Chapter 1423 - A fierce fight with an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign

Dazzling light radiated from Xuan Zun’s body, unleashing a tremendous pressure that caused space to fluctuate and clouds to roll. Even the entire region was trembling from his force.

An Immortal Heavenly Sovereign was only inferior to a Saint Heavenly Sovereign in the Great Thousand World, which also meant that those people were practically the highest level in the Great Thousand World.

In any force, even for the Ancient Buddha Clan, an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign held an extremely high position. So it was truly terrifying to witness an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign unleashing his power.

Many leaders amongst the spectators wore grave expressions while they sighed at the might of an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign. At the same time, they’re also looking at Mu Chen’s direction with interest. They wondered how the latter would face such a powerhouse.

Under the surrounding gazes, Mu Chen wore a grave expression as well. Although his fighting strength was high, he couldn’t underestimate a genuine Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.

As he let out a long breath, a mist spewed out from Mu Chen’s mouth. In the next instant, a dazzling luster radiated from his body and the massive Spiritual Energy from his Spiritual Physique caused space to tremble.

Right now, words were useless. Although he has won three rounds, he could only obtain a true victory if he won this match. Otherwise, all his efforts would go down the drain.

Furthermore, since Xuan Guang has admitted that he was one of the culprits who imprisoned Qing Yanjing, then there’s no need for Mu Chen to be polite. Right now, he had to seize one seat from the Elders Association and reacquire it from the Xuan Bloodline for him to consider that to be some interest.

Xuan Zun had an indifferent expression, but he did not execute any Divine Ability. He stomped his foot and tore through space, shooting towards Mu Chen like a meteorite.

His fist had no tricks behind it. It was the full force behind an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign’s Spiritual Physique. If an ordinary Spirit Heavenly Sovereign took it head-on, they would be heavily injured, despite the strength of their Spiritual Physique.

Looking at that fist, Mu Chen squinted his eyes, but did not retreat. Fighting intent blazed in his eyes. he also wanted to test the strength of an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign!

Mu Chen issued a burst of laughter and formed a fist with dazzling radiance before he threw a jab out, connecting it with Xuan Zun’s fist.

An ear-piercing explosion burst out with a terrifying impact. The platform beneath their feet crumbled, causing the peaks on this mountain to be leveled to the ground.

Mu Chen’s silhouette was blown back from this clash and he drew a long mark on the ground. The high temperature from the friction had also made him feel that his feet were burning.

“Arrogant.” Xuan Zun did not move and he snickered while coldly looking at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen actually dared to compete with the strength of an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, which is merely impudent.

Mu Chen looked at his fist and could see fine cracks on his crystallised fist from the impact.

“The Immortal Grade Spiritual Physique is actually so powerful.” His gaze flickered. He had tasted the strength of an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign; it was a few times stronger than his Spirit Grade Spiritual Physique.

No one was optimistic about him challenging an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, so it turned out that an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign could rely on his Spiritual Physique to suppress a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign.

“Arrogant brat, I’ll let you know that there’s always someone above you. Despite your talent, having your eyes set high is only courting self-destruction!” Xuan Zun sneered with ferocity in his eyes before his silhouette shot forth. His gem-like Spiritual Physique was akin to the greatest Peerless Saint Artifact in the world and it was suppressing Mu Chen without any tricks.

Xuan Zun was keen. He knew that he could rely on his advantage as an Immortal Grade Spiritual Physique to clash with Mu Chen without any tricks.

Seeing how Xuan Zun ferociously came at him, a cold light flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes. “Old fool, don’t try to play your age here. Otherwise, you’ll just be humiliated!”

He formed seals with his hands together without dodging that move. Just when it was about to hit him, space fluctuated beside him and black and white silhouettes appeared.

The two silhouettes had also converted to their Spiritual Physiques and three fists flew towards Xuan Zun with absolute rapport.

This clash was even more shocking. Space had collapsed. But what made everyone shocked was that Xuan Zun could no longer obtain the advantage he had before. On the contrary, his body trembled and he was blown back, causing space to crack beneath his feet.

On the other side, the three Mu Chens had also taken ten-odd steps back.

Xuan Zun’s gaze was grim before he caught his footing. When he raised his head, his pupils squinted. He saw two clones that looked similar to Mu Chen.

“That is… the Three Pures?!” With Xuan Zun’s keen eyes, he had instantly recognised that it was the Three Pures.

With this Divine Ability, Mu Chen could split into three with absolute rapport. Thus, the power behind his attacks would be stronger, and it wasn’t as simple as three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns joining forces.

Mu Chen couldn’t rely on his Spirit Grade Spiritual Physique alone to fight, but a combination attack from his two other clones was something that not even Xuan Zun could obtain the upper hand against.

A commotion had also broken throughout the surroundings. Many people had their eyes reddening while looking at Mu Chen. One must know that only thirty-six Peerless Divine Abilities were standing at the top of the Great Thousand World. But despite their rarity, two of them have been obtained by Mu Chen…

‘Just what sort of heaven-defying luck does that fellow possess…?’

Xuan Guang’s gaze was also dark. He thought that Xuan Zun would easily obtain a victory. However, he never expected that Mu Chen would still have trump cards left behind.

“Xuan Zun, don’t hold back and tangle with him.” Xuan Guang’s solemn voice was transmitted to Xuan Zun’s ears.

Xuan Zun nodded his head and he took a deep breath before a massive black silhouette formed behind him.

That massive silhouette had a black dragon around it, causing a storm to envelop the entire heavens and earth.

“That’s… the Great Nether Profound Celestial Body?” Mu Chen’s gaze changed upon seeing that. He recognised that Sovereign Celestial Body. It was ranked 23rd on the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

“Finally bringing out your true power?” Mu Chen formed seals with his hands together and a luster burst from his eyes that turned into a pagoda that pressed towards the Great Nether Profound Celestial Body.

Facing a Sovereign Immortal Body, using the Eight-Divisional Pagoda was the easiest method.

“Hmph, you’re too naïve to be trying to use a pagoda to deal with me.” Looking at the pagoda, Xuan Zun had no fear on his face and he sneered. His head shook and a beam of light flew out from his head. A black pagoda clashed with Mu Chen’s pagoda, causing a fluctuation from the clash.

Mu Chen knitted his brows. This old fellow wasn’t easy to deal with, and he had knowledge of the Eight-Divisional Pagoda. Although Mu Chen could bring the Eight-Divisional Pagoda out, it wasn’t as powerful as to when it’s inside the pagoda itself.

Thus, it wasn’t easy to capture the old fellow in his pagoda, which put a restraint on his Eight-Divisional Pagoda.

“Brat, did you think that you can act fearlessly just because of the Eight-Divisional Pagoda?!” Xuan Zun snickered and stomped his foot. The Great Nether Profound Celestial Body suddenly burst out with boundless black liquid that enveloped towards Mu Chen.

Purplish-golden radiance was also unleashed behind Mu Chen and he summoned out the Immortal Golden Body. Divine Immortal Runes condensed and formed into a screen that blocked the liquid.

The confrontation had brought another fluctuation across the region, with both attacks not showing any leniency.

Seeing the confrontation, many people held their breaths with their attention focused over.

“That Mu Chen is truly not so simple. He can actually fight with Xuan Zun to this level…” Many voices resounded with sighs. That’s because, judging from this battle, Mu Chen has clearly started to gain a footing, and Xuan Zun’s advantage was no longer as evident as before.

When the Elders of the Qing Bloodline saw this scene, they felt inwardly relieved with joy on their faces.

On the contrary, many people in the Xuan Bloodline gritted their teeth from this sight. They wished that Mu Chen would be torn apart by Xuan Zun at this moment.

Although Xuan Zun had gained a slight advantage, his face was unsightly, since that advantage wasn’t enough for him to win.

“It seems that I’ve underestimated this brat.” Xuan Zun’s gaze turned grim with ferocity showing in the next moment. His body gradually floated in the sky and black runes appeared on his body, numbering seven.

“Seven Divine Pulse… so that Xuan Zun possesses a Divine Pulse… Looks like he’s going to bring out his Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability.” A clamor suddenly broke out from this scene.

“You can be proud of forcing me to bring out my Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability to subdue you!” Xuan Zun’s voice echoed out as he pushed his hands upwards. In the next instant, a pitch-black river whistled out from his body, along with his voice that resounded.

“Seven Divine Pulse - Nether Profound Exterminating River!”

At this moment, Xuan Zun finally bared his fangs.

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