Chapter 1370 - Spatial Node

Spatial storms would occasionally wreak havoc in the endless space as streaks of comets regularly flew across along with a considerable noise that echoed between the heavens and earth.

Suddenly, a streak of light flew across. The travel-worn silhouette constantly looked around as if he was looking for something.

“The Lower Plane that the White Dragon Sovereign came from should be in that direction.” The young silhouette muttered to himself while occasionally looking down on the back of his hand. There was a white dragon rune that was emanating a white light. The silhouette was naturally Mu Chen.

Ever since he left the Northern Domain, he had been on the journey for three months now. He did not even take a break but was steadily heading towards the Great Thousand World’s southwest.

Along the way, he had passed god-knows how many continents, but under the insane journey, he had also spent three months before he managed to come so far.

According to the guide of the white dragon rune, the Lower Plane of the White Dragon Sovereign should be in this region.

However, it was still a tough search for him to find it. Although the Great Thousand World had countless Lower Planes, one would require a spatial node to enter the Lower Plane.

Before the spatial node was linked, it’s tiny like a speck of dust and practically cannot be detected. So it wasn’t easy to find that spatial node.

However, Mu Chen’s mood had also calmed down during this three months journey. Since he had decided to find his path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, then he would naturally do his best.

Thus, he looked around before he closed his eyes and a boundless Spiritual Energy burst out from his body. The Spiritual Energy was akin to a wave as it spread throughout space.

While Mu Chen was trying to find it, he spread his Spiritual Energy out to search every single inch of his surroundings.

He knew that this would be a long process, but he wasn’t anxious. It was like taking a stroll in the world, step-by-step. Thus, time gradually passed under his search, and without him knowing, a month had already passed…

Mu Chen had no idea how far his search went. He only knew that every single search would end with all of his Spiritual Energy consumed, so he would meditate to recover.

However, he had failed again and again…

Although he obtained no result for a month, he did not give up and continued to expand his search. Thus, another month had passed.

Mu Chen opened his eyes with exhaustion covering his face. Even a Perfected Earth Sovereign like him couldn’t bear such fatigue.

He raised his head. His Spiritual Energy had already spread to nearly a hundred miles. However, there still weren’t any movements. He had failed once again.

“My Spiritual Energy is exhausted again.” Mu Chen knitted his brows with disappointment in his eyes. If he wasn’t firm enough, he would have long given up on this matter.

“Could it be that there’s an issue with the guide? Or was the Lower Plane already destroyed?” Mu Chen looked at the dragon rune and pursed his lips. If that was the case, then all his hard work for the past year would have gone down the drain.

“No matter what, I can’t give up halfway!” Mu Chen gritted his teeth. He continued to firm his thoughts before he gradually retracted his gradually weakened Spiritual Energy and was prepared to rest before he continued with the search.

“Mcm?” But when Mu Chen retracted his perception, his expression suddenly froze. He had sensed a peculiar fluctuation from the west.

The peculiarity was too subtle, and if it wasn’t for Mu Chen’s senses being extremely sensitive for the time being, he would have most likely overlooked it.

Thus, he moved and disappeared. A few breaths later, he appeared in the area that the fluctuation came from and his Spiritual Energy spread out inch-by-inch to search the space.

As his Spiritual Energy carefully spread out, Mu Chen suddenly squinted his eyes for a long moment later before his hands suddenly formed seals and his Spiritual Energy gathered towards a location.

His Spiritual Energy had turned into a halo with Mu Chen’s gaze fixed on to the end of the halo and saw a blacklight that was akin to a speck of dust slowly appearing. That’s where the peculiar fluctuation came from.

Mu Chen looked at that black light with joy on his face. That was the spatial node that he had been searching for for the past two months. As long as he could clear the spatial node, then he would be able to enter the White Dragon Sovereign’s Lower Plane.

“I’ve finally found it.” Mu Chen felt massively relieved, but he did not immediately open up the spatial note. He sat down and waved his sleeve. A large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid gushed out and he swiftly recovered his Spiritual Energy.

Although it’s just a Lower Plane, it was still occupied by the Fiend Clans. So if he wanted to enter, he would have to be in his best state.

While he was recovering his Spiritual Energy, he maintained alertness and looked around, just in case someone comes.

For those of the Great Thousand World, a Lower Plane was clearly a unique place, and it could also be a great opportunity. Furthermore, the Lower Plane was weaker than the Great Thousand World, so those that could enter the Lower Planes would naturally feel invincible.

But fortunately, it’s hard for those in the Great Thousand World to enter a Lower Plane, even if they managed to find the spatial node. That’s because of the Lower Plane’s laws. Anyone that wanted to enter the Lower Plane would need a guide of some sort from the Lower Plane.

It was like Mu Chen possessing the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl that had the White Dragon Sovereign’s seal. It could be used as a key for him to avoid the Lower Plane’s law to enter.

Naturally, nothing was absolute. There were always others that would try to sneak into the Lower Planes. Thus, Mu Chen did not want others to discover the spatial node that he had been searching so painfully for in case something happens.

As Mu Chen maintained his alertness, roughly an hour passed and his exhausted Spiritual Energy gradually recovered, making his gaze flicker with Spiritual Energy once again.

Sensing the recovered Spiritual Energy in his body, Mu Chen felt relieved before he stood up and looked at the spatial node.

This time, he no longer hesitated and pointed his finger out. Boundless Spiritual Energy whistled out and attacked the spatial node.

This spatial node was akin to a black hole that endlessly devoured his Spiritual Energy. Under the devouring sensation, Mu Chen could see the speck of dust gradually opening up…

Roughly a few minutes later, the speck of dust had turned into an inch-sized blackhole that emanated spatial fluctuations.

Mu Chen looked at the black hole and threw out a jab, but he suffered a rebound, making his fist feel a stinging pain.

“Indeed, it’s hard for anyone of the Great Thousand World to enter a Lower Plane.” Mu Chen sighed before he summoned the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. He poured his Spiritual Energy into the pearl and a faint white light enveloped Mu Chen’s body.

“Let’s hope that I can find my path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm there…” This time, Mu Chen no longer felt an obstruction from the black hole and he easily entered.

When Mu Chen’s silhouette disappeared, the black hole lightly trembled before it shrunk down and returned into being a speck of dust and space had also turned quiet.

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