Chapter 1419 - One Move taking out One Opponent

“Trash, next.” When Mu Chen’s indifferent voice rang out, the entire region was silent with only Xuan Hai’s mourning being heard.

Everyone had directed their shock-filled gazes towards that youthful silhouette.

No one imagined that Mu Chen would deal with Xuan Hai so easily. He was a Heavenly Sovereign! Despite being only a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, the latter could be a tyrant anywhere in the Great Thousand World. But right now, he was defeated after a single strike from Mu Chen.

It was practically a crushing defeat.

“That’s a Heavenly Sovereign!” Many people forced words out of their throats.

“How is that possible?!” Xuan Luo and Mo Xin had shock written on their faces, as if they had seen ghosts. Just a moment ago, they wanted to look at how Mu Chen would make a fool out of himself, but in just the blink of an eye, they’re the fools.

The clansmen of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines also had a shock on their faces as they gulped while looking at Mu Chen with fear.

The clansmen of the Qing Bloodline exchanged looks with their foreheads covered in sweat as they muttered, “How terrifying…”

Qing Ling’s gaze had splendor as she looked at the youthful silhouette. She felt her heart in waves. Compared to that person, the so-called “talents” of their Ancient Buddha Clan paled in comparison.

“That flame is unusual.” Qing Tian was shocked. He was, after all, an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign. Thus, he could tell how tyrannical the purple flames were, which caused Xuan Hai to lose his power practically in an instant.

“Truly the child of Lord Jing.” Qing Yun sighed. He previously felt that Mu Chen was rash. But looking at it now, the latter was actually capable of doing this.

Qing Xuan’s fist loosened up and felt heavily relieved. But soon after, her gaze turned nervous. She knew that this was just the first round. Amongst the seven Elders of the Xuan Bloodline, Mu Chen would be facing more powerful opponents next.

The silence lasted between the heavens and earth for a long time before whispers resounded and many people were looking at the purple flames on Xuan Hai with fear in their eyes.

Even an Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign was helpless before them, and they were sufficient to show how tyrannical the purple flames were.

While Futu Xuan watched this scene, his brows were knitted, before he waved his hand. An invisible hand descended and pulled the purple flames away from Xuan Hai’s body, then formed into a black hole that trapped the flames.

Futu Xuan’s Spiritual Energy contained a powerful sealing ability that made even Mu Chen’s Spirit-Devouring Violet Flames unable to devour it. Thus, it could only gradually dissipate.

This scene had caused many people to squint their eyes. Even Futu Xuan had to spend some time to extinguish those flames. This showed how troublesome they were.

When the flames dissipated, Xuan Hai’s silhouette was revealed. His entire body was charred black, and even his flesh had melted to reveal his bones.

At this moment, Xuan Hai’s state was terrible. He had clearly been heavily injured.

One must know that after stepping into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, one’s body would be converted into Spiritual Energy and have a robust vitality. But even so, Xuan Hai was left in such a state by the flames.

“Brat, you’re truly ruthless!” Xuan Guang’s face was ashen. Mu Chen’s action had given a slap to their Xuan Bloodline.

“He's not any better. Since Elder Xuan Hai used his Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability, I merely retaliated with mine.” Mu Chen ignored Xuan Guang and said.

“So it’s the Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability! But looking at the power, it must have reached the Divine grade! I wonder if it’s the Seven or Eight Divine Pulse.” Many people’s eyes flickered. The grade shouldn’t be low, judging from the power.

Xuan Guang’s gaze was dark and he snorted before saying, “Elder Xuan Feng, don’t go near him when you go next.”

Xuan Guang’s gaze was sharp. He could tell that although Mu Chen’s purple flames were tyrannical, they weren’t fast and could be avoided.

The Elder named Xuan Feng gravely nodded his head. He no longer underestimated Mu Chen. His sharp gaze stared at the latter and he said, “Let me experience your strength, then.”

Mu Chen faintly smiled, then he descended on Xuan Feng’s platform next. The latter was a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, and it was someone he had intended to fight next.

When Xuan Feng saw Mu Chen on the platform, he did not speak, but formed seals with a single hand. He had instantly converted his physique into the Spiritual Physique. Immediately, a radiance exploded and a Sovereign Immortal Body that as few myriad feet high was formed.

Learning from Xuan Hai’s mistake, Xuan Feng instantly brought out his Sovereign Immortal Body right from the start. Thus, he wouldn’t have to be afraid, even if they clash.

Xuan Feng’s cultivation was at the Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, a level stronger than Xuan Hai.

When the Sovereign Immortal Body was reflected in Mu Chen’s eyes, a cold smile rose on his lips. He was filled with hatred for the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines, so he had no intention of saving their face.

Since they’re going to fight, then he would bring all his power out and step on the Xuan Bloodline.

At the same time, he’s going to vent the grudges that he has held for the past twenty years!

“Mu Chen, come! Let me see what can you do!” With the protection of the Sovereign Immortal Body, Xuan Feng’s momentum rose and he hollered.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at Xuan Feng, then snickered, “Do you really think that your Sovereign Immortal Body can protect you?”

Xuan Feng’s gaze turned cold as he berated, “Impudent! What other means do you have… mhm?!”

Before he could finish his words, his expression suddenly changed and he raised his head towards the sky, where he saw a crystal pagoda suddenly appearing above his head.

“This is… the Divine Pagoda?!” When the crystal pagoda appeared, it had instantly caused a commotion from the clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan. They knew that only those who’ve cultivated the orthodox Great Pagoda Art could form a pagoda, and only those with the purest bloodline could possess the Divine Pagoda.

Even amongst their Ancient Buddha Clan, only Xuan Luo managed to form it amongst the younger generations. But looking at the radiance, Xuan Luo’s was more inferior than Mu Chen’s.

The Divine Pagoda abruptly descended and pressed towards Xuan Feng’s Sovereign Immortal Body.

Xuan Feng squinted his eyes and took a deep breath, before he unleashed a holler. Ten-odd azure tornadoes roared and charged towards the Divine Pagoda to obstruct it.

At the same time, a sharp azure gale swept out, causing sparks on the surface of the Divine Pagoda, which caused it to tremble at the same time.

“Hmph, did you think that you can suppress me with a Divine Pagoda? You’re too naïve!” Xuan Feng felt relieved after stopping the Divine Pagoda before he sneered.

However, Mu Chen’s face had a peculiar smile when he heard those words.

At the same time, Xuan Guang had also sensed that something was amiss and his face changed. “Watch out! That brat cultivated the Eight-Divisional…”

But before he could finish his sentence, the Divine Pagoda suddenly trembled and eight black lusters spread out from the pagoda, forming into eight sinister demons.

When the demons appeared, they emanated a terrifying pressure and stretched their fingers down, pointing towards Xuan Feng’s Sovereign Immortal Body.

Eight terrifying beams gathered together and dropped.

The ten tornadoes were instantly dispersed by the light and Xuan Feng’s face drastically changed upon seeing this. His body quickly moved and integrated into the Sovereign Immortal Body.

But the terrifying beams were akin to the fingers of destruction as they struck the Sovereign Immortal Body.

A terrifying commotion rang out. Many people were shocked to see that the black beams had pierced through the Sovereign Immortal Body, causing it to shatter.

The Sovereign Immortal Body exploded with a shock wave that swept a hundred thousand miles out, causing the nearby mountains to tremble. If it wasn’t for the protection of so many experts present, this entire region would have been leveled to the ground.

However, no one paid attention to that. Their gazes were fixated at the source of the shock wave. The Sovereign Immortal Body shattered and a silhouette fell from the sky.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he pounced forth and his feet stomped on the descending silhouette. They were like two meteorites as they fell onto the platform.

The entire platform collapsed.

Mu Chen stood in the center of it. Xuan Feng’s chest had collapsed with blood flowing out. Even his Spiritual Energy has diminished, reflecting his massive injuries.

Instantly, everyone sucked in a cold breath. It was just one move!

In one move, he defeated Elder Xuan Feng, who was a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign!

This Mu Chen was simply too terrifying!

“That’s… the Eight-Divisional Pagoda!” Only the Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan’s faces changed when they recognised that Mu Chen had used one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities that once belonged to their Ancient Buddha Clan, the Eight-Divisional Pagoda!

Mu Chen indifferently retracted his feet and did not utter a word. Under all the astonished gazes, his silhouette moved and descended onto another platform.

He raised his head and looked at the silhouette. It was Elder Hei Guang, whom he met in the past.

It was also this person who incited the Profound Sky Ancestor to deal with him.

At this moment, Elder Hei Guang had astonishment on his face. He couldn’t imagine that two years ago, Mu Chen, who was a Perfected Earth Sovereign, would be so terrifying.

Mu Chen’s gaze coldly looked at Elder Hei Guang. Back then, in the Primordial Sacred Abyss, this fellow had taken advantage of his cultivation at the Heavenly Sovereign to bully him. And now, it’s time for them to settle their debts.

“It’s your turn, now. We’ll settle the new and old debts together.”

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