Chapter 1422 - Immortal Heavenly Sovereign

“One more round.” When Mu Chen’s calm voice resounded, it caused splendor in the eyes of many as they directed their eyes over. The ridicule that they had before had been replaced with fear.

Beating three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns that were stronger than him with the cultivation of an Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign was sufficient for everyone to be shocked.

“That Mu Chen is truly a monster. He’s clearly an Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, so how is he so powerful? I have to say that that fellow truly possesses the capability to skip realms and challenge others.”

“He’s formidable. It’s no wonder why he would be so arrogant. It looks like he came prepared to challenge the entire Xuan Bloodline by himself.”

“He has already won three rounds. If he wins another round, then the Xuan Bloodline would have to vomit the seat to the Elders’ Association that they had just gobbled up.”

“Heh, you guys are overestimating him. He has already revealed all of his trump cards during the three fights, so I’m afraid that it won’t be easy for him to fight an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.”

“You said that earlier, too…”


All the whispers resounded and many Elders of the Xuan Bloodline had a pale expressions, staring at Mu Chen as if they wished they could gobble him up.

No one imagined that their Xuan Bloodline would be forced into such a pathetic state by someone of the younger generation.

Xuan Luo and the rest had blackened expressions. They still believed that Mu Chen would definitely lose, but in the end, they got all their faces slapped.

Xuan Guang’s expression was also grim. However, he wasn’t an ordinary person. He soon suppressed the rage in his heart. He indifferently looked at Mu Chen and slowly said, “I never expected that I would’ve misjudged this time. Qing Yanjing’s son is truly something.”

“You’re flattering me.” Mu Chen calmly responded.

Squinting his eyes, Xuan Guang’s voice resounded again, “You’ve proven your capability for being able to come this far, but the fourth round won’t be as easy as you have imagined. I hope that you can be careful.”

Mu Chen smiled. “I have to thank your concern, but I think I can still hold out.”

At this moment, he has already flipped out with the Xuan Bloodline, so it’s impossible for him to retain face for them.

Xuan Guang deeply looked at Mu Chen with a chill flickering in the depths of his eyes before he shook his head. “Stubborn. Since that’s the case, then my Xuan Bloodline awaits your challenge.

“Only four of us are left, you can pick anyone you want. Naturally, you can come at me if you’re gutsy enough. After all, I took part in imprisoning your mother.”

As he spoke, there was a cold sneer on his lips that contained ridicule.

Squinting his eyes, Mu Chen’s gaze abruptly turned cold while looking at Xuan Guang, then he nodded his head. “My mother and I will remember what you did. But I only want to obtain a seat from your Xuan Bloodline now, so I will challenge you in the future, if there’s an opportunity.”

Xuan Guang couldn’t help knitting his brows at those words. He had purposely tried to provoke Mu Chen for the latter to make a rash decision. If Mu Chen really challenged him, then he would let the latter learn the meaning of despair before a Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.

But he had evidently underestimated Mu Chen’s mentality. Although he has aroused the killing intent to kill Mu Chen, the latter did not lose his rationale and make a rash decision.

“Then I’ll watch and see what other tricks you have.” Xuan Guang coldly glanced at Mu Chen.

“I believe I won’t disappoint you.” Mu Chen gently smiled, then he no longer paid any attention to Xuan Guang and appeared on another platform, looking at a shriveled up old man.

When Mu Chen appeared, that old man fixed his eyes on him with a sharpness that was concealed in his muddy eyes.

When Mu Chen looked at this elder, his expression had turned solemn. This old man was known as Xuan Zun, an Initial Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign who possessed a high authority in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Facing this Initial Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, Mu Chen knew the gap between them, since those in that realm had accumulated their strength for a long time to reach it.

Despite his three previous battles, he knew that this was an important match.

If he wins this round, he would win for real. Otherwise, his three other victories would go down the drain.

“Elder Xuan Zun, since someone tries to challenge our Xuan Bloodline, there’s no need to be lenient. I will bear all the consequences.” Xuan Guang’s voice coldly resounded.

The Elder Xuan Zun bowed and coldly said, “Roger.”

His eyes gathered once again on Mu Chen. Although he did not speak, everyone could sense the powerful Spiritual Energy pressure that was permeating from his body.

Even the platform had violently trembled from the powerful Spiritual Energy pressure.

Sensing the aura from Elder Xuan Zun, many people wore grave expressions. Compared to the three other Heavenly Sovereigns, this Elder Xuan Zun was on an entirely new level.

“This battle can finally be considered a good show.” Yao Chen and Lin Diao smiled. Mu Chen was powerful, and not even the three other Elders of the Xuan Bloodline could pose any threat to him. Thus, only an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign could force out Mu Chen’s genuine strength.

They also wished to see if Mu Chen could create a miracle while fighting with an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.

“Mu Chen definitely won’t lose.” Lin Jing said without any hesitation. Her confidence in him was probably stronger than Mu Chen’s confidence in himself.

Xiao Xiao smiled at her words. When Yao Chen and Lin Diao saw their reactions, they helplessly shook their heads. They had no idea where their confidence for Mu Chen came from.

Even Qing Tian, Qing Xuan, and Qing Yun weren’t optimistic of Mu Chen. They had anguish on their faces. After all, they knew the gap between the cultivations, and it was something that not even Mu Chen could overcome, even if he used those shocking means from before.

“The outcome of my Qing Bloodline is all on this battle.” Qing Tian sighed.

The clansmen of the Qing Bloodline all had distress on their faces. If it wasn’t for the improper venue, they would probably cheer for Mu Chen.

“That brat has finally provoked a powerful figure. Now, I’ll see how he suffers.” Maha You tugged his arms together while looking at Mu Chen.

“An Immortal Heavenly Sovereign is truly extraordinary…” Mu Chen had ignored the surrounding gazes. All of his attention was focused on that old man with a grave expression.

The pressure coming from Xuan Zun had exceeded those three from before, and in this battle, he really might have to bring out his full power.

With this thought, there wasn’t any fear in Mu Chen’s eyes, but a blazing excitement. Right now, he’s practically invincible amongst the Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, with only an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign who could rouse his fighting spirit and allow him to train himself.

Elder Xuan Zun slowly clasped his hands together and his figure suddenly straightened up. His grey hair had also turned black, and his old appearance had also been replaced with a ferocious middle-aged appearance.

At the same time, a boundless radiance exploded from his body, instantly converting into a Spiritual Physique.

Compared to the Spiritual Physique of a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, his was more refined, looking like a gem from afar.

His body was also engraved with countless blue runes, which looked like water droplets. Albeit to their tiny size, they permeated a towering might.

That Spiritual Physique had become the most dazzling point in this entire region, and under the full power, Elder Xuan Zun looked at Mu Chen with a sharp gaze, along with his voice echoing out, “If you want to obtain the seat from my hands, then it will depend on whether you’re capable enough!”

Mu Chen looked at Elder Xuan Zun and took a deep breath before he converted to the Spiritual Physique as well, along with fighting intent.

At the same time, his cold voice resounded, “That seat is something that I will surely take, regardless if you’re willing or not!”

“What a big tone, you’re courting death!” Killing intent surged from Xuan Zun’s eyes. He then strode forth, shattering space with a single step.

At this moment, an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign of the Xuan Bloodline has made his move!

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