Chapter 1421 - Beating Up

The stars enveloped over, blocking all of Mu Chen’s paths of escape with violent Spiritual Energy clashing that emanated destructive prowess. Not to mention a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, even an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign would be in trouble facing that.

The secret art that Hei Guang executed at the cost of harming himself was truly extraordinary.

Everyone wore grave expressions at this scene. Although Mu Chen’s means were terrifying, Hei Guang’s retaliation was also ruthless.

If Mu Chen was negligent, then his victories would all go down the drain.

When the clansmen of the Qing Bloodline saw the flow of stars that covered the sun, they had worries on their faces. Even Qing Tian, Qing Xuan, and Qing Yun had their brows knitted.

“Good, good! Elder Hei Guang is decisive enough. After all, Mu Chen is all alone, and even if he can make it out, he would have to pay a price, and his objection wouldn’t be achieved today!” Xuan Luo clapped as he snickered.

The clansmen of the Xuan Bloodline echoed along. Elder Hei Guang’s attack was too terrifying and they didn’t think that Mu Chen could receive it so easily.

No one dared to blink their eyes as they watched the attack envelop Mu Chen’s entire figure within in the next moment. The whole region had also collapsed from the ferocious attack…

When Hei Guang saw this scene, he felt heavily relieved. The Sovereign Immortal Body beneath his feet had collapsed. It has clearly been heavily injured.

However, the cost was worth it. Now, Mu Chen wouldn’t be able to escape, and no matter how many means he possessed, he would undoubtedly be heavily injured.

The moment he’s injured, he would no longer be able to fight the fourth round. Thus, it would mean that helping the Qing Bloodline to obtain a seat would fail.

“Hmph, who asked you to be complacent? Now, I’ll let you taste the feeling of falling from the sky.” Hei Guang sneered.

Many gazes were focused in the direction where space collapsed, as if any existence in that region would be annihilated.

The stars wreaked havoc in that region for a long time, before it started to dissipate.

“This time, Mu Chen will be heavily injured!” The Elders of the Xuan Bloodline inwardly nodded their heads with smiles on their faces. Earlier, when Mu Chen won so easily, he had humiliated them. Now, they have finally obtained one round back from this fight.

Many experts sighed in pity. Mu Chen’s courage had convinced everyone, not to mention that the Xuan Bloodline was powerful. So many people actually hoped that Mu Chen would show miracles, but looking at the situation right now, the chances of that happening weren’t high. But Mu Chen’s name could be spread throughout the Great Thousand World with how much he has accomplished.

As the havoc gradually dissipated in the sky, everyone suddenly squinted their eyes before they exclaimed, “What is that?!”

The expressions on the Elders of the Xuan Bloodline changed before they raised their heads and saw a closed purple-golden lotus, as if it was impenetrable.

Suddenly, cracks started to spread out on the petals, looking to have undergone the baptism of a hurricane.

But although it was tottering on the verge of collapse, the purple-golden lotus still managed to persevere till the end.

Shock filled the eyes of many as the lotus gradually opened up, and a massive silhouette appeared in everyone’s eyes.

The purple-golden silhouette stood on the lotus with a radiance that carried the aura of immortality.

“That’s Mu Chen’s Sovereign Immortal Body?!” Seeing that purplish-golden giant, a commotion rang out between the heavens and earth. Just from the immortal aura, everyone could tell that this Sovereign Immortal Body was extraordinary.

On the nearest mountain peak, a man with black and white pupils was standing in a stone pavilion with his hands behind his back. He was Maha You of the Ancient Maha Clan!

He was also looking at the giant silhouette and squinted his eyes. “That brat really managed to cultivate the Immortal Golden Body.”

An expert in the Ancient Maha Clan also revealed a peculiar gaze in his eyes and said, “He should have executed the Immortal Lotus, which is how he blocked Hei Guang’s attack.”

In the Great Thousand World, the Ancient Maha Clan understood the Immortal Golden Body the most, since every single generation of their elites had to cultivate the Immortal Golden Body and see if they could obtain the Primordial Immortal Body!

But it was a pity that no one managed to obtain it over the years.

Thus, the Ancient Maha Clan knew about the strongest defense of the Immortal Golden Body, which was how they could infer further details from it.

“Since that brat can execute the Immortal Lotus, he must have high attainments in it.”

When Maha You heard that, he vaguely replied, “He’s just a wild cultivator, and yet this is how far he has gone. If he wants to take another step to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body, it’s simply a wishful dream.”

The experts of the Ancient Maha Clan nodded their heads. Their Ancient Maha Clan safeguarded the Primordial Immortal Body. Although it was just safeguarding, they had already considered it as one of their properties, so how could they allow someone to take it from them?

“The Grand Elder told me that the Primordial Immortal Body is showing signs in recent years, and the time is almost right with the will to choose a master. If I’ve guessed correctly, it will pick an owner in this Primordial Immortal Assembly.”

As he spoke, greed flickered in Maha You’s eyes as he clenched his fists. “If I manage to cultivate the Primordial Immortal Body, I might be able to make use of it and break through into the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm!”

“There aren’t many in the clan that have obtained attainments like you, Lord You. It looks like there’s a high chance for you to obtain it.” The experts of the Ancient Maha Clan responded respectfully.

“But outsiders will always come and participate every single time, which is annoying. I wonder what the Immortal Emperor was thinking. He already gave the Primordial Immortal Body for us to safeguard, so why did he leak the cultivation technique outside?” Someone said unhappily.

Maha You faintly smiled. “The Primordial Immortal Assembly was personally created by the Immortal Emperor, and any cultivator of the Immortal Golden Body can participate. But that doesn’t matter, the cultivation technique flowing in public isn’t complete. There’s nothing to fear regarding those wild cultivators. After this Primordial Immortal Assembly, the Primordial Immortal Body will become ours, and not even the Immortal Emperor can take it away, even if he came back to life!”

Everyone nodded their heads upon hearing him.

While everyone was shocked by the Immortal Golden Body, Mu Chen appeared on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body.

When the experts of the Xuan Bloodline saw Mu Chen’s silhouette, their faces turned ashen. The latter showed no signs of injuries. Even the Spiritual Energy around him was as boundless as before.

Evidently, Hei Guang’s attack had achieved nothing.

“How is that possible?!” Hei Guang’s face turned white as he exclaimed in despair.

Mu Chen indifferently looked at Hei Guang before he moved. He turned into a beam of light and pounced towards Hei Guang.

Seeing Mu Chen’s ferocity, Hei Guang’s face drastically changed. He had been heavily injured at this moment, so how could he compete with Mu Chen?

“Stop!” Xuan Guang hollered. He had also sensed Mu Chen’s intentions.

However, Mu Chen paid no attention to his hollering. His silhouette appeared before Hei Guang before he indifferently threw a jab that caused space to collapse.

Mu Chen’s fist, which contained boundless Spiritual Energy, connected with Hei Guang’s chest, a single jab that instantly caused the latter’s chest to collapse and he flew back with blood spewing from his mouth.

But as he flew back, Mu Chen mysteriously appeared behind him and lashed a whip kick, causing Hei Guang to burrow into the platform like a cannonball.

After that, Mu Chen unleashed a storm of attacks on Hei Guang. Facing those ferocious attacks, Hei Guang screamed out in pain before he laid down on the floor like a pile of mud.

Instantly, everyone looked at Mu Chen with fear in their eyes. After all, for an Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign to bash a Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign like a sandbag wasn’t common.

When Mu Chen finally stopped, Hei Guang was in a tattered state. If it wasn’t for his powerful vitality as a Heavenly Sovereign, he would’ve been killed by now.

But even so, he had been heavily injured, and without several years of bitter cultivation, it’s impossible for him to recover.

When everyone saw how ferocious Mu Chen was, they inwardly sucked in cold breaths. This Mu Chen was truly not someone that would swallow grudges, and he has crippled Hei Guang without a care for the Xuan Bloodline’s face.

Some gazes that were looking were directed at the Xuan Bloodline. They could see the Elders of the Xuan Bloodline’s faces being as black as a wok.

Kicking the unconscious Hei Guang, Mu Chen raised his head without any expression and he looked at Xuan Guang. “Another trash.”

“What a ruthless brat.” Xuan Guang’s expression was grim.

However, Mu Chen wouldn’t be bothered by him. He stretched out a finger and shook it. His disdainful attitude had caused veins to pop on the forehead of all the Elders as he said, “One more round.”

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