Chapter 140 – Changes inside Body (Teaser)

Chapter 140 – Changes inside Body

Swish! Swish!

The sounds of winds being cleaved through could be heard resounding throughout the mountains. Beams of light flashed as numerous figures stormed through the area. At the same time, numerous shouts could be heard.

In front of the flock of men was Mu Chen, currently wearing a gloomy expression. These bastards had already chased him for almost an entire day, yet they didn’t show the slightest signs of stopping.

Moreover as the chase continued, the people following him had increased. The attractiveness of the two Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences was too great. But most importantly, Mu Chen only appeared to be at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. As such, his currently perceived level wasn’t enough to make the ones that were at a slightly higher or even the same level to fear him.

His perceived weakness caused everybody to want to catch him and seize the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences.

“I must think of a plan to get rid of them.” Mu Chen frowned.


Just when Mu Chen was pondering his problems, the sound of a sudden explosion  came from inside his body. A vibration instantly spread throughout his body.


This sudden vibration caused Mu Chen to shudder in surprise. His face immediately...

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