Chapter 1413 - Futu Xuan

Over the next few days, the three of them stayed in the courtyard and refrained from stepping out. However, Lin Jing and Xiao Xiao visited often, so they weren’t bored.

As time passed, the three of them could sense the atmosphere rising despite not stepping out.

Spiritual boats would travel across the horizon daily, and every single foundation of those forces was most likely stronger than the Mu Abode.

Watching this scene, even Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing at how powerful the Ancient Buddha Clan was, just their influence alone could bring so many forces over.

As more forces gathered over, the Ancient Buddha Clan had also announced the commencement of the Bloodline Competition, which would take place in another three days.

Under everyone’s wait, three days had also passed in the blink of an eye.

Three days later, a melodious bell rang out within the Pagoda Realm that lingered for a long time.

When the bell rang, countless streaks of wind flew across the horizon and made their way into the mountain range.

The entire heavens and earth boiled. Today was the commencement of the Bloodline Competition.

Mu Chen watched this scene from the courtyard with a calm expression, while Ling Xi and Long Xiang wore grave expressions behind him. That’s because, according to Mu Chen’s plan, today was the day if they’re going to make a move.

A silhouette rushed into the courtyard, it was Qing Shuang. When she saw Mu Chen, she took out an azure plaque from her sleeve with the ancient word “Qing” on it.

Looking at this plaque, Qing Shuang wore a complicated expression and said, “This is the Bloodline Plaque of our Qing Bloodline, and those with this plaque would be the head of the Bloodline.

“Although I’ve no idea what you’re trying to do, with this plaque, those Elders can’t do a thing to you for the moment despite, your identity as a sinner. Only an Elders Association can be held to remove you.”

A peculiar light flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes. He never expected that the Qing Bloodline would hand this plaque to him. If anything happens, then the Qing Bloodline would also be implicated.

“According to Aunt Xuan’s words, if we fail this time, our Qing Bloodline will also be reduced to that of a Branch Bloodline. So rather than sitting and watching us being suppressed by the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines, we would rather take a risk.” Qing Shuang knew the reason behind Mu Chen’s shock, so she explained.

Mu Chen’s expression loosened up and he received the plaque after a brief hesitation. With this item, he would be able to do what he wished.

“Furthermore, Aunt Xuan wants me to tell you that she has already done what you wanted her to do.” Qing Xuan spoke once again.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen felt relieved in his heart. If that matter was done, then he would have the capital to speak with the Ancient Buddha Clan and fight.

“Mu Chen… can you really protect the seats of our Qing Bloodline?” Qing Shuang hesitated, while gritting her teeth.

This was extremely important for the Qing Bloodline, and Qing Shuang had no idea why Aunt Xuan would choose to believe in Mu Chen, since the latter had just stepped into the Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm…

Right now, he was just an initial Heavenly Sovereign, and his strength wasn’t sufficient to make a comeback in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Mu Chen smiled. “Since you guys have trusted me, then I will naturally do my best.”

Splendor flickered in his eyes and his confidence was something that could even infect others.

Qing Shuang was also infected by his confidence. A rare smile rose on her face and she nodded her head. After that, she respectfully bowed towards Mu Chen. “Since that’s the case, then our Qing Bloodline is in your hands.”

“Each of us benefits in our own ways…” Mu Chen waved his hand then he raised his head to the sky. “It’s almost time for us to go.”

“I’ll lead the way.” Qing Shuang smiled and soared into the sky with Mu Chen’s group of three following closely behind her.

The group soared into the heavens and saw streaks of light rising from other locations as well, along with a stunning fluctuations.

Right now, those hardly seen silhouettes that held high positions in the Great Thousand World were commonly seen everywhere in the Ancient Buddha Clan; thus, they could see how powerful the Ancient Buddha Clan was.

Under Qing Shuang’s lead, the four of them gradually slowed down their speed after ten-odd minutes and saw a massive mountain peak before their eyes that even reached the sky like a towering pillar.

There were four jade platforms on the massive mountain peak with different levels that emanated a sharp aura.

The colossal mountain was also surrounded by many other peaks with seats opened up and the silhouettes in the sky descended onto those seats.

In just a few minutes, the mountain range was bustling with noise.

Under Qing Shuang’s lead, they descended onto an unremarkable mountain.

When they descended onto the mountain, Mu Chen swept his gaze around and noticed the luxurious pavilions and courtyards on several of the closest mountains to theirs that looked much better than their own.

Mu Chen knew that those should be the pinnacle supreme forces in the Great Thousand World, since he could see the silhouette of Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing.

Naturally, only those forces could be considered as important guests for the Ancient Buddha Clan.

While Mu Chen was looking around, an ancient bell echoed from every single mountain in the mountain range, which made everyone raise their heads and they saw a massive radiance being unleashed from that colossal mountain peak.

Silhouettes started to appear with each of them emanating a terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure, causing the other forces to tremble.

When the radiance dissipated, twenty silhouettes appeared on the peak, with nineteen of them standing respectfully behind one person.

That person was an elderly man, and compared to the nineteen silhouettes behind him, there wasn’t any Spiritual Energy emanating from his body, making him look like an ordinary old man.

But when everyone saw that silhouette, they couldn’t help squinting their eyes with respect.

“Saint Heavenly Sovereign!” Mu Chen fixed his gaze over at that appearance and felt a stinging pain on his skin with a sense of danger rising in his heart.

That’s because that unremarkable-looking old man was a Saint Heavenly Sovereign!

“We greet the Grand Elder!” When the old man appeared, the clansmen of the Ancient Buddha Clan’s voices respectfully echoed out.

The highest authority in the Ancient Buddha Clan was the Patriarch, which had been vacant for a long time, without any successor. Thus, the Grand Elder has been the one supporting the entire Ancient Buddha Clan, and this was the reason why the Ancient Buddha Clan did not fall from being one of the five Ancient Clans. In terms of qualifications, no one in the Ancient Buddha Clan didn’t accept him.

“That’s the Grand Elder of our Ancient Buddha Clan, Futu Xuan.” Qing Shuang looked at that silhouette with respect on her face before she sighed, “The Xuan and Mo Bloodlines have been fighting for so many years, and if it wasn’t for the Grand Elder’s suppression, the clan would have been in chaos by now.”

Mu Chen maintained a calm expression. This Futu Xuan was truly something. However, it had nothing to do with him, since it was this stubborn old man who caused the separation between him and his mother.

Under all the gazes, a smile appeared on Futu Xuan’s face as he swept his gaze over and his voice echoed throughout the mountain range, “Today is the grand occasion of my Ancient Buddha Clan, and I’m truly grateful that all of you could make it.”

Hearing Futu Xuan’s speech, all the other forces appropriately responded.

Futu Xuan’s strength was something that could be ranked within the Great Thousand World as one of the pinnacle figures.

After the courteous greetings, Futu Xuan sat on the highest platform and swept his gaze over at the nineteen silhouettes. “The Bloodline Competition will begin. If you want to protect your seats, then bring out your ability. Otherwise, you can only give up your seat to those that have worked hard.”

“Yes!” The nineteen silhouettes all acknowledged upon hearing their Grand Elder’s speech. In the next moment, they turned into beams of light and fell onto the jade platforms.

At the same time, nineteen boundless Spiritual Energies wreaked havoc between the heavens and earth, “The Bloodline Competition will now begin!”

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