Chapter 1373 - White-Dressed Empress

In the heavy mountain range, it was a scene of a multitude of people fleeing with shock on their faces. Occasionally, they would cast a glance behind them, looking worried that the devils might chase after them…

These were the residents that Mu Chen had set free. After they left the city, they started to frantically travel out of fear that the Blood Fiend Clan might capture them.

Thus, they constantly traveled without any rest. Even if some of them fell behind, the group still did not slow down their speed…

While everyone was fleeing, Mu Chen stood on the sky with his Spiritual Energy retracted and he hid his presence while looking at these residents. He could already tell that these people had an objective, since they seemed to know where to go.

“They’re going to the so-called ‘Empress’?” Mu Chen murmured as he felt inquisitive. Could it be that the strength of the residents in this Lower Plane could protect themselves?

But he didn’t feel a great possibility in it. If that’s the case, then how could the Blood Fiend Clan still enslave the residents?

Because of all these facts, he did not...

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