Chapter 1426 - Conflict Arises

When Mu Chen’s voice echoed out, everyone went silent as they watched this scene with shock. It wasn’t until this moment that they recovered from the shock. Mu Chen had won…

All by himself, he had pierced through the Xuan Bloodline and obtained a seat that was initially the Xuan Bloodline’s from one of the strongest Bloodlines in the Ancient Buddha clan.

“How ferocious…” The silence lasted for a long time before sighs disrupted it. Many leaders looked at Mu Chen with grave and fearful expressions due to the fighting strength that he displayed.

One must know that he’s just an Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, and even an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign has fallen in his hand. In the future, if he stepped into the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, wouldn’t he be invincible beneath the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm?

“The Ancient Buddha Clan is truly laughable to treat such a genius as a sinner. This is practically someone determined to reach the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. If it’s somewhere else, he would be treated as a pillar by now.”

“Heh, those Ancient Clans are stubborn about the purity of their bloodlines.” Many spectators whispered while gloating at this scene.

When the clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan saw this scene, their faces were ugly, but there was nothing they could refute. After all, Mu Chen was truly a sinner in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Xuan Guang’s face was solemn and his fists cracked in his sleeves. Today, the face of his Xuan Bloodline had practically been humiliated by Mu Chen.

“That damn brat dares to ruin the plans of my Xuan Bloodline!” Xuan Guang was furious. He had plotted for his Xuan Bloodline for a long time now. Just when it was about to succeed, it was all disrupted by Mu Chen.

But there was nothing he could do, since his Xuan Bloodline has lost four matches, so they had to hand over the seat.

After his gaze briefly flickered, Xuan Guang turned to Futu Xuan and said, “My Xuan Bloodline will admit defeat and hand over a seat. However, Mu Chen is a sinner, and it’s against the rules that he becomes the head of the Qing Bloodline. I wish to apply to host an Elders Association to deprive him of that status.”

Right now, Mu Chen held the identity of the Qing Bloodline’s head, and it would be troublesome for them to deal with him. But if he was deprived of it, then they would have a legitimate reason to deal with him as a sinner.

“My Qing Bloodline objects!” Qing Tian hollered, knowing Xuan Guang’s intentions.

“The Mo Bloodline agrees.” Mo Tong  spoke after a brief pondering. He had joined hands together with the Xuan Bloodline to suppress the Qing Bloodline. So he naturally didn’t wish to see Mu Chen spoil the rules. Furthermore, he was also fearful of the potential that Mu Chen has shown, so it was best that they get rid of that brat today.

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong’s gazes turned to the branches. The three Elders from the branches exchanged a glance before they nodded due to the pressure.

When Futu Xuan saw this, his brows were knitted before he finally nodded his head. “Since over 70% of the Elders have agreed to it, then we can host the Elders’ Association as according to the rules.”

When Xuan Guang heard that, a cold sneer surfaced on his lips.

Mu Chen coldly looked at this scene and smiled. “No need to host it to embarrass yourself. I’m not interested in the head position of the Qing Bloodline. The reason why I made a move was to take back some interest from the Xuan Bloodline.”

When he finished, he waved his hand and the plaque flew back to Qing Tian.

When Qing Tian received it, he had a complicated expression. It was clear that Mu Chen intended to distant himself, despite having no hatred for them.

Mu Chen’s action caused Xuan Guang to be stunned before he sneered, since it has saved him the trouble of doing so.

“Grand Elder, Mu Chen is a sinner, and according to the rules, we should capture him and…”

“No need, the reason why I came to the Ancient Buddha Clan is to do one thing, to bring my mother away with me. From today onwards, we will have nothing to do with the Ancient Buddha Clan.” Before Xuan Guang could finish, Mu Chen’s indolent voice interrupted him.

His words caused everyone to be stunned and many people had a change in their expressions. If Mu Chen challenging the Xuan Bloodline was according to the rules, then he’s challenging the entire Ancient Buddha Clan right now.

“That brat is too bold. How can he say such bold words?” Many people exchanged looks as they felt disbelief and shock. They could sense that the main event today was just starting.

The previous fight was just an appetiser, and this was the main event.

It seemed like Mu Chen wouldn’t rest unless he flipped the Ancient Buddha Clan upside down.

However, they had no idea where Mu Chen’s confidence came from. His strength was just at the Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, and if he challenged the Ancient Buddha Clan, it was akin to courting death.

Xuan Guang was also dumbfounded by Mu Chen’s unexpected move. Shortly after, he recovered from the shock and rejoiced in his heart. This Mu Chen is truly young and reckless to dare speak of such arrogant words. This time, the Grand Elder won’t be sitting on the side to watch.

Raising his head, just as he had expected, Futu Xuan’s face turned grim.

“Impudent!” Futu Xuan’s holler resounded with a rage that had instantly caused the heavens and earth to be silent. Even the might of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign was unleashed.

However, Mu Chen paid no attention to Futu Xuan’s rage, but he raised his head and looked at the latter fearlessly.

“Sinner, you really think that you can act fearlessly in the Ancient Buddha Clan with some capability? Where are you treating my Ancient Buddha Clan?!” Futu Xuan roared as he continued, “Qing Yanjing has violated the rules, and is currently a sinner. How can I allow you to bring her away as you wish?”

Mu Chen’s gaze instantly turned cold and he refuted, “Old thing, I never admitted that I’m one of your Ancient Buddha Clan. So keep that sinner crap to yourself.”

Mu Chen also hated that stubborn old fool, and if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have to be separated from his mother for so many years. Thus, he gave no face to the old man with his words.

The clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan were shocked. The Grand Elder held a high position in the Ancient Buddha Clan with a mighty prestige. No bloodline dared to anger him, and yet, Mu Chen blatantly called him an old thing.

“Arrogant, you’re truly a wild child that knows no manners!” Futu Xuan’s face was pale as he continued to rage, “Men, capture him! I’ll see what qualifications he has to take Qing Yanjing from my Ancient Buddha Clan!”

“Roger!” Xuan Guang and Mo Tong rejoiced as they stood up and wanted to lead their experts to capture Mu Chen.

“Mu Chen is too arrogant, and now that he has enraged Futu Xuan. How can he confront the entire Ancient Buddha Clan?” The spectators all shook their heads at this scene.

But just when the experts of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines wanted to make a move, a burst of laughter resounded. “Mu Chen is a friend of our Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm. So if your Ancient Buddha Clan wants to bully him, we won’t agree to it.”

That voice had instantly attracted everyone’s attention and they saw an old man and an extremely bewitching man.

When they saw the two of them, even the Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan had changed their faces and stopped moving.

Instantly, another commotion swept out across this region.

“That’s Sire Yao Chen, he’s the Master of the Flame Emperor…”

“There’s also Lin Diao, he’s the Second Ruler of the Martial Realm and the sworn brother of the Martial Ancestor.”

“Hiss! No wonder Mu Chen is so fearless in the Ancient Buddha Clan. So he has borrowed power. He’s truly something, the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm aren’t things that just anyone can invite!”

“Yeah, what capability, this Mu Chen is truly formidable.”

Everyone was shocked. The Endless Fire Territory, and the Martial Realm were too resounding in the Great Thousand World. Those two were pinnacle forces that weren’t any weaker than the Five Ancient Clans.

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong were shocked. They never expected that the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm would help Mu Chen, even at the expense of offending their Ancient Buddha Clan.

“Damn it, how did that sinner grow to such an extent that even the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm are helping him?!” The two of them felt regret in their hearts. If they knew about this, they would’ve dealt with Mu Chen much earlier. Now he has grown to the point that even they’re fearful.

They exchanged a glance. It would depend on whether the Grand Elder could swallow this interference from the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm down.

Thus, they looked at Futu Xuan, which they could see the grim expression from the latter. His sharp gaze was directed at Yao Chen and Lin Diao.

But facing his glare, Yao Chen and Lin Diao maintained calm expressions.

“The Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm are going to make things difficult for my Ancient Buddha Clan for that sinner?” Futu Xuan’s voice resounded, but no one could hear his emotions.

Yao Chen lightly smiled. “Mu Chen is the friend of my disciple, and we hope that the Ancient Buddha Clan can refrain from bullying with regards to this matter.”

Although Lin Diao didn’t say a word, he had clearly expressed his stance.

The entire region was silent. No one dared to utter a single word. If this situation wasn’t well-managed, it might result in a war between the three pinnacle forces, and the entire Great Thousand World would undoubtedly be affected.

Futu Xuan’s gaze was grim as he looked at Yao Chen and Lin Diao. After a brief moment, his voice indifferently resounded, “So what can the two of you do if I insist on capturing that brat?”

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