Chapter 1418 - One Person VS Xuan Bloodline

Mu Chen’s silhouette descended on the Qing Bloodline’s platform and his actions had caused a commotion.

“What? He’s going to challenge the Xuan Bloodline?!”

“Isn’t he too arrogant? The Xuan Bloodline has seven Elders, and he has to beat at least four of them to obtain one of their seats!”

“That brat is truly fearless, wanting to be a snake that devours the elephant.”

“His temper is pretty fiery, too. Isn’t he afraid of bursting?”


All sorts of whispers rang out across the horizon. Many people were shocked by Mu Chen’s choices. That’s because, in their view, the Xuan Bloodline was the hardest to deal with right now.

Thus, his actions were rash in the eyes of others.

Naturally, not only were the spectators shocked, even the Elders of the Qing Bloodline were dumbfounded. They initially thought that Mu Chen would have other thoughts. However, they never expected that it would be so simple.

How can he win?!

The Xuan Bloodline had a total of seven Elders, with three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns and four Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns!

If Mu Chen opted to fight, then he would have to defeat four of them to obtain one seat, and the support that their Qing Bloodline could grant was extremely limited at the moment. Wouldn’t that mean that he would have to face all of them alone?

Does he want to rely on his own ability to defeat the Xuan Bloodline?

Just this thought felt unbelievable to them. After all, Mu Chen was only at the Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, while the weakest amongst the seven Elders was also stronger than him.

Furthermore, even if Mu Chen defeated the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns, he had to overcome at least one Immortal Heavenly Sovereign to win.

Fighting an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign at the Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm was unimaginable.

After all, no one was optimistic about Mu Chen’s actions.

“What is he trying to do?” Elder Qing Yun couldn’t help asking.

Qing Tian helplessly shook his head, since it was futile to complain. Furthermore, they’ve already come this far, and even if Mu Chen lost, there’s no loss for them.

When the three Elders of the Qing Bloodline sighed, Xuan Luo and Mo Xin couldn’t help sneering. “He’s truly courting death, did he think that he can be fearless after stepping into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm? An Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign isn’t that capable in my Ancient Buddha Clan!”

The other clansmen nodded their heads. Mu Chen’s actions were just him courting humiliation in their eyes.

The clansmen of the Qing Bloodline exchanged looks and even Qing Ling couldn’t help feeling worried this time. She was also startled by Mu Chen’s actions. After all, that’s seven Heavenly Sovereigns!

It was unbelievable to think that Mu Chen wanted to fight his way through.

“Brilliant! His courage is nearly comparable to pops! Big Sister Xiao Xiao, do you think that Mu Chen will win?” Lin Jing clapped as she chuckled. She did not feel that Mu Chen was overestimating himself, but she felt that his courage was admirable.

Xiao Xiao earnestly pondered this question before a smile appeared. “Mu Chen is someone who plans, and he won’t do anything rash. Since he dares to do this, then he must have confidence.”

But after a brief pause, she continued, “But I’m also curious as to where his confidence comes from.”

When Lin Diao and Yao Chen heard this, the two of them exchanged a look and smiled. “The two of you are pretty optimistic of him.”

Although they spoke in this manner, they did not think that Mu Chen was reckless. They might not have a deep understanding of Mu Chen, but since he could receive the importance of Lin Dong and Xiao Yan, that meant he must be an outstanding person.

Thus, it was reasonable for him to create an unbelievable miracle.

Xuan Guang coldly glanced at Mu Chen and he couldn’t help laughing in anger, even with his composure. “Good, good, good! You’re truly the child of Qing Yanjing, your courage is extraordinary.

“So be it, I’ll fulfill your wish since you want to experience the strength of my Xuan Bloodline!

“Elders of the Xuan Bloodline, don’t hold back and let that sinner taste the strength of our Xuan Bloodline!”

“Roger!” The six Elders responded and looked at Mu Chen with ill gazes. The latter challenging them before so many people was clearly disregarding them, so how could they endure it?

The Grand Elder saw this scene and his gaze flickered. He did not speak, since, in his view, Mu Chen was too arrogant. Thus, he wanted to allow the Xuan Bloodline to grind down his arrogance and let him know that even reaching the Heavenly Sovereign Realm didn’t bestow him the qualifications to act arrogantly in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

But he couldn’t allow the Elders of the Xuan Bloodline to kill Mu Chen. Otherwise, Qing Yanjing would undoubtedly view the Ancient Buddha Clan with vengeance, and if she went into a rage, the clan would have to pay a high price, even if they could stop her. It was something that he didn’t want to see.

Mu Chen paid no attention to the furious gazes of the Xuan Bloodline’s Elders. He flew to the lowest platform of the Xuan Bloodline.

Instantly, all the gazes were directed over.

This was an Elder of the Xuan Bloodline, Xuan Hai. His strength has reached the Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, the same level as Mu Chen.

Elder Xuan Hai’s robes fluttered and he glared at Mu Chen with a mocking smile. “I never expected that Qing Yanjing would have a mentally-disabled son. Your cultivation at the Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign might be able to act arrogantly in the Great Thousand World, but it’s useless in my Ancient Buddha Clan.”

Facing the ridicule, Mu Chen ignored him. His gaze had skipped through Xuan Hai and was looking at the higher platforms.

“What a rude brat! It looks like you don’t have a mother to teach you manners!” Seeing how Mu Chen disregarded him, Xuan Hai roared.

Mu Chen retracted his gaze and looked at Xuan Hai. “Get lost if you don’t want to suffer for nothing.”

“Brat, you’re courting death!” Xuan Hai’s face turned red and he hollered. Instantly, boundless light burst out from his body and his silhouette started to grow into a small giant.

He had converted into the Spiritual Physique, emanating a strong might that could shatter the heavens and earth with his movements.

Bringing out his Spiritual Physique, Xuan Hai did not hold back and he stomped his foot, causing a crack to appear on the platform that was made from unusual materials.

He suddenly appeared before Mu Chen with a profound light spreading out.

“Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability, Grand Spirit Hammering Hand!” Xuan Hai’s gaze flickered with ferocity. He had instantly brought out his Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability. Although he hollered at Mu Chen and called him a brat, he had brought out all of his ability, since he knew that Mu Chen was a genuine Spirit Heavenly Sovereign that was on the same level as him. So if he didn’t bring out his full force, then he might suffer.

Xuan Hai’s fist suddenly swelled up and hammered down, causing space to crack.

Seeing this might, many Heavenly Sovereigns nodded their heads. Xuan Hai was truly somewhat capable of being able to become an Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan.

However, they were stunned when they looked at Mu Chen. They saw that Mu Chen had taken no action. He looked like he was allowing the fist to land.

“Does that brat not know how to dodge? Is he really dumb?” Xuan Hai had taken the initiative with astonishing momentum. Under this situation, if one chose to run, they would be able to find an opportunity to make a comeback. But why was Mu Chen standing there like a log?

However, when that fist was about to hit Mu Chen’s chest, he finally made a move and he stretched his palm out, then gently clashed with the fist.

At the moment of contact, they caused a massive commotion and a visible shock wave spread out, causing the platform to tremble with cracks spreading underneath.

As the smoke gradually dissipated, everyone directed their gazes over before shock was shown on their faces. They saw Mu Chen standing like a mountain on the platform, taking the blow.

The surrounding ground had been reduced to ashes, only the one area that he’s standing on was fine. It was so much so that he didn’t even move.

A commotion instantly broke out and many Heavenly Sovereigns had squinted their eyes. They clearly never expected that Mu Chen could receive the blow so easily.

Xuan Hai had also changed his face. He could feel that his fist had fallen into a black hole. Mu Chen’s body was like a black hole and no matter how he unleashed his Spiritual Energy, he couldn’t even shake the latter’s body.

Uneasiness rose in his heart and he wanted to retreat. Right now, he could only rely on his Sovereign Immortal Body to fight.

But when he wanted to retreat, Mu Chen grabbed ahold of his fist. When Xuan Hai raised his head, he saw Mu Chen’s indifferent gaze.

“Since you’ve used your Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability, then try mine.”

Mu Chen squinted his eyes, and before Xuan Hai could react, purple flames rose on his palm and enveloped Xuan Hai’s fist.

As the flames enveloped over, Xuan Hai was startled and he wanted to retaliate with his Spiritual Energy by instinct.

However, the next scene left him shocked. His Spiritual Energy was fueling the purple flames instead of extinguishing them. A terrifying temperature spread out that even made his Spiritual Physique feel aching.

A miserable shriek resounded from his mouth as he retreated like a ball of flame. No matter how he tried to exert his Spiritual Energy, he couldn’t extinguish the purple flames and his body started to burn from the high temperature.

Taking a step forth, Mu Chen lashed a kick against Xuan Hai’s mouth. The force had instantly shattered the latter’s teeth and he was blown away by Mu Chen.

This scene dumbfounded everyone. Elder Xuan Hai couldn’t even take one of Mu Chen’s attacks?

When he finished, Mu Chen disregarded the screaming Xuan Hai and he raised his head to look at the next Elder of the Xuan Bloodline, whose face had changed, and his voice resounded, “Trash, next.”

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