Chapter 1374 - Blood Demon King

The Empress’s hoarse voice resounded within the palace, causing everyone’s faces to change before they held their guard up and looked in that direction. There’s actually someone here that they’ve not noticed?

Under the nervous gazes in the palace, the silence lasted for a long time before ripples were lifted and everyone saw a slender silhouette appear, before landing in the palace.

“What keen senses.” Mu Chen said as he looked at the Empress in shock.

He concealed himself so that even some top-tiered Perfected Earth Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to detect him in the Great Thousand World. He never expected that he would be discovered now.

“My senses are keener than others, so I was able to detect you.” Looking at that youth, the Empress smiled. Her tone no longer held any prestige because she felt a faint pressure coming from the former, a pressure that made her feel threatened. That meant that this person was extremely powe...

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