Chapter 1372 - Blood Demon General

The young lady’s voice echoed throughout the city. The despair in her voice was enough to make anyone’s heart throb. The city’s residents had also recovered from the young lady’s scream before they knelt in the direction of Mu Chen, their bodies trembling as if they were grabbing onto the last straw of survival. 

“God, please save us!” As sounds rang out, everyone had despair written on their faces. They had already lost their dignity after being treated like livestock. It was so much so that they didn’t even have the right to die.

The reason why they’re kept alive was to provide fresh blood for those devils. Albeit to being allowed to have their own descendants, their descendants were also treated as livestock.

It’s not that they’ve never thought of resisting, but their resistance was futile under absolute strength. Aside from providing some entertainment to those...

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