Chapter 1424 - Divine Pulses Confrontation

When Xuan Zun’s voice resounded, the sound of splashing water echoed. After that, many people were shocked to see a massive black river gushing out from Xuan Zun’s body, which instantly covered half the horizon.

Although they’re clear that the water was made of Spiritual Energy, it felt as dense as mountains, along with a cold aura that caused the moisture to freeze in the atmosphere and turn into snowflakes.

Xuan Zun stood on the Great Nether Profound Celestial Body and coldly looked at Mu Chen with the black water coiling around him, looking akin to an enormous dragon that permeated terrifying pressure.

Xuan Zun’s Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability has brought all his strength out. Facing this attack, even an expert of the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign would be fearful.

At this stage, everyone could tell that Xuan Zun has finally been enraged.

“This old goat also has a Divine Pulse?” Mu Chen’s gaze turned grave as he looked at the river. Evidently, he had felt the power within it.

“Go!” While Mu Chen squinted his eyes, Xuan Zun did not speak, but pointed his finger down.

The massive river soared and descended from the sky, descending upon Mu Chen. Instantly, space collapsed and the strength of it could immediately squash the Spiritual Physique of a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign.

Many people wiped their sweat while watching this attack. Although Mu Chen had many trump cards, if he couldn’t resist this river, then even his Three Pures would be suppressed.

Facing everyone’s gazes, Mu Chen raised his head at the descending river and took a deep breath before ancient and purple runes started to light up on his body.

One, two, three… with a total of eight!

When the eight purple runes lit up, purple flames gathered in Mu Chen’s mouth and he breathed them towards the black river.

When the flames and river connected, sizzling sounds rang out with smoke rising towards the sun.

However, everyone was shocked by the purple flames, since no matter how the black river tried to pour downward, and it couldn’t budge another inch.

“No wonder those purple flames were so tyrannical, they’re the Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability of Mu Chen’s Eight Divine Pulse!” Everyone finally understood the origin of those purple flames at this scene. Previously, Mu Chen had executed a little of it, so no one managed to see Mu Chen’s Eight Divine Pulse. But under Mu Chen’s full power, it had been revealed.

When the Xuan Bloodline saw Mu Chen’s Eight Divine Pulse, all of them wore grim expressions, especially Xuan Guang. One must know that in his years in the Ancient Buddha clan, only Qing Yanjing possessed an Eight Divine Pulse. But right now, a second Eight Divine Pulse had actually appeared on Mu Chen.

Wouldn’t that mean that the purity of Qing Yanjing and Mu Chen’s bloodline was the strongest in their Ancient Buddha Clan?

Compared to the Xuan Bloodline’s jealousy, the Qing Bloodline burst out in cheers, especially the Elders. All of them felt relieved. Mu Chen was truly Qing Yanjing’s child with his talent.

While the Bloodlines of the Ancient Buddha Clan held different emotions, the Grand Elder, Futu Xuan, stared at Mu Chen with his keen eyes. His gaze was briefly on Mu Chen’s purple runes before he snorted out with rage, “Hmph, what Eight Divine Pulse? That Divine Pulse clearly belongs to Qing Yanjing, which she must have extracted from herself when she was bearing him and planted it in him.”

Futu Xuan was a Saint Heavenly Sovereign, and he understood Qing Yanjing’s Eight Divine Pulse the best. Thus, he managed to see through some tricks when Mu Chen executed it.

Everyone was stunned when they heard his words, and many of them felt jealous. “What a good mother!”

Xuan Luo also felt jealousy, before he sneered, “No wonder Mu Chen’s talent is so shocking, so it’s the Eight Divine Pulse that Qing Yanjing bestowed upon him.”

“Without the Eight Divine Pulse, how can this sinner compete with us?” The surrounding clansmen nodded their heads. They still thought that Mu Chen had relied on himself to grow, but judging from it right now, it was Qing Yanjing who gave him a treasure.

Although it didn’t mean that possessing the Eight Divine Pulse would have a shocking achievement, it could at least raise the chances, and their cultivation path would also be leading, when compared to others.

Bearing prejudice towards Mu Chen, they had clearly placed Mu Chen’s success on the Eight Divine Pulse that Qing Yanjing had left for him.

Mu Chen also heard Futu Xuan's voice. However, his gaze did not fluctuate. He just focused on the confrontation between the purple flames and the black river.

Although the two sides were in a deadlock, Mu Chen could sense that the black river still possessed a hidden strength that has yet to explode.

He swept his gaze at Xuan Zun, and he had, indeed, saw the indifference on the latter’s face without any rage for the deadlock situation.

Sensing his gaze, Xuan Zun looked over and indifferently smiled before he mocked, “Qing Yanjing’s Eight Divine Pulse is truly formidable.”

However, Mu Chen had no response, as if he hadn’t heard him.

Xuan Zun stood with his hands behind his back. “Your purple flames are truly not simple to be able to resist my Nether Profound Exterminating River. If you’re on the same level as me, then my Nether Profound Exterminating River wouldn’t be able to resist you.”

Although his Nether Profound Exterminating River was a Seven Divine Pulse, the gap was still there between their cultivation.

“But it’s a pity that there’s no absolute fairness in the world. Since you want to challenge my Xuan Bloodline, then you must come to understand your failure.” Xuan Zun shook his head before he took a deep breath and a mouthful of blood essence sprayed onto the black river.

Instantly, the black river started to violently roll and swiftly shrunk down into a crimson streak.

Along with these changes, the purple flames started to dissipate at a rapid speed, which caused a commotion in the surroundings, while the clansmen of the Qing Bloodline had a drastic change in their expressions.

Everyone could tell that Xuan Zun’s advantage was starting to grow, while Mu Chen was suffering from his inferior cultivation. Not even the Eight Divine Pulse could make up for the gap.

The black river roared and continuously pushed the purple flames back.

“Mu Chen has lost.” Many people shook their heads in pity at this scene. The advantage has fallen in Xuan Zun’s hand. As long as it suppressed him, Mu Chen would definitely lose.

The Elders of the Qing Bloodline had pale expressions. They did not expect that Mu Chen’s streak would be stopped.

But they knew that Mu Chen had done his best, and he was extraordinary to be able to show such prowess in the Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“After today, our Qing Bloodline must protect Mu Chen at all costs.” Qing Tian declared with a grim expression. He knew that the Xuan Bloodline wouldn’t let this matter rest, so their Qing Bloodline couldn’t sit back and watch.

Qing Xuan and Qing Yun nodded their heads.

“The outcome is determined.” Xuan Guang felt inwardly relieved with a cold light in his eyes. Since Mu Chen couldn’t obtain his objective, then after their Xuan and Mo Bloodline gains control of the Elders Association, they must make that brat pay!

When the purple flames dissipated, Xuan Zun looked at Mu Chen and his indifferent voice echoed, “You’ve lost.”

“An Immortal Heavenly Sovereign truly holds an advantage.” Mu Chen paid no attention to him. If they’re on the same level, he was confident that he could destroy the Nether Profound Exterminating River with his purple flames.

When Xuan Zun saw that Mu Chen had no fear in his eyes, he was somewhat unhappy and thought that the latter was just putting up a strong front. Thus, he waved his sleeve with a sneer.

The black river descended and extinguished the purple flames before enveloping towards Mu Chen.

“I’ll capture you and have you lament your foolishness!”

The black river enveloped towards Mu Chen under all the attention. Judging from the situation, and Mu Chen was on the losing end.

Many people shook their heads. It was a pity, since he was just a gap away from success. However, he had still been blocked, and the Xuan Bloodline was undoubtedly the strongest in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

The black river swept down; bit facing this desperate situation, Mu Chen showed no emotions and muttered, “Since even the Eight Divine Pulse couldn’t make up for the gap… then let’s change to another one.”

His hands joined together before his body radiated with a brilliance.

At the same time, the eight purple runes turned into the colors of primal chaos and a ninth rune gradually formed after the eighth one…

When the ninth rune was formed, even the Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan, Futu Xuan, had a change in his expression while watching from the peak, looking at the silhouette with disbelief.

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