Chapter 1405 - Seeing the Sun Today

“Eight purple moons…” Mu Chen paid attention to the eight moons and smiled in his heart. That meant that the Divine Pulse hidden in his body was truly a Divine Pulse.

However, he wasn’t too surprised by this matter, since the cultivation talent that he had shown so far had proven everything.

Naturally, a Divine Pulse didn’t mean that he could become a Heavenly Sovereign in the end. Regardless of your talent, it’s futile without a firm heart.

Without a firm heart and fearlessness for sufferings, even a Divine Pulse would be buried.

How many times has Mu Chen put his life on the line after all these years? Others only knew that he has ascended the Heavenly Sovereign Realm at such a young age, but how many people knew about the struggles he had to endure to come this far? In the process, even one failure would result in his death.

“Divine Pulse, perfect my Spiritual Physique.” Mu Chen muttered in his heart and calmed down. After a long time, fire suddenly rose in the void and the blazing flames swept over to the eight purple moons.

The blazing flames weren’t formed with Spiritual Energy. If one wanted to refine the Spiritual Pulse, they had to use the heart’s flames and not the Spiritual Energy flames.

As endless flames whistled over, they enveloped the eight purple moons and turned into eight blazing moons.

As the heart’s flames blazed, the eight purple moons started to dissolve and a purple liquid dripped from them, before they disappeared.

But Mu Chen could sense that the purple liquid did not disappear completely. It had fused into his body…

As more purple liquid fused into his body, he could sense that his body was being filled with strength. It was like a flaw was being gradually perfected.

“Since that’s the case…” Mu Chen sighed in his heart and the flames blazed even more, the speed of the burning purple moons increased.

Time gradually flowed, and after a few hours, the eight purple moons became only palm-sized…

Suddenly, the runes of the eight moons appeared on Mu Chen’s body and had cleared up. Evidently, his body had changed into the Heavenly Sovereign Spiritual Physique form.

However, Mu Chen’s Heavenly Sovereign Spiritual Physique in the past was a pure crystallised form. But at this moment, it was glittering with the purple moons, and it looked incredibly mysterious.

“Eight purple moons, it’s really the Divine Pulse… I wonder what Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability this fellow can form?” The Profound Sky Ancestor looked at the runes on Mu Chen’s body with an envious expression. The Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability from his Divine Pulse was undoubtedly extraordinary, and it could also be considered as the pinnacle amongst the Peerless Divine Abilities.

Under Mu Chen’s focus, the eight purple moons were ablaze until the last drop of liquid fell and integrated with his body.

In the next instant, a bizarre sensation rose within Mu Chen’s heart. He saw the void fluctuating and a purple light suddenly appeared.

The purple light swiftly expanded, and in a few breaths, it had formed into a purple flame that immediately blazed.

Eight purple moons were circulating within the purple flames, looking extremely mysterious.

“So this is the Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability from my Divine Pulse?” Mu Chen fixated on the purple flames and muttered.

Sensing the purple flames, he was shocked and realised that these flames seemed harmless to all objects, only possessing a tremendous destructive ability for Spiritual Energy.

The moment it comes in contact with Spiritual Energy, the purple flames would violently incinerate all of it.

That meant that when he’s fighting, as long as he had the purple flames covering him, anyone that tried to attack him would intensify the fire instead.

This was akin to the Spiritual Composing Gale, which he encountered in the Sacred Abyss Continent. It’s just that, compared to the Spiritual Composing Wind, it was more ferocious.

Most fighting techniques in the Great Thousand World were based on Spiritual Energy, and that meant that facing his purple flames, those Heavenly Sovereigns would be helpless.

“In terms of might, these purple flames are undoubtedly a pinnacle Peerless Divine Ability.” Mu Chen sighed. But it was a pity that it couldn’t be comparable to the Great Thousand World’s 36 Peerless Divine Abilities, since it was still lacking.

Thinking about this, Mu Chen found it hilarious. The 36 Divine Abilities were renowned in the Great Thousand World, and he would be too naïve if he thought that he could easily find one comparable to it.

Mu Chen retracted his heart and focused on the purple flames before he calmed down. “Since my Spiritual Pulse is already refined, then let’s return.”

But for some reason, he felt a peculiar sensation in his heart, as if there was still a flaw in his body.

This sensation came too suddenly, but he did not overlook it. With his strength, any sudden sensations had to have a reason.

“I have already refined my Spiritual Pulse, and even obtained my Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability. So why do I feel uneasy?” Mu Chen fell into silence.

He fell into silence for a long time before his heart suddenly rippled.

The blazing purple flames wriggled in Mu Chen’s heart and expanded into a sea of flames that swept out from the void.

As the purple flames blazed, a bizarre scene suddenly appeared…

As the purple flames burned, the void became akin to a mirror and cracks swiftly spread out before it shattered under Mu Chen’s shock.

“This…” Mu Chen was shocked at this scene. He never expected this situation.

Suddenly, radiance burst out from the cracks for a long time before a majestic might appeared.

Mu Chen’s gaze followed the radiance and he took a deep breath. Along with the shattering void, a divine sun rose into the horizon.

After the one sun, one sun after another started to appear, totaling to nine suns.

The nine suns hovered within the depths of Mu Chen’s body. It was akin to an emperor that didn’t show itself, and the moment it revealed itself, it would cause an earth-shattering might.

Mu Chen was shocked as he looked at the nine suns. At this moment, even he couldn’t help being dumbfounded with his composure. “Nine suns? Why is there another Divine Pulse?!”

Furthermore, this Divine Pulse was even more powerful than the earlier Eight Divine Pulse, this was the highest Nine Divine Pulse!

Most importantly, didn’t he already refine a Divine Pulse? So why would there be a Nine Divine Pulse hidden behind the Eight Divine Pulse?!

Waves were lifted in Mu Chen’s heart and the shock lasted for a long time before he calmed down. He could sense that the Nine Divine Pulse was a perfect match for his body. It was as if it belonged to him.

Mu Chen was shocked before he realised that this Nine Divine Pulse was a perfect match to him, and the Eight Divine Pulse wasn’t an ideal match.

It was as if one was innate, while the other was acquired.

After a brief pondering, he let out a long breath and said with complicated feelings, “Mother, is this your doing?”

He had figured it out after a brief pondering. If he had guessed it correctly, that Eight Divine Pulse should be from his mother.

The effect of the Eight Divine Pulse was to conceal the Nine Divine Pulse in his body.

Perhaps when the Nine Divine Pulse came to light, the Ancient Buddha Clan would be able to sense it from his bloodline. Thus, his mother had extracted her Eight Divine Pulse to protect him and cover his Nine Divine Pulse.

Generally speaking, Divine Pulses were unable to be shifted, but he and his mother were one entity before he was born. Thus, Qing Yanjing was able to put her Eight Divine Pulse into his body.

This thought had lifted waves in Mu Chen’s heart, making him feel sour and warmth. Extracting the Divine Pulse would be akin to extracting flesh from the body, and it’s unimaginable how much pain his mother had to bear to provide him with the greatest protection.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen’s eyes couldn’t help brimming with tears, even with his character.

Taking a deep breath in his heart, he suppressed the raging emotions and muttered, “Mother, thanks for everything that you’ve done for me… But I’m no longer an infant, I can bear the storm.

“If the Ancient Buddha Clan wants to come look for me, then let them come!” 

Mu Chen looked at the nine suns and his voice echoed, “You’ve been in a deep slumber for so many years… and now, it’s time for you to be born.”

“Nine Divine Pulse… awaken!”

Sensing Mu Chen’s summons, the nine suns buzzed, and in the next instant, a majestic radiance burst out.

The Profound Sky Ancestor looked at Mu Chen with envy before he suddenly noticed the dazzling radiance from the latter’s body. After that, he was dumbfounded. The eight purple moons on Mu Chen’s body shrunk and the runes of nine suns emerged with great might!

The entire heavens and earth rumbled with endless lightning that lifted a storm, trembling from the appearance of the Nine Divine Pulse.

The Profound Sky Ancestor was dumbfounded as he briefly looked at the nine suns on Mu Chen’s body before his ear-piercing voice rang across the sky, “Holy fuck! Nine Divine Pulse?!”

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