Chapter 1414 - Head of the Three Bloodlines

When the massive Spiritual Energies wreaked havoc, drums rose into the sky then fell, producing a heart-palpitating sound that resounded between the heavens and earth.

When the drums rang, everyone’s gazes were directed at the nineteen silhouettes and terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations surged between the heavens and earth.

Every single one of them were genuine Heavenly Sovereigns.

Watching this scene, many forces couldn’t help sighing with envy. One must know that it’s simple to estimate the foundation of a force, just count the number of Heavenly Sovereigns.

Generally speaking, with a Heavenly Sovereign, that particular force would be able to step into the ranks of supreme forces. At the same time, those with more Heavenly Sovereigns could be known as elites amongst the supreme forces.

Right now, the Ancient Buddha Clan had a total of nineteen Heavenly Sovereigns on the surface, and that’s still not all of them.

Which of those Ancient Clans didn’t possess terrifying trump cards? And this was the meaning of foundation.

The foundation that has been accumulated through the tens of thousands of years.

Regular supreme forces might be able to briefly dazzle, but they would still dissipate in the end. Only Ancient Clans could continue to develop and survive after the tribulations to grow stronger.

Facing the Ancient Clans with such foundations, even Mu Chen couldn’t help wearing a grave expression. The five Ancient Clans truly possessed their reputation.

“It looks like my Mu Abode has to focus on nurturing if it wants to last long.” Mu Chen fell into his thoughts. Although his Mu Abode could be known as a supreme force, it was because of his existence. Compared to the Ancient Buddha Clan, it’s like a firefly before the vast moon.

But the Mu Abode was also filled with potential, and if there’s an opportunity in the near future, they might even be able to dominate the Greatlaw Continent, which was one of the supercontinents in the Great Thousand World. With the existence of the Ancient Haven Palace, Mu Chen believed that there would be outstanding people in the Mu Abode, and in the future, he would be able to stand on the shoulder with the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm as one of the pinnacle forces that was not at all inferior to the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Mu Chen gradually retracted his thoughts and looked at the nineteen silhouettes. They seem to be divided. Each of them was standing on platforms that were vaguely separated into four portions.

“They must be the Xuan, Mo, Qing, and the Branch Bloodlines of the Ancient Buddha Clan…” Mu Chen muttered to himself. His gaze was directed at the Xuan Bloodline. The atmosphere there was the strongest, practically occupying half the horizon.

There were seven platforms in that direction with a black-robed silhouette standing with his hands behind his back on the highest platform in that direction. He had handsome features, and a warm gaze with spiritual light circulating on his body.

Compared to the other Elders, his luster was the weakest. But everyone here had a keen eye, so they could naturally tell that this man had controlled his own Spiritual Energy to be like a black hole without leaking out and fused with the heavens and earth completely. That was the sign of stepping into the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

That black-robed silhouette had evidently stepped into the Late Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign and was searching for his opportunity into the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Looking at that silhouette, Mu Chen squinted his eyes and he could feel a dangerous aura coming from that silhouette.

“That’s the Head of the Xuan Bloodline, Xuan Guang… He is also Xuan Luo’s father, and he’s one of the two in the Ancient Buddha Clan with the highest chance of stepped into the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. The moment he succeeds, he would probably obtain the Patriarch position of the Ancient Buddha Clan.” Qing Shuang said with a grave expression as she followed Mu Chen’s gaze.

“Xuan Luo’s father?” Mu Chen slightly nodded his head then he shifted his head down and saw four Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns, with three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns amongst the seven Elders of the Xuan Bloodline.

Evidently, the Xuan Bloodline has sent out their best to protect their seats.

Compared to the Xuan Bloodline, the Mo Bloodline had one less person than the Xuan Bloodline. However, the seven Heavenly Sovereigns had boundless auras being unleashed.

Standing above the Xuan Bloodline’s platform, was another middle-aged man. He had pitch-black eyes with peculiar black runes on his face and was emanating a cold aura. His pupils were akin to two black holes that constantly devoured Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth.

“That’s the Head of the Mo Bloodline, Mo Tong. He’s not any weaker than Xuan Guang.” Qing Shuang further explained.

Mu Chen nodded his head. Evidently, Mo Tong was clearly the other one with the potential to step into the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. The two of them were truly capable. It was no wonder why the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines would prosper while being in their hands.

Within the Mo Bloodline, there were three Immortal and three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns, making an extraordinary formation as well. If it’s in the Great Thousand World, they’re able to become a pinnacle supreme force.

Sweeping his gaze over the Mo Bloodline, his gaze stopped at the Qing Bloodline. Compared to the two of them, the Qing Bloodline was so much weaker, since there were only three of them.

Aside from Elder Qing Xuan, who he was familiar with, there’s also a white-haired old man that had a powerful aura as well. Spiritual light radiated around him that caused space to tremble. He’s clearly an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign.

But compared to Xuan Guang and Mo Tong, the Qing Bloodline was much weaker, since the two of their auras were akin to soaring suns, while the old man from the Qing Bloodline was akin to a setting sun.

The path of the Saint Heavenly Sovereign required one to be fearless. The moment one loses their sharpness, that meant that this person from the Qing Bloodline wasn’t fated with the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“That is the Head of our Qing Bloodline, Qing Tian…” Qing Shuang said.

Mu Chen nodded his head and immediately said, “His aura is weak… and incomparable to the other two.”

Hearing that evaluation, Qing Shuang bitterly smiled. “If Aunt Jing was in the Qing Bloodline, what are Xuan Tian and Mo Tong compared to her?”

Indeed, Xuan Tian and Mo Tong were still bitterly searching for their path to the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm, while Qing Yanjing had already reached that level in Spiritual Arrays and the two of them had been shaken far from her.

“The revival of a bloodline isn’t just by relying on one person.” Mu Chen faintly said, then he kept his silence and looked at the other three. Those three were from the Branch Bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan, and it was said that the Ancient Buddha Clan had a rule that three seats of the Elders Association were reserved for the Branch Bloodline to keep their loyalty.

Naturally, their own worry was that since there were many Branch Bloodlines, there would naturally be people coveting after the Elder’s seat to replace them.

Mu Chen inwardly shook his head. He also felt that the Qing Bloodline was in a dangerous position…

“Let’s start.” The Grand Elder, Futu Xuan’s voice resounded.

When his voice resounded, boundless Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc and three silhouettes flew out, soaring into the sky before descending on the Qing Bloodline’s platforms.

A snow-white skinned old man with skin as tender as a baby descended on the platform that Qing Tian was on and bowed. “Mo Bloodline’s Mo Gu wishes to receive guidance from you.”

The old man smiled. The powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him was peculiar, but it was just at the level of Spirit Heavenly Sovereign. Facing the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Qing Tian, there wasn’t any fear in him; on the contrary, there was ridiculement.

Qing Tian’s face turned unsightly upon seeing this, before he turned to look at the two other platforms and saw a silhouette appearing before Qing Xuan and the other Elder of the Qing Bloodline each.

“Xuan Bloodline’s Xuan Lin, hopes to receive guidance from Elder Qing Xuan.”

Xuan Bloodline’s Xuan Jin, hopes to receive guidance from Elder Qing Yun.”

This scene instantly caused a commotion between the heavens and earth and everyone directed their gazes over.

Elder Qing Xuan’s face turned unsightly. The Mo and Xuan Bloodlines were moving at the same time to deal with the Qing Bloodline.

“Damn it!” Qing Xuan couldn’t help stomping her feet with a pale expression. The Mo and Xuan Bloodlines have been suppressing the Qing Bloodline most of the time. They never expected that the two Bloodlines would cooperate in this Bloodline Competition!

Mu Chen squinted his eyes upon seeing this situation.

Mo Bloodline’s Mo Gu was a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, so he would surely lose after fighting Qing Tian.

But the Xuan Bloodline’s Xuan Lin, who was a Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, would defeat Elder Qing Xuan, a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign.

As for Xuan Bloodline’s Xuan Jin, he would defeat the Initial Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, Qing Yun, with his cultivation of a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign.

This way, it would be one victory and two losses, and the Qing Bloodline would surely lose.

“What ruthless means.” Mu Chen snickered. The Mo and Xuan Bloodlines intended to kick the Qing Bloodline from the Elders Association. If their objective was achieved, then it’s impossible for the Qing Bloodline to make a comeback from the Branch Bloodline.

The Xuan and Mo Bloodlines have honestly planned well, but it’s a pity that their plans wouldn’t succeed so easily with him around!

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