Chapter 1371 - Lower Plane

The heavens and earth were dyed crimson, and even the mountains were faintly red, looking to be stained with an endless amount of blood, filling this place with a slightly brutal aura.

Space suddenly tore apart on a mountain where a passage was formed and a silhouette descended. It was naturally Mu Chen, who had passed through the Lower Plane’s passage.

When his body descended, he felt relieved upon seeing that nothing unusual was around him, so he retracted his Spiritual Energy.

“The energy in this Lower Plane is truly a little low.” Mu Chen stretched his hand out and gathered the energy between the heavens and earth into a sphere. He then briefly sensed it before his brows knitted together.

The energy between the heavens and earth wasn’t as pure as the Spiritual Energy in the Great Thousand World. So it would take a longer time for him to restore his strength here.

“But fortunately, I’ve brought Sovereign Spiritual Liquid...

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