Chapter 1416 - Qing Yanjing is my mother

The entire region was silent when the results became clear. When the other forces watched this scene, they sighed. Now there would only be two Major Bloodlines in the future of the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Xuan Guang and Mo Tong remained calm without any ripples in their eyes, as if this scene couldn’t cause any changes in their expression.

Evidently, this was within their expectations.

They only swept a glance at the mourning Qing Tian with a flicker of ridicule in their eyes. The Qing Bloodline was probably regretting that they did not do their best to protect Qing Yanjing. Otherwise, how could the Qing Bloodline fall so far with her around?

“I’m useless.” Qing Tian bitterly sighed under all the sympathetic and mocking gazes. His aged face had turned even more haggard.

With them losing the fight, their Qing Bloodline would lose a seat, with only two remaining in the Elders’ Association. According to the rules, only those with three seats could be known as a Major Bloodline.

From today onwards, their Qing Bloodline would be turned into a Branch Bloodline, and they would be losing out in resources and authority. If they want to return to being a Major Bloodline, who knows how long it would take?

Elder Qing Xuan clenched her teeth with an unsightly expression. She could only bitterly shake her head. The current situation was determined.

“Right now, we can only hope that Mu Chen will think of a way to make a comeback. Otherwise, the Qing Bloodline is finished.”

When Mo Xin and Xuan Luo saw this, they couldn’t help laughing. They knew that their schemes have finally been accomplished.

“That Mu Chen won’t last long now.” A smile appeared on Xuan Luo’s face. As long as the Qing Bloodline gets reduced to a Branch Bloodline, then there would be nothing stopping them from sending people to capture Mu Chen.

They also no longer cared if it would cause the retaliation of Qing Yanjing. After all, they felt that the Grand Elder has been too tolerant with her. With the Qing Bloodline out, there would be no need to be concerned with the Grand Elder’s opinion, since the two Bloodlines would hold the authority.

A gloomy cloud covered in the mountain that the clansmen of the Qing Bloodline resided on. All of them wore bitter expressions.  They couldn’t be bothered with the jealousy that they felt. All of them had fear on their faces, since they knew that the moment the Qing Bloodline lost the seat, they would have to suffer a terrible suppression.

Qing Tian looked around before he respectfully turned to the Grand Elder. “Grand Elder, the results have already been determined. Please announce the results.”

The Grand Elder opened his eyes and indifferently looked at the sorrowful Qing Tian, then gently sighed before his voice echoed, “The Qing Bloodline has lost the battle, so they will lose a seat.”

The Grand Elder’s voice was like a hammer that extinguished the last hope of the Qing Bloodline.

Qing Shuang’s face had also turned dark on this scene with dull eyes.

“We’re finished…” She muttered, feeling sorrow. After today, she had no idea what tribulations their Qing Bloodline would have to go through. But she knew that their position would fall.

Mu Chen took a deep breath as well and walked forth.

“Mu Chen? What are you doing?” Looking at Mu Chen moving forward, she was shocked and immediately called out, fearing that Mu Chen might attract attention if he appeared now.

“Since I’ve received the benefits of your Qing Bloodline, I naturally have to do something in return.” Mu Chen turned his head over and smiled.

Qing Shuang was stunned when seeing his silhouette. She had no idea what he wanted to do…

Mu Chen paid no attention to her. He turned around and raised his head with an abstruse light flickering in his eyes.

‘Ancient Buddha Clan, you’ve been searching for me for many years. Today, let me see what can you do to me.’

At this moment, the Grand Elder’s voice was still echoing throughout the horizon, “With their failure in battle, the Qing Bloodline will only have two seats remaining. According to the rules of my Ancient Buddha Clan, they will be dismissed from being a Major…”

“Halt!” Suddenly, a clear voice echoed out that interrupted the Grand Elder’s voice.

Everyone was briefly stunned by this before they immediately directed their gazes to the source of the voice.

A handsome youth stood on a mountain, standing with his hands behind his back.

“Who is that person? He’s actually so bold and dares to interrupt the Futu Xuan’s speech…” Many forces were shocked as they looked at Mu Chen.

On another mountain, Yao Chen and Lin Diao exchanged a glance before they smiled. “The main event is finally here.”

Xiao Xiao looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette from the side. “That fellow is so daring.”

Lin Jing chuckled. “Big Sister Xiao Xiao, Mu Chen qualifies to be daring now.”

Right now, not only did Mu Chen step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, could even get the help of the Endless Fire Territory, and the Martial Realm. Not to mention that Mu Chen was also a Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace. So speaking from a certain degree, Mu Chen no longer needed to be afraid of the Ancient Buddha clan now.

Xiao Xiao smiled. Even someone as prideful as her felt admiration for Mu Chen. After all, he could come this far alone by himself in the Great Thousand World. It was no wonder why her father would attach such importance to him. “Let us see how he flips the Ancient Buddha Clan upside down today.”

As they spoke, Futu Xuan’s voice paused and he swept his glance out, then focused on Mu Chen.

When he saw Mu Chen, Futu Xuan’s eyes squinted. Such a young Heavenly Sovereign was rare. Compared to him, Xuan Luo and Mo Xin from their Ancient Buddha Clan were lacking.

Furthermore, he had no idea why, but he found this youth somewhat familiar.

“Who are you? Why are you interfering in the matters of my Ancient Buddha Clan?” Futu Xuan’s voice rumbled like thunder across the horizon with the Saint Heavenly Sovereign pressure emanating from him, causing many people to tremble.

On the other hand, Xuan Luo and Mo Xin were dumbfounded as they speechlessly looked at Mu Chen. They never expected that the latter would show up here.

The clansmen of the two clans looked at the two of them with odd gazes, since they had no idea why the two of them would behave this way.

When Elder Hei Guang saw Mu Chen, he exclaimed out in a soft voice, “Mu Chen? Why does the sinner dare to come here?!”

He had clearly invited a Heavenly Sovereign to deal with Mu Chen, so how was the latter still here?

Although his voice was soft, Xuan Tian and Mo Tong had heard it and their bodies trembled. “Mu Chen? That person is the sinner?!”

Mu Chen paid no attention to those gazes. He simply raised his head and looked at Futu Xuan without fear.

After a long time, only then did his laughter echo across the heavens and earth. “I am Mu Chen.

“Perhaps the Grand Elder might be unfamiliar with my name, but you should know my mother.”

“Oh?” Futu Xuan’s gaze flickered.

Mu Chen smiled as cold gradually gathered on his face. He looked at Futu Xuan and said word-for-word, “Qing Yanjing is my mother.”

The moment he declared that, it had caused a commotion between the heavens and earth. Countless clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan rose up from their seats with shock in their eyes as they looked at him.

This person is actually the sinner that has caused a headache to our Ancient Buddha Clan?!

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