Chapter 1420 - Fighting Hei Guang again

When Mu Chen’s silhouette descended onto Hei Guang’s platform, everyone remained silent with shock. The silence lasted for a long time before someone muttered, “That’s… one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities, the Eight-Divisional Pagoda, right?”

The spectators were clearly extraordinary, since they had recognised the Divine Ability that Mu Chen executed.

The destructive prowess of those black beams even made many Heavenly Sovereigns feel their scalps going numb. With that power, what else could it be aside from being one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities?

“I never imagined that he would really succeed.” The Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan, especially those of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines, had their eyes reddened as they looked at Mu Chen. Their eyes looked like they had the urge to snatch it for themselves.

As a Heavenly Sovereign, they knew what one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities meant. If they possessed it, they would be invincible amongst those in the same realm.

Just think about it, how many Heavenly Sovereigns were there in the Great Thousand World? However, there were only 36 Peerless Divine Abilities.

Even with the deep foundation of their Ancient Buddha Clan, they did not have many abilities that could be comparable to the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities.

Qing Shuang held her mouth, looking emotional. She couldn’t maintain her cold bearing anymore.

They initially thought that the Qing Bloodline would be defeated, but who could have expected that Mu Chen would show up and change the entire situation?

“Mu Chen, do your best!” Qing Shuang muttered.

Ling Xi patted her shoulder, causing her to be embarrassed and she calmed down.

“Big Sister Ling Xi, can Mu Chen win?” Qing Shuang asked with expectations. She knew that even if Mu Chen has won two rounds, his opponents would only get stronger.

Ling Xi smiled and elegantly said, “Don’t worry. Since Mu Chen made a move, that means that he’s confident. We only have to watch the entire event.”

Qing Shuang nodded her head and looked at that silhouette with splendor in her eyes.

Lin Jing clapped and chuckled, “Mu Chen won too beautifully!”

Mu Chen had no intention to probe during the two confrontations and had brought out his entire power. He even risked revealing his trump cards, but it was all rewarded with a glorious achievement. He easily won with two moves, which set everyone’s blood on fire.

Xiao Xiao had also nodded her head with admiration in her eyes.

“It looks like Mu Chen has a huge grudge against the Ancient Buddha Clan.” Yao Chen chuckled. He could easily tell that Mu Chen did that on purpose. After all, his trip here was to vent out the anger that he had held in his heart for over twenty years. Because of him, his parents were separated, and his father has been alone. Because of him, his mother was imprisoned, so he had to win beautifully.

But that would mean that the Xuan Bloodline would be embarrassed.

“But this type of fight can only be used with absolute confidence. If the two sides have the same power, revealing your trump cards first will lose your advantage.” Lin Diao nodded his head and gave out an evaluation. But even so, he had admiration on his face, since Mu Chen revealing his trump cards meant that he was confident.

It was something that he had once seen from Lin Dong.

Hei Guang’s face turned grim as he looked at the youth walking over. When he looked at the latter, he had a deep fear in his eyes.

Regardless of the fire or the Eight-Divisional Pagoda, they had made Hei Guang feel fear.

Although his strength was greater than Xuan Hai and Xuan Feng, being in the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, he wasn’t confident about facing Mu Chen.

“Damn it, how did that fellow grow so powerful?!” Hei Guang cursed in his heart with regret. He shouldn’t have provoked Mu Chen in the past. He was also regretting that he wasn’t decisive enough to kill Mu Chen when he was still a Perfected Earth Sovereign.

Even if he didn’t kill Mu Chen, he could have at least crippled the latter’s cultivation; that way, he wouldn’t have to face this tribulation today.

“Are you thinking about why you didn’t kill me back then?” Mu Chen smiled.

Hei Guang trembled and could sense the coldness and killing intent in Mu Chen’s tone.

However, he’s still an Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan with a towering position. Thus, he soon calmed himself and grimly looked at Mu Chen. “Mu Chen, don’t take it too far. It’s good for a young man to have drive, but taking it too far will just cut you off.”

“If your Xuan Bloodline is capable enough, then prove it to me.” Mu Chen unhurriedly responded.

“You!” Hei Guang raged and he couldn’t help feeling angered, yet fearful from Mu Chen’s cold gaze.

“Not going to make a move?” Mu Chen stared at him with an indifferent voice. A spiritual light flickered on his fingers. “If you’re not going to attack, then I’ll be making a move.”

Hei Guang gritted his teeth, and just when he wanted to circulate his Spiritual Energy, a voice was transmitted to his ears, “Hei Guang, use the secret art. Even if you can’t win, at least wear him down. Someone will deal with him later.”

When Hei Guang heard those words, his gaze flickered before he glanced at Xuan Guang.

“The secret art?” Hei Guang hesitated. He knew that he would be weakened for at least half a year if he did that.

But he knew Xuan Guang’s intentions, since Mu Chen’s drive was too powerful. Even if he couldn’t obtain four victories in the end, it would be sufficient to humiliate the Xuan Bloodline.

With so many spectators, their Xuan Bloodline would be humiliated if word got out that a sinner thrashed them.

Thus, Hei Guang couldn’t allow Mu Chen to achieve his victories so easily.

He had to obstruct Mu Chen so that their Immortal Heavenly Sovereign could easily deal with him.

“Alright!” Despite the hesitation, Hei Guang gritted his teeth. He knew that he wasn’t confident with facing Mu Chen. So why not take a risk?!

‘Brat, I’ll show you the meaning of being cut off!’ Hei Guang sneered in his heart. He then abruptly retreated and ridiculed, “Mu Chen, don’t get complacent. Take a move of mine, too!”

As he spoke, a myriad light intertwined behind Hei Guang and a massive Sovereign Immortal Body appeared, unleashing a storm between the heavens and earth.

When the Sovereign Immortal Body was summoned, Hei Guang took a deep breath before forming an unusual seal.

At the same time, the Sovereign Immortal Body behind him had also formed seals.

When Qing Tian, Qing Xuan, and Qing Yun saw that, their eyes were squinted as they hollered, “Shameless! You’re actually going to use the secret art?!”

Hei Guang revealed a sinister smile as he eerily said, “Since you want to force me, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

As he spoke, his stomach suddenly swelled and the stomach of his Sovereign Immortal Body swelled as well. In the next moment, he suddenly opened his mouth and breathed out.

Stars poured out from the mouth of his Sovereign Immortal Body with momentum, as if it could destroy everything.

Along with the commotion, Hei Guang’s silhouette swiftly dried up and his Sovereign Immortal Body had also dimmed down. They had poured all of their power into countless stars.

When the Heavenly Sovereigns saw this scene, their faces changed and they exclaimed, “Hei Guang is insane! He actually dissolved his Sovereign Immortal Body?!”

The Sovereign Immortal Body was one of the fighting forces of a Heavenly Sovereign, and reforming it would take a lot of time and energy after dissolving it. Furthermore, there might even be repercussions left behind!

Thus, it wasn’t something that most would resort to, usually. It was practically harming yourself before harming your enemy, a suicidal move.

As the stars whistled over and enveloped Mu Chen, the momentum made them look like they could destroy the sun and moon.

Many people wore grave expressions. Mu Chen was too overbearing, which was the reason why Hei Guang would resort to this to save the face of their Xuan Bloodline.

“Hei Guang is truly ruthless, and now, that Mu Chen is in trouble.”

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