Chapter 1417 - New Head of the Qing Bloodline

“My mother’s Qing Yanjing.” Mu Chen’s voice had instantly caused a great commotion. Many clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan stood up from their seats with dumbfounded expressions.

“His mother is Qing Yanjing?!”

“That… that person is the sinner?”

“Why does he dare to come to our Ancient Buddha Clan? He’s simply jumping into the net!”


A clamor rang out within the Ancient Buddha Clan. Everyone was looking at Mu Chen as if they were looking at something unbelievable.

Although Mu Chen’s name might be unfamiliar in the Ancient Buddha Clan, everyone knew about his identity as a sinner due to his mother, Qing Yanjing!

A Saint Spiritual Array Ancestor, this strength was something that cannot be produced, even with the foundation of their Ancient Buddha Clan.

To be able to come that far spoke for Qing Yanjing’s talent, and according to the standard procedure, she would become the Patriarch of the Ancient Buddha Clan with her strength.

However, no one expected that Qing Yanjing would have no interest in the Ancient Buddha Clan. Not only did she leave the clan, she also had a marriage and bore a child.

Back then, that incident nearly flipped the entire Ancient Buddha Clan upside down. It had even caused the rage of the Grand Elder and he forcefully imprisoned Qing Yanjing. Furthermore, he had been continuously searching for the news of the sinner, but there hadn’t been any news about him until a few years ago. However, Mu Chen had given a shock to everyone, since he had already reached the Earth Sovereign Realm.

Furthermore, he has even obtained the Eight-Divisional Pagoda from the Primordial Sacred Abyss, and Xuan Luo and Mo Xin, the two outstanding talents of their clan, returned empty-handed.

But no matter how swift Mu Chen’s growth was, it wasn't a significant issue. If it wasn’t for the Ancient Buddha Clan fearing that Qing Yanjing would blow her anger, capturing Mu Chen would have been an easy matter.

So when everyone saw that Mu Chen was no longer hiding from the Ancient Buddha Clan and appeared during such an occasion, they felt unbelievable.

Compared to the shock, Futu Xuan gradually recovered and he stared at the youth with his face slowly turning cold.

“So you’re that sinner, you’re really bold! Did you think that you can act fearlessly with your mother protecting you?!” Futu Xuan’s voice echoed between the heavens and earth without any emotions.

As he spoke, he caused a fluctuation between the heavens and earth and a pressure emanated from him that enveloped the entire heavens and earth.

Facing the pressure of a Saint Heavenly Sovereign, the spectators couldn’t help revealing a trace of revere in their eyes.

Mu Chen had also felt the destructive pressure, which made him feel tiny despite being in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“So this is the pressure of Saint Grade? It’s truly worthy of being the pinnacle of the Great Thousand World!” There wasn’t any fear on Mu Chen’s face. Although a Saint Heavenly Sovereign was powerful, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t met one before. Not only has he met the Flame Emperor, he even met the Martial Ancestor, and the two of them were slightly stronger than Futu Xuan.

Taking a deep breath, his gaze turned sharp and he took a step forth. The pressure of a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign suddenly burst from his body with his clothes fluttering in the wind.

Although it wasn’t as powerful as Futu Xuan, it was akin to a towering mountain that wouldn’t waiver, regardless of any pressure.

Although he wasn’t as powerful as Futu Xuan, he was still the ruler of a force and a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign. Thus, it’s too naïve for Futu Xuan to think that the latter could force him to submit with pressure alone.

“Heavenly Sovereign Realm?!” Many forces had a change of expression when Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy pressure spread out, especially the Ancient Buddha Clan.

“How is that possible?!” Xuan Luo and Mo Xin had shock written on their faces as they looked at Mu Chen with disbelief.

Just a while ago, when they met Mu Chen, the latter had just broken into the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm. So how did he reach the Heavenly Sovereign Realm in just a year?!

How much talent and opportunity was needed to accomplish that?!

They’ve considered themselves to be elites amongst the elites, but they paled in comparison to the sinner at this moment.

Just thinking about this, the two’s faces turned pale as they looked at Mu Chen with jealousy.

On the Qing Bloodline’s mountain, the clansmen were all dumbfounded and those so-called “talents” gulped down mouthfuls of saliva.

“Hmph, now you know your distance with him? He stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm at such a young age, not even Xuan Luo and Mo Xin can be compared to him. What are you guys going to compete against him with?” Qing Ling mocked.

The youngsters of the Qing Bloodline exchanged looks with awkward smiles. Such a young Heavenly Sovereign was rare, even in their Ancient Buddha Clan, and they had no idea how Mu Chen trained. One must know that the latter didn’t have the support of the clan’s resources!

Compared to Mu Chen, they're genuinely trash. What Qing Ling said was the truth.

“He’s truly Lord Jing’s child, this talent…” Some Seniors of the Qing Bloodline sighed in pity. If Mu Chen was part of their Qing Bloodline, how could there be any room for Xuan Luo and Mo Xin?

“But he really shouldn’t be here. This is the Ancient Buddha Clan. There’s nothing he can do with his strength in the Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm.”

Mu Chen ignored those gazes. He looked at Futu Xuan and smiled. “I’ve roamed around the Great Thousand World for ten-odd years, and my courage is truly not small. However, it has nothing to do with my mother. At least I’m not a hypocrite like you, who imprisons a woman.”

His words were filled with thorns without any concern for Futu Xuan’s face. Those words were what have been held in his heart for years.

“Impudent!” Hearing Mu Chen’s words, some Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan flared into a rage and their hollers echoed along with Spiritual Energy pressure spreading out.

“Mhm? The Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan are going to deal with me together? Sure, let me experience all your strengths today!” Facing those Elders, Mu Chen fearlessly laughed.

“Ignorant brat, you’re courting death!” An Elder flew into a rage and wanted to make a move.

“Stop!” However, Futu Xuan’s voice rang out and he glanced at those Elders, causing them to retreat. This was the Bloodline Competition of their Ancient Buddha Clan, and many supreme forces of the Great Thousand World were gathered here. If their Ancient Buddha Clan ganged up on a younger generation, then it would be a disgrace for their clan.

After he stopped those Elders, Futu Xuan’s gaze fell onto Mu Chen and he sharply said, “Did you come to my Ancient Buddha Clan to talk?”

Shaking his head, Mu Chen smiled. “I’m not that bored. My trip here is from someone’s request.”

“Oh?” Futu Xuan squinted his eyes.

“To help the Qing Bloodline obtain a seat.” Mu Chen squinted his eyes.

The instant he spoke, it caused a commotion. Even the clansmen of the Qing Bloodline were stunned. They had no idea what was going on.

“Haha, what a joke. What ability do you have to compete? Furthermore, you’re not someone from my Ancient Buddha Clan, where does your qualification come from?” A sneer echoed with Xuan Guang indifferently looking at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled and raised his hand. A cyan plaque appeared in his hand. “Am I qualified with this?”

“The Qing Plaque?” Xuan Guang couldn’t help squinting his eyes upon seeing the plaque in Mu Chen’s hand.

“The Qing Bloodline’s plaque? Qing Tian, what is your Qing Bloodline doing?! How did the plaque fall in the hands of a sinner?!” Mo Tong looked at Qing Tian as he hollered.

Qing Tian also felt his scalp numbing before he exchanged a glance with Qing Xuan, then he gritted his teeth. “It’s not up to you guys to say if Mu Chen isn’t part of the Ancient Buddha Clan. If he’s not, then expel Qing Yanjing as well.

“And the Elders of our bloodline have come to the decision that I’m not capable of being the head. From today onwards, Mu Chen will be the new head of the Qing Bloodline. If there’s any objection, then wait till the Elders’ Association. At least right now, none of you are capable of making that decision.”

Qing Tian also knew that their Qing Bloodline would soon lose the position as one of the Major Bloodlines, and they also had enough of being suppressed by the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines.

Thus, he threw all his chips onto Mu Chen!

“Qing Tian, you!” Xuan Guang and Mo Tong’s faces changed as they looked at the former with anger.

Qing Tian snorted and ignored their gazes. He had enough. If they dropped from one of the Major Bloodlines, then Mu Chen could do whatever he wanted. At most, he consider it as something that they owed to the child.

Everyone witnessed the conflict between them and they exchanged looks. They did not expect the situation to develop into this.

“Alright, all of you, shut up!” Futu Xuan’s holler had stopped everyone and his face was also unsightly. The Bloodline Competition had been turned into a joke for everyone to watch.

His gaze fell onto Mu Chen as he said, “Since the Qing Bloodline has chosen you to be the head, then it must go through the Elders’ Association for you to be removed, and we can’t make the decision right now.

“But even if you’re the head, the seat to the Elders’ Association isn’t something that you can claim to be yours with words. If you want it, then show the strength to back it up.”

Since the Qing Bloodline has already failed in their defense, that would mean that they had to fight to obtain one back.

Although Mu Chen has stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, he’s just at the Initial Phase. Thus, it was practically impossible for him to get it back.

Mu Chen smiled upon hearing that. “That’s not something for the Grand Elder to worry about.”

As he spoke, he flew out and landed on the platform of the Qing Bloodline.

At the same time, his cold voice echoed out, “Since your Xuan Bloodline seized one of Qing Bloodline’s seats, then I’ll be taking one back from you!”

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