Chapter 1369 - The White Dragon Sovereign’s Opportunity

On a lone mountain by the edge of the Northern Domain

Mu Chen stood on the peak, looking at the vast territory, all of which belonged to the Mu Abode right now. Under their control, those territories have also gradually regained their prosperity.

After looking for a long time, he gradually raised his head and looked at the horizon with his lips pursed.

After his breakthrough into the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, he had truly slacked a little in his cultivation. He initially thought that there’s enough time for him. But after Qing Shuang came, he realised that his every moment of leisure would mean that his mother would suffer more in the Ancestor Pagoda.

Thus, the leisure in his heart had shattered at this moment. He knew that he had to step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm...

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