Chapter 1407 - Divine Pulse Shocking Profound Sky

The trembling of the Ancient Haven Palace lasted for an entire month before it gradually started to dissipate.

Along with the tremors disappearing, a divine light radiated from the mountain peak and a silhouette slowly stood up.

When he stood up, the entire heavens and earth rumbled along with an indescribable pressure that enveloped out, causing everyone around the Heavenly Lake to tremble from the pressure.

That pressure was too powerful, but fortunately, that silhouette waved his hand and retracted it.

When the radiance dissipated, Mu Chen’s figure was revealed and his black pupils looked extremely deep and unfathomable.

The Profound Sky Ancestor looked at Mu Chen with a complicated look and shock lingering in his eyes that lasted for a long time before he sighed, “I never expected that Abode Ruler would possess the legendary Nine Divine Pulse. No wonder you’re able to step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm at such a young age.”

His tone was filled with envy. He knew what a Nine Divine Pulse represented…

Mu Chen smiled and took a deep glance at the Profound Sky Ancestor. “I hope that Elder Profound Sky can keep this a secret.”

Evidently, the Profound Sky Ancestor had a connection with someone from the Ancient Buddha Clan, and if this matter was leaked, that would mean that Mu Chen would lose a trump card.

The Profound Sky Ancestor solemnly responded, “Rest assured, since I am already an Elder of the Mu Abode now, I will certainly not do anything that would be unfavourable to the Abode Ruler.”

Mu Chen was a little surprised by the Profound Sky Ancestor’s changes. Although he had subdued the latter earlier, and forced him to become an Elder of the Mu Abode, the Profound Sky Ancestor wasn’t too willing. So his respect wasn’t sincere, but it was completely different now, since he had considered himself as an Elder of the Mu Abode.

The Profound Sky Ancestor awkwardly smiled. Although he was fearful of Mu Chen, it was nowhere close to respect. But ever since Mu Chen had shown the Nine Divine Pulse, the Profound Sky Ancestor was intimidated.

With the highest Spiritual Pulse, there’s a high chance that he might reach the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm, and it wasn’t humiliating for the Profound Sky Ancestor to be a subordinate of Mu Chen’s.

“Haha, I wonder what Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability the Abode Ruler has developed?” The Profound Sky Ancestor looked at Mu Chen with curiosity.

Mu Chen smiled and stretched his finger out, then gently tapped.

Purple flames gushed from Mu Chen’s finger and drifted towards the Profound Sky Ancestor.

When the latter saw this, he did not dare to be negligent. He could sense the threat in those purple flames. His body trembled and formed a powerful Spiritual Energy barrier around him.

The barrier showed a shocking defence that could resist a strike from a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

As the purple flames drifted, they came in contact with the barrier. They were akin to a fire coming in contact with oil. The flames suddenly grew and enveloped the entire barrier.

The terrifying defense was swiftly being dissolved by the purple flames. The flames were like maggots as they ate through the defense, enveloping the Profound Sky Ancestor, who was caught by surprise.

This scene had caused the Profound Sky Ancestor’s face to be drained of colour. He never expected that his defence would cause the purple flames to grow instead of blocking them.

Seeing the purple flames sweeping over, the Profound Sky Ancestor opened his mouth and a massive tide of Spiritual Energy gushed out with every single drop being extremely refined Spiritual Energy that was extremely dense.

When the tide clashed with the purple flames, sizzling sounds rang out and the Profound Sky Ancestor was further shocked to see the purple flames growing into a torrential wave of flames.

“What fire is this? Why is it so overbearing?!” The Profound Sky Ancestor’s face turned grave with a flash of shock in his eyes. He could sense that not only were his attacks useless, they even strengthened the flames instead.

Evidently, the purple flames had devoured his Spiritual Energy to strengthen themselves.

That meant that if he had to face these bizarre flames in battle, who knew how much trouble it would take for him to resolve it.

When the purple flames were about to envelop the Profound Sky Ancestor, Mu Chen opened his mouth and recalled back the flames, swallowing them.

“Mhm?” When the purple flames entered his body, his expression changed and he realised that with the purple flames dissolving in his body, there was a pure flow of Spiritual Energy that integrated into his body.

“I never expected that the purple flames can devour Spiritual Energy and replenish my own.” Mu Chen smiled. The purple flames were truly extraordinary, and they were truly worthy of being a Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability developed by the Eight Divine Pulse.

“Abode Ruler, where are those flames from?” The Profound Sky Ancestor recovered and exclaimed.

“My Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability, I call it the Spirit-Devouring Violet Flames.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Spirit-Devouring Violet Flames? Truly as the name implies.” The Profound Sky Ancestor nodded his head with dense fear in his eyes. If Mu Chen hadn’t recall it earlier, who knew how much trouble he would have had to face. “Truly the Nine Divine Pulse, the might is truly extraordinary.”

Mu Chen smiled upon hearing that, but he did not disclose any further. The Spirit-Devouring Violet Flame was actually a Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability developed by his Eight Divine Pulse, and he still hadn’t reveal his Nine Divine Pulse.

But the Profound Sky Ancestor had just joined him, so there’s no need for him to reveal all his trump cards.

While Mu Chen and the Profound Sky Ancestor conversed, streaks of light suddenly flew over. They were Mandala, Ling Xi and the others from the higher hierarchy of the Mu Abode.

When they saw Mu Chen safe and sound, they felt relieved. They’ve been paying attention to the commotion here during this period of time.

Mu Chen smiled upon seeing their arrival and pointed at the Profound Sky Ancestor. “From today onwards, he is the first Elder of our Mu Abode. When I’m not around, the Mu Abode will be under his protection, and all the grudges we have before will be written off.”

During this month of cultivation, Mandala, Ling Xi and the rest had already noticed the Profound Sky Ancestor, so they were already prepared for this and they nodded their heads to the latter.

Although they had some disputes from before, it was crucial for the safety of the Mu Abode that they could have an additional Heavenly Sovereign around.

“I apologise for my past actions, and I hope that everyone can bury the past.” The Profound Sky Ancestor awkwardly smiled. He had unexpectedly lowered his attitude without any of the arrogance of a Heavenly Sovereign.

Mandala and the rest were stunned by his apology. They knew the gap that they had with a Heavenly Sovereign Realm. The reason why he would become an Elder of the Mu Abode must be because of Mu Chen, and he probably wouldn’t be bothered by them.

The Profound Sky Ancestor bitterly sighed at their shock. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen having the Nine Divine Pulse, he wouldn’t have shown any intentions of goodwill to these people of the Mu Abode. But right now, Mu Chen had unimaginable prospects, and he might even become a Saint Heavenly Sovereign in the future; an existence that he cannot afford to offend…

The higher hierarchy of the Mu Abode was overwhelmed by favor of the Profound Sky Ancestor’s attitude. After all, how often would a Heavenly Sovereign talk to them in this manner? Thus, the atmosphere swiftly thawed.

Mu Chen smiled. He knew that the Profound Sky Ancestor was just acting for him. However, he was also satisfied with this.

As the atmosphere thawed, Ling Xi walked over. “I’ve already investigated, some supreme forces have received an invitation from the Ancient Buddha Clan. If I’m not wrong, the Bloodline Competition should be starting soon…”

“Bloodline Competition?” Mu Chen’s face changed. He had notified Ling Xi to pay attention to the Ancient Buddha Clan’s news before he went into closed-door cultivation.

“An event in the Ancient Buddha Clan that’s hosted once a decade. It’s extremely important, and they will generally invite some supreme forces to observe.”

Mu Chen nodded his head at her explanation. His mission to the Ancient Buddha Clan was to save his mother, and the grander the event, the more beneficial it would be for him.

After all, even after stepping into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, he still needed to prepare and plan before facing the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked into the clouds and slowly closed his eyes. “Ancient Buddha Clan, you’ve been searching for me for so many years. This time, let us fight, then…”

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