Chapter 1415 - Qing Bloodline’s Defeat

When the three silhouettes launched their offense towards the Qing Bloodline, it had instantly caused a commotion between the heavens and earth. Everyone could tell from this scene that the two other bloodlines were targeting the Qing Bloodline.

There were clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan on a mountain. They were the younger generations of the clan, with Xuan Luo and Mo Xin amongst them.

At this moment, they watched this scene with ridicule in their eyes. The moment this matter was done, the Qing Bloodline would lose their position as one of the Major Bloodlines. At that time, the power in the Ancient Buddha Clan would fall to their two clans.

“If you want to blame someone, blame having Qing Yanjing in your bloodline.” Xuan Luo’s gaze coldly flickered as he snickered. If there’s no Qing Yanjing, then the two bloodlines might not target the Qing Bloodline. The latter was too terrifying, and even though she’s currently imprisoned, they would undoubtedly gain the support of the Branch Bloodlines the moment she’s released.

Thus, they had to cripple the Qing Bloodline while Qing Yanjing was still imprisoned. So even if she’s released, she’s all alone, and she couldn’t fight the two bloodlines.

“Hmph, and that sinner! The moment our two Bloodlines obtain the authority, we must send people out to capture him and make him kneel before me like an ant and hand over the Eight-Divisional Pagoda!” Xuan Luo’s face coldly flashed.

The Eight-Divisional Pagoda was initially his back in the Primordial Sacred Abyss, but Mu Chen seized it. Thus, how could he accept it with his prideful character?

He had always treated Mu Chen as a lowly sinner, while he’s the Young Master of the Ancient Buddha Clan. The two’s identities were far apart, but Mu Chen defeated him. Thus, the humiliation was undoubtedly worse than killing him.

While the clansmen of the two bloodlines were feeling excited, the clansmen of the Qing Bloodline had color drained from their faces. They knew that this situation wasn’t good for them.

At the moment, the Qing Bloodline’s atmosphere was depressing. Not to mention the youngsters, even the adults had sorrow on their faces.

Amongst the Qing Bloodline, Qing Ling watched this scene with an unsightly expression, but she could only inwardly sigh.

“Why is Big Sister Qing Shuang there?” She sighed, before she suddenly heard an exclamation.

Qing Ling was stunned, before she looked in that direction, where she saw Qing Shuang’s silhouette. Furthermore, she also saw a slender figure.

When she saw that figure, her face instantly changed and almost exclaimed from shock.

Naturally, she had recognised Mu Chen.

“What is he doing in the Ancient Buddha Clan? He’s too reckless!” Anxiety flashed in her eyes. She was clear about the clan’s attitude with Mu Chen right now. If he appeared here, they would surely capture him.

“Mhm? Who’s that man standing beside Big Sister Qing Shuang?” While she was feeling anxious in her heart, there was someone who also noticed Mu Chen and they exclaimed.

In the eyes of the rest, Qing Shuang held a high position. Despite her cold demeanor, she had attracted the admiration of many people. Thus, she’s the focus of attention wherever she went.

At this moment, the young men in the Qing Bloodline all felt jealousy when they saw how close Qing Shuang was with that person.

“That man looks so unremarkable, so why is Big Sister Qing Shuang paying such great importance to him?” Someone sourly said, instantly attracting the echoes of those in the surroundings. Immediately, all the gazes directed at Mu Chen carried enmity.

“You’re a bunch of fools, can you people even be compared to him?” When Qing Ling heard their words, she instantly, coldly snorted and berated.

“Compared to him, you guys are just a bunch of trash!” Qing Ling’s character was unruly and sharp-tongued, to begin with. Thus, her words had instantly caused faces of the geniuses of the Qing Bloodline to turn red.

“Hmph, so you know who that person is? So why don’t you educate us about how capable he is, since we’re trash compared to him?” Someone raged.

Hearing those words, Qing Ling couldn’t be bothered to argue. Even Xuan Luo and Mo Xin suffered in his hand, so how could they be compared to him?

Although she had no idea why Mu Chen would appear here, she knew that it would be troublesome if his identity was revealed. Thus, she would naturally not reveal Mu Chen’s identity.

When others saw her keeping silent, they thought that she was just boasting, so they started to insult.

On the main peak, Grand Elder Futu Xuan was also watching this scene with his brows knitted. He could naturally see through the intentions of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines, but he wasn’t in a position to interfere.

The other forces had also seen this situation and their gazes flickered before they started to whisper amongst themselves, “The Qing Bloodline was so glorious back then, I never expected that they would decline so much.”

“Yeah, the Qing Bloodline suppressed all the other Bloodlines back then. Even the previous Patriarch of the Ancient Buddha Clan came from the Qing Bloodline. But it has declined so much.”

“Looks like the Qing Bloodline will become a Branch Bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan after today. It won’t be possible for them to restore their previous glory.”


All sorts of discussions resounded as they sighed at how the Qing Bloodline has declined.

While they sighed, boundless Spiritual Energy exploded from the three platforms.

Six silhouettes had practically turned into their Spiritual Physique, emanating terrifying might with their movements and intense battles broke out.

The Qing Bloodline’s Qing Tian had made the first move. He was clearly enraged by the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines’ actions, so he wasn’t holding back with his movements. His aura could even cause ordinary Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns to tremble in fear.

Mo Gu’s face soon turned into a sneer. He had no intention of fighting. He started to retreat, leaving behind afterimages.

He knew that he couldn't fight with Qing Tian. But he wasn’t bothered, since his appearance was just to humiliate the Qing Bloodline, and the decisive battles lied on the two other platforms.

“Elder Qing Tian is truly mighty. But it’s a pity that the two other battles don’t have an advantage.” Mo Gu constantly retreated as his sneer rang out.

The corner of Qing Tian’s gaze swept at the two platforms and his heart sank. Just as he had expected, the two Elders had fallen into disadvantageous positions while facing the attacks of their opponents.

According to his estimation, it wouldn’t take long for them to be defeated.

“I never imagined that the Qing Bloodline would decline in my hands. I’m truly shameful before the ancestors.” A sorrowful expression appeared on Qing Tian’s aged face.

Qing Shuang gritted her teeth with traces of blood seeping from her teeth. However, she paid no attention to the blood. Her gaze was glued to the battle.

“Mu Chen, can they win?” Qing Shuang asked, still holding hope while trembling.

When Mu Chen heard her, he shook his head. “The two Bloodlines came prepared. The two of them are stronger than the Elders of the Qing Bloodline, so this situation will end with two losses and one win.”

Qing Shuang’s face was drained of color and her nails dug into her palm with blood dripping out. It was as if she could see the dim future of the Qing Bloodline.

Glancing at her, Mu Chen did not speak but calmly watched the battle.

Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, causing the massive mountain to tremble from their fights and the Heavenly Sovereign pressure that was being emanated caused everyone around the mountain to feel the pressure.

“It’s coming to an end.” Mu Chen suddenly said and looked at the stage.

When he finished speaking, Qing Tian sent out a palm and shattered Mo Gu’s defense, sending the latter flying out.

When Mo Gu flew out, his laughter echoed, “Elder Qing Tian is truly powerful, I admit my defeat.”

Hearing that Mo Gu has admitted defeat, there wasn’t any joy on Qing Tian’s face. He looked and saw that the two other battles also had an outcome.

But this time, it was the Qing Xuan and Qing Yun that were blown away, stepping off of the platform.

Their bodies were stiff with disappointment written on their faces.

The entire heavens and earth had turned silent. Everyone could tell that the Qing Bloodline has been defeated.

“Haha, thanks for the spar, Elder Qing Xuan and Qing Yun.” Xuan Lin and Xuan Jin laughed as they cupped their fists.

As their laughter echoed throughout the mountain range, the Qing Bloodline’s clansmen were silent as tears rolled down the cheeks of the adults.

From today onwards, their Qing Bloodline would be reduced to a Branch Bloodline!

“The Qing Bloodline is finished…”

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