Chapter 1372 - Blood Demon General

The young lady’s voice echoed throughout the city. The despair in her voice was enough to make anyone’s heart throb. The city’s residents had also recovered from the young lady’s scream before they knelt in the direction of Mu Chen, their bodies trembling as if they were grabbing onto the last straw of survival. 

“God, please save us!” As sounds rang out, everyone had despair written on their faces. They had already lost their dignity after being treated like livestock. It was so much so that they didn’t even have the right to die.

The reason why they’re kept alive was to provide fresh blood for those devils. Albeit to being allowed to have their own descendants, their descendants were also treated as livestock.

It’s not that they’ve never thought of resisting, but their resistance was futile under absolute strength. Aside from providing some entertainment to those devils, their resistance posed nothing, since those devils were practically invincible.

But right now, a powerful hope has suddenly appeared before the despaired people. Although they’d no idea if that youth came from the same race as them. At least he didn’t have that ominous aura.

Perhaps their fate could be changed by this mysterious youth before them.

Thinking about it, the residents started to kowtow with their heads on the ground without regard to the blood on their foreheads from doing so. This pain was nothing compared to the humiliation of being kept as livestock.

Furthermore, if the Fiend Clans dominated the Great Thousand World, then all lifeforms would be like this Lower Plane, being kept as livestock.

The Fiend Clans were truly mortal enemies!

Waving his sleeve, gentle energy swept out that lifted everyone who was kneeled. He looked around at everyone nodding their heads and smiled. “Rest assured, I will save all of you here.”

This Lower Plane belonged to the Great Thousand World. Although it’s considered lower-tiered when compared to the Great Thousand World, it’s still a part of it. In the Great Thousand World, no one would discriminate against those of the Lower Plane. Reason being simple, those that could enter into the Great Thousand World were elites that could break through the boundaries of the Lower Plane, and their future prospects were unimaginable, like the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor…

Although Mu Chen wasn’t considered a good person in the Great Thousand World, he’s also not someone that would watch these people being kept as livestock by the Blood Fiend Clan.

“Thank you, great god!” The young lady had tears covering her face. Everyone else also tried to emotionally kneel down, but they were being lifted by the gentle energy, and they couldn’t do it.

“There seems to be someone that’s still here?” Mu Chen asked the young lady after looking in the depths of the city.

In his perception, there’s still a powerful aura in the depths of the city, it’s just that it has been asleep.

Hearing Mu Chen’s question, the young lady’s face turned pale and her voice started to tremble, “Great God, that’s the Blood Demon General, he is mighty. He’s currently asleep. We should flee right now while he isn’t awake.”

They were all terrified of the Blood Demon General, since he would devour the blood of at least a thousand people every time he wakes up.

“The Blood Demon General…” Mu Chen smiled before he clenched his fist and a hundred foot-wide sphere of Spiritual Energy formed within his palm before he threw it at the city under countless terrified gazes.

The Spiritual Energy sphere exploded, leveling the ground. In the next moment, a crimson pillar soared into the sky and a ferocious roar echoed out. “Who dares to wake this general from his slumber?!”

Hearing that roar, the residents of the city all knelt with fear written on their faces.

“We’re all dead…” Someone said in despair. In their eyes, the strength of that Blood Demon General was too powerful, and they felt that no matter how powerful this mysterious god was, no one could defeat this Blood Demon General.

“Great God, if things aren’t looking good, please leave!” The young lady said with a pale expression.

Seeing their fear, Mu Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. He could sense the strength of the Blood Demon General, and it was equivalent to a Perfected Earth Sovereign in the Great Thousand World, which he could easily kill with a flip of his hand.

“What level is a Blood Demon General in the Blood Fiend Clan?” Mu Chen asked.

The young lady was stunned before she blankly shook her head. In their eyes, Blood Demon Generals were equivalent to demon kings, how could they encounter someone even more powerful?

When Mu Chen saw her response, he was disappointed. It looked like the information that these people possessed was extremely limited.

“Great God, we don’t have much information about the Blood Fiend Clan, but our Empress surely knows about them!” Seeing Mu Chen’s disappointment, the young lady said.

“Empress?” Mu Chen was stunned. ‘Who is that? Do these residents still have an empress?’

But before he could ask, the crimson light descended from the sky. It was a silhouette in crimson robes with crimson runes on his fair body that looked exceptionally peculiar.

Evidently, that should be the Blood Demon General. After he appeared, his face changed upon seeing the blood mist in the sky and he hollered, “You dare kill my clansmen?!

“Who did it?! Get out!” His holler echoed, causing the residents here to tremble with fear.

“They’re just some blood-sucking bugs, so what if they died? There’s nothing to get emotional about.” Mu Chen raised his head as he looked at the Blood Demon General with a smile.

“You did it? You’re courting death!” Crimson light surged in the eyes of the Blood Demon General as he looked at Mu Chen. In the next moment, a myriad foot of blood light blossomed from his body and he charged towards Mu Chen, leaving afterimages behind with a crimson ocean roaring behind him.

Looking at the crimson ocean, Mu Chen shook his head and his gaze abruptly turned cold. Ballings his fist, Mu Chen threw out a casual jab with crystallised light spreading out on his fist. It was aimed at the blood ocean.

Under that fist, space scattered and the torrential blood ocean abruptly exploded with a resounding shriek. After that, the residents there were shocked to see a pathetic silhouette flying out from the shattered blood ocean.

That crimson silhouette shattered countless constructs, leaving a few myriad foot-long mark on the ground while being blown out of the city…

Looking at that figure, Mu Chen’s fist turned into a claw and a powerful suction exploded, bringing that silhouette back into his hand.

He lowered his hand and looked at the cold corpse. There was still disbelief on the Blood Demon General’s face, but Mu Chen’s lips couldn’t help twitching.

He never expected that the Blood Demon General would be so weak, killed by him after a single jab.

“What trash, I initially still wanted to extract information from him.” Mu Chen unhappily shook his head before he tossed the corpse of the Blood Demon General away. At this moment, the entire city went into silence once again.

The fear of those residents was stunned. They felt like they were dreaming. Not only were those Blood Fiend Clan’s devils slaughtered under a stomp, but even the powerful Blood Demon General was also killed after a single fist by that mysterious youth…

“Have we been tortured to the point that we’re starting to hallucinate now?” Someone bitterly smiled, since this was too unreal. They couldn’t imagine there being someone so powerful between the heavens and earth.

“Great God!” The young lady looked at Mu Chen with a heated gaze. Aside from being one of those legendary gods, who else could be so powerful? Could it be that a god has seen their despair and came to rescue them?

“Leave quickly.” Mu Chen smiled as he waved towards everyone. Before they could speak, he had already disappeared.

The young lady and the residents all panicked, but Mu Chen disappeared so swiftly that they couldn’t stop him. In the end, they could only exchange a look and bitterly smile.

Everyone knelt and kowtowed in the direction that Mu Chen disappeared in.

A long while later, only then did they stand up and start to flee. They knew that the Blood Fiend Clan would soon rush over. So if they didn’t escape now, they would return to their initial state.

As the residents ran, Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared, watched as everyone fled and murmured.

“Who’s the Empress that they spoke about? It looks like she understands the Blood Fiend CLan.”

“In a world that was dominated by the Blood Fiend Clan, they still have the strength to resist?”

“But their strength shouldn’t be able to confront the Blood Fiend Clan…”

“Looks like I can only secretly follow them for now…”

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