldn’t be easy.

“Qing Xuan, we will find a chance later to disrupt the situation and allow Mu Chen to escape.” Qing Tian said as he gritted his teeth.

If they allowed Mu Chen to be captured, then Qing Yanjing might really cut the relationship with their Qing Bloodline.

When Qing Xuan heard those words, she had also solemnly nodded her head.

“Mu Chen, give up resisting! Do you think that you can confront my entire Ancient Buddha Clan with your strength?” While the spectators were sighing, a net was formed with ten-odd Elders of the Xuan and Mo Bloodline. Xuan Guang and Mo Tong were also looking at Mu Chen with cold smiles, as if they were looking at prey in the trap.

“Mu Chen, don’t make more mistakes and allow yourself to be captured. If we make a move and fail to control our strength and cripple you, it would be a waste to your Nine Divine Pulse.” Mo Tong indifferently said.

When they spoke, Mu Chen did not have any changes in his expression, but he slowly, gradually closed his eyes with his hands behind his back with a gale fluttering his clothes.

“Stubborn fool, move out!” In just ten-odd breaths, Xuan Guang sneered and he waved his hand.

Ten-odd silhouettes shot out behind them, forming a great river of Spiritual Energy that struck towards Mu Chen. It was a commotion that would make even Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns terrified.

With Mu Chen’s strength, he would surely be heavily injured in an instant.

Everyone shook their heads in pity. Could it be that the Nine Divine Pulse would fall today?

Thus, when Mu Chen abruptly opened his eyes, he looked at the Elders from the Ancient Buddha Clan with a cold arc on his lips.

“You guys have caused me and my mother to be separated for decades. Now, it’s time for me to clear up this debt!” When he finished the last word, countless lights gathered over and formed into a profound spiritual seal.

At the same time, the sun, moon, and stars swiftly appeared in the sky, forming into a massive Spiritual Array.

When the sun, moon, and stars appeared in the sky, everyone in the Ancient Buddha Clan could sense it, especially Xuan Guang and the rest, before they raised their heads. When they looked at the Spiritual Array, they couldn’t help being terrified, even with their composure.

That’s because that Spiritual Array was the Protective Spiritual Array of their Ancient Buddha Clan!

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