Chapter 1412 - Competition of Seats

“In the Ancient Buddha Clan, the authority is held by the Elders Association. Practically any orders in the clan must go through the Elders Association. That also means that controlling the Elders Association means controlling the entire Ancient Buddha Clan.”

“Right now, there are 19 seats in the Elders Association, with the Xuan Bloodline taking seven, and Mo Bloodline taking six. As for our Qing Bloodline… we only have three. At the same time, three seats belong to the Branch Bloodlines.” Facing Mu Chen’s question, Elder Qing Xuan bitterly smiled as she sighed.

“Only three…” Mu Chen knitted his brows. The Qing Bloodline was really tiny.

“At our peak, we held six seats, but because our strength weakened, we also couldn’t hold onto the seats. So we would lose one seat in every Bloodline Competition.”

“According to the rules, the Elders would have to go through ring fights. If they lose the fight, then they would have to give up their seat.” Qing Xuan explained.

“So that’s the case…” Mu Chen nodded his head. No wonder the Ancient Buddha Clan would pay such great importance to the bloodline Competition, it’s a competition for the authority in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

The Bloodline with more seats in the Elders Association would represent more authority.

As for the ring, Mu Chen understood that the Qing Bloodline could only send three people out, judging from their seats. Three against three, and if they got defeated twice, they would have to let go of a seat.

On the contrary, if they won twice, they would be able to keep their seats.

“The Mo Bloodline and Xuan Bloodline have been suppressing my Qing Bloodline. They would target us in every Bloodline Competition, and from the three previous times, they have seized three seats from us.” As she spoke, Qing Xuan’s gaze flashed with rage and helplessness. It was regrettable that they couldn’t protect their seats.

“If one more seat from our Qing Bloodline is seized, then we will be removed from the Major Bloodlines, and our resources will also decrease. Thus, we will be weaker as time grows, and we can't fight with the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines anymore.”

Thinking about it, Qing Xuan’s face turned pale. If it reached that step, who knew how long it would take for their Qing Bloodline to make a comeback. Furthermore, the authority in the clan would also fall into the hands of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes. He wasn’t too interested in the Ancient Buddha Clan. However, he had some grudges with the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines. Furthermore, Hei Guang even got the Profound Sky Ancestor to go to the Mu Abode, so this grudge had to be repaid.

As for the Xuan and Qing Bloodlines, if they obtained the authority in the clan, then Mu Chen would have to face more trouble, even if he wasn’t afraid of them.

So it wasn’t good news for him if the authority in the Ancient Buddha Clan fell into the hands of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines.

“How can we stop this?” Mu Chen asked.

“We have to preserve two victories in the ring to preserve our seats.” Qing Xuan sighed, before she continued, “But the two Bloodlines have deep foundations, and they have more Heavenly Sovereigns than our Qing Bloodline. They’re prepared, and it won’t be easy for us to stop them.”

Hearing Qing Xuan’s words, Mu Chen knew that the Qing Bloodline was in a terrible situation, so he responded, “Then why are you guys defending and not attacking?”

Since it’s a ring, then there’s naturally offensive as well.

Qing Xuan helplessly sighed, “We can’t even defend, so how are we going to attack?”

Mu Chen paid no attention to her words and continued, “Will there be Saint Heavenly Sovereigns in the Bloodline Competition?”

“That’s not possible… any Bloodline with a Saint Heavenly Sovereign would be moved into the Elders Association, obtaining five seats alone.” Qing Xuan responded.

Hearing that, Mu Chen knitted his brows. “If that’s the case, why do they want to imprison my mother?”

A Saint Grade Spiritual Array Ancestor was akin to a Saint Heavenly Sovereign. He believed that even if the Ancient Buddha Clan had a deep foundation, they still would not dare to give up on such an existence.

Qing Xuan gritted her teeth. “Isn’t it all because of the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines? Back then, when your mother was imprisoned, she still hadn’t reached that level yet. However, the two Bloodlines were afraid that she would return to the Qing Bloodline to strengthen the Qing Bloodline and obtain more votes in the Elders Association. Furthermore, the Grand Elder is stubborn, and he denied your mother’s seat in the name of the Elders Association and continues to imprison your mother.”

When Mu Chen heard that, his gaze coldly flickered  with killing intent. Those two bastard Bloodlines are simply too much!

Qing Xuan had guilt on her face as she said, “It’s also due to the decline of our Qing Bloodline, so even if we retaliated, we can't do anything.”

Although the Qing Bloodline still had someone that held a grudge for Qing Yanjing for abandoning the Qing Bloodline, they knew that only with the return of Qing Yanjing on this grand matter could the Qing Bloodline be revived. So they’ve also done their best to rescue Qing Yanjing.

The Qing Bloodline was no longer like it was in the past, and even if they tried to do anything, it’s impossible for them to confront the Xuan and Mo Bloodlines.

Mu Chen nodded his head, and after a brief silence, he suddenly said, “I can help you guys maintain the seats.”

When Qing Xuan heard that, she was startled before she looked at Mu Chen. “What method do you have?”

Mu Chen did not give a direct response to the question, but said, “I naturally have my own methods, but if you guys believe in me, then let me deal with it.”

After a brief hesitation, Qing Shuang gritted her teeth. “I’ll go back and discuss with the rest.”

Right now, they could only grab whatever chance they had. Since Mu Chen could step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm at his age, he’s naturally extraordinary, and he might be able to accomplish it.

Mu Chen nodded his head and faintly said, “But I also need you guys to help me if I am to help the Qing Bloodline.”

“What do you need?” 

Mu Chen clenched his hand and a few jade strips appeared. He flicked his finger and blood essence flew onto the jade strips, forming some blood runes.

He handed the strips over to Qing Xuan. “Since you guys are Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan, you guys should be able to enter the central pillar of the Ancient Buddha Clan. I need you guys to put these jade strips in before the Bloodline Competition starts.”

Qing Xuan’s face changed. That was the center of the Protective Spiritual Array that protected the Pagoda Realm, and it’s extremely important. So how could they be impulsive towards it?

“I’m here to rescue my mother, and I have no intention to have a blood feud with the Ancient Buddha Clan. So don’t worry, I just want to have some capital to speak with the Ancient Buddha Clan.” Mu Chen said as he looked at Qing Xuan’s expression.

Qing Xuan showed struggles on her face upon hearing that.

“Even if you don’t believe me, you can believe my mother’s character, right? She won’t sit and watch the Ancient Buddha Clan being destroyed by me.”

Hearing those words, Qing Xuan’s expression became better. Although she might not understand Mu Chen’s character, she still understood her younger sister well.

“Okay, I’ll promise you.” With a decision in their heart, Qing Xuan no longer hesitated and nodded her head before she received the jade strips that were tainted with Mu Chen’s blood.

Mu Chen felt relieved upon seeing this, since this was extremely important. Although he had invited the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Realm, he was afraid that those old fellows in the Ancient Buddha Clan might be unreasonable. There were Saint Heavenly Sovereign in the Ancient Buddha Clan, and he needed at least some chips to confront them.

“Then I’ll have to thank Elder Qing Xuan.” Mu Chen politely smiled. Qing Xuan inwardly sighed. In terms of seniority, Mu Chen should call her Aunty. However, Mu Chen clearly had a barrier in his heart, which was the reason why he kept his distance.

But thinking about how Mu Chen was separated from his mother and relied on himself to come this far, she could understand the grudges in his heart.

Right now, she only hoped that Mu Chen can save his mother, so that their relationship could gradually ease out in the future.

Since they’ve already said whatever they needed, Qing Xuan bade her farewell with Mu Chen before leaving.

Looking at Qing Xuan’s silhouette, Mu Chen sighed. It had truly saved him a lot of troubles with Qing Xuan’s help.

With everything prepared, he just had to wait for the Bloodline Competition to start.

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back and looked at the sky. “Ancient Buddha Clan, let us have a good fight this time…”

He had already waited for a long time for this day.

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