Chapter 1395 - Martial Ancestor VS Corpse Monarch

The voice incessantly echoed as a boundless storm of lightning enveloped over, before a majestic figure appeared outside the Lower Plane.

That silhouette held onto the Lightning Emperor Scepter, flickering with lightning, and every bolt would cause the heavens and earth to tremble. He was donned in a violet-black robe and had a dignified expression.

When that silhouette appeared, the face of the Black Corpse Sky Monarch slightly changed before his voice sank, “I never expected to encounter the Martial Ancestor here…”

The Martial Realm was situated by the border of the Great Thousand World and often came in contact with the Fiend Clans. The Martial Ancestor has naturally fought with many pinnacle experts of the Fiend Clans, thus his name was resounding, even amongst the Fiend Clans.

“The Martial Ancestor?!” The White Dragon Sovereign was shocked by this newcomer. For someone like him who originated from a Lower Plane, the Martial Ancestor was practically a legend, and he never expected that he could see the legend himself.

The White Dragon Sovereign sighed and looked at Mu Chen with admiration. “I never expected that you would have such a powerful connection to even be able to invite someone like the Martial Ancestor.”

It’s no wonder why Mu Chen did not panic when the Sky Monarch descended, he actually had something equivalent to face it, which made the White Dragon Sovereign sigh. The young man back then seems to have become successful in the Great Thousand World…

Mu Chen smiled and looked beyond the sky. With a Sky Monarch and Saint Heavenly Sovereign encountering one another, it seemed like there would be an exciting show to watch today.

The Martial Ancestor’s gaze looked into the Lower Plane and had instantly figured out what’s going on in the Lower Plane. Thus, his gaze coldly flickered.

The Lower Plane that he came from had experienced the same thing, and he knew what a nightmare it was. Back then, in his Lower Plane, his wife even sacrificed her life just so that they could eliminate the demons.

It was precisely because of this that he hated the Fiend Clans even more. So after seeing something similar happening again, he turned to the Black Corpse Sky Monarch with fluctuations in his eyes.

“A Corpse Demon like you is not hiding in your Fiend Clan, but dares to come to the Lower Plane of my Great Thousand World?!” The Martial Ancestor’s cold voice echoed, causing endless bolts of lightning to flash in the sky.

Although the Black Corpse Sky Monarch was fearful of the Martial Ancestor, he was still the Patriarch of his clan. So when he heard the latter’s words, he couldn’t help feeling indignant.

Although this was only a clone formed by his hand, the Martial Ancestor was also a clone. So the Black Corpse Sky Monarch wasn’t afraid, since he wasn’t a pushover, either.

“Martial Ancestor, that brat killed my child and even nearly erased the entire Blood Fiend Clan. If you hand him over to me, I will leave immediately.” The Black Corpse Sky Monarch pointed towards Mu Chen, who was in the Lower Plane, and coldly said.

When the Martial Ancestor heard that, he smiled in the direction of Mu Chen with admiration. “Since that’s the case, he has done well.”

When the Black Corpse Sky Monarch heard that, his body trembled and he grimly said, “Looks like the Martial Ancestor doesn’t want to resolve this matter peacefully today.”

The Martial Ancestor smiled. “Who wants to resolve peacefully with you? I’m determined to take away this clone of yours today.”

“Hmph, this Monarch doesn’t believe that you can do anything to me with a clone of yours!” The Black Corpse Sky Monarch ridiculed and no longer hesitated. He waved his sleeve and a torrential corpse aura covered the sky.

Suddenly, a roar echoed out from the corpse aura and hundreds of skeleton beasts flew out, every single one of those beasts emanated a powerful fluctuation.

The Black Corpse Sky Monarch naturally refined those skeleton beasts, and they’re incredibly sturdy, especially the few that were at the lead. Even a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign would be left helpless.

Stepping on the ocean of lightning, the Martial Ancestor indifferently looked at those beasts and gently stomped his Lightning Emperor Scepter. It then soared up into the sky with boundless lightning bursting out.

As lightning roared, the Lightning Emperor Scepter turned into a colossal lightning dragon, shrouded in multi-colored lightning, with every single bolt containing destructive prowess.

Looking at the colossal lightning dragon, Mu Chen squinted his eyes with a grave expression. He could tell that this dragon wasn’t dead, but contained spirituality akin to a genuine lightning dragon.

Even if he encountered this dragon, he didn’t feel that he could gain any advantage.

While Mu Chen was shocked, the lightning dragon roared with its mouth widened. It was akin to a black hole with myriad bolts of lightning flying out like chains and wrapped around those corpse beasts.

The chains of lightning trembled as they flew out and bound onto those corpse beasts, before pulling them into the dragon’s mouth…

After devouring those corpse beasts, the lightning dragon burped and patted its abdomen in satisfaction before it turned back into the Lightning Emperor Scepter.

When the Black Corpse Sky Monarch saw this scene, his face sank. His corpse beasts contained terrifying corpse venom, even a Heavenly Sovereign or Monarch would have been corroded by it. But when the lightning dragon devoured them, he could sense an extremely violent energy refining the venom.

Naturally, his means had been easily resolved by the Martial Ancestor.

“Since you’ve made your move, then it’s my turn. If you’re able to take it, then I’ll let you leave today.” The Martial Ancestor spoke and looked at the Black Corpse Sky Monarch.

“Arrogant!” The Black Corpse Sky Monarch roared out in anger. He’s a Sky Monarch, but today, he’s being underestimated by the Martial Ancestor, so how could he not be furious?

“This Monarch will see what qualifications you have to speak with me in such a manner!” The Black Corpse Sky Monarch’s laughter roared with anger, but the Martial Ancestor paid no attention to him and a halo appeared behind his head.

The halo contained eight different colors before it slowly revolved. The eight-colored halo flew out and instantly expanded, with the Black Corpse Sky Monarch being in the middle of it.

“Hmph!” The Black Corpse Sky Monarch snorted and a dense corpse aura flickered on his body. In the next instant, drops of black liquid dripped down from his body.

The black liquid was known as Vile Corpse Water. It was sticky with a stench and an indescribable deathly aura. Just one drop could reduce millions of lifeforms on the plane into corpses.

“Go!” He flicked his finger and the blackwater flew out, forming into a tiny stream. Although that stream didn’t create any commotion, it had drenched the air in a deathly aura.

That stream first polluted the heavens and earth before it crashed against the eight-colored halo.

The Vile Corpse Water had the ability to taint, and anyone coming in contact with it would have their life force ripped and turned into corpses. Under the Vile Corpse Water, regardless of how vigorous your life force was, it’s impossible for you to survive.

Thus, when the Black Corpse Sky Monarch saw his blackwater falling onto the eight-colored halo, he revealed a snicker and felt that the Martial Ancestor was too arrogant. Now, his arrogance was his flaw!

When the corpse water came in contact with the eight-colored halo, it instantly tainted it and tried to unleash an explosive corrosive ability.

However, in that instant, the eight-colored halo that didn’t have any commotion suddenly burst out with a radiance and eight kinds of spiritual light. There was lightning, darkness, and ice…

Every single one of those lights represented a different attribute, but they did not resist each other; instead, they integrated perfectly. In the end, a dazzling flame rose up from the halo.

That flame was extremely mysterious. Despite looking like a flame, it contained the attributes of ice, lightning, and six others flickering within it…

Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing at this scene. The Martial Ancestor was rumored to possess the most attributes in his Spiritual Energy, and looking at it right now, that rumor wasn’t false.

As the mysterious flame surged, it had devoured the Vile Corpse Water, evaporating it into a mist.

The Black Corpse Sky Monarch’s face drastically changed and felt that something was amiss when he sensed that this flame seemed to be able to destroy his demonic energy.

But before he could think further, the eight-coloured halo that was covered in flames shrunk down. It was a myriad-foot wide a moment ago, but it had instantly, tightly bound onto the Black Corpse Sky Monarch.

The Black Corpse Sky Monarch squinted his eyes and his body suddenly inflated in an attempt to destroy it.

But it was also at this moment that the eight-colored halo fell onto his body. His body turned stiff in the next instant. The flames had also instantly ignited him.

Those flames were terrifying, even the Black Corpse Sky Monarch couldn’t resist them. Thus, the Black Corpse Sky Monarch unleashed a howl, and after a few breaths, the body of the Black Corpse Sky Monarch had been dissolved and was turned into a black, dried-up hand.

The halo trembled and the hand was reduced to ashes, drifting out in the air…

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