Chapter 1369 - The White Dragon Sovereign’s Opportunity

On a lone mountain by the edge of the Northern Domain

Mu Chen stood on the peak, looking at the vast territory, all of which belonged to the Mu Abode right now. Under their control, those territories have also gradually regained their prosperity.

After looking for a long time, he gradually raised his head and looked at the horizon with his lips pursed.

After his breakthrough into the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, he had truly slacked a little in his cultivation. He initially thought that there’s enough time for him. But after Qing Shuang came, he realised that his every moment of leisure would mean that his mother would suffer more in the Ancestor Pagoda.

Thus, the leisure in his heart had shattered at this moment. He knew that he had to step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm if he wanted his mother to be free from the torture in the Ancient Buddha Clan.

“Dad, I had promised you when I left the Northern Spiritual Realm…” Mu Chen clenched his fists. Counting the time, he had left his home for so many years, and it wasn’t that he didn’t want to return. He just couldn’t accomplish the promise that he had made in the past.

Perhaps his father was currently waiting for him in the small Northern Spiritual Realm for his return.

Although it wasn’t as exciting and diverse as the Great Thousand World, it was worry-free there.

His emotions were like the clouds rolling in the sky. After a long time, he then gradually calmed his heart and restored his composure.

“The path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm…” He muttered. Although he wished to break through to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm right now, he also understood how difficult that was.

There were countless geniuses in the Great Thousand World. Although Mu Chen could be considered amongst the elites for being able to reach the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm at his age, he wasn’t the only one.

In the history of the Great Thousand World, there were many people like him, but only a few of them could successfully break through to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Many geniuses stayed in the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm all their life, watching that realm that was unreachable to them despite being just within their reach and passed away with that regret…

The gap between the Heavenly Sovereign and Earth Sovereign Realm was simply like the heavens and earth.

Although Mu Chen was at the pinnacle of the Earth Sovereign Realm, he’s just an ant before a Heavenly Sovereign…

Thus, he was clear about how hard the path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm was. It was a plank that millions have tried walking on, but only a few of them succeeded. Facing this path, even someone as confident as Mu Chen couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy.

Letting out a deep breath, Mu Chen erased the uneasiness in his heart. He knew that there was no other path he could walk. If he wanted to save his mother from the clutches of the Ancient Buddha Clan, talking to them peacefully was impossible, so it needed to be forged on a sturdy fist.

Thus, the path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm was something that he had to challenge, no matter what. 

After calming his heart, Mu Chen’s expression gradually turned stern and a white light flickered on his palm. In the next moment, it turned into a fist-sized sphere.

The white pearl contained a spiritual mist within it. There also seemed to be a white dragon coiling around it.

“The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl…” Mu Chen looked at this pearl and started to reminisce. It was something that was left to him by the White Dragon Sovereign in the Northern Heavens Continent. At that time, Mu Chen came to know that the White Dragon Sovereign originated from a Lower Plane, a plane that was invaded by the Fiend Clans, and the White Dragon Sovereign was a rare survivor from it.

When Mu Chen obtained this, he came to know a secret from the White Dragon Sovereign. But in the end, the White Dragon Sovereign told him that if one day, Mu Chen could help him expel the Fiend Clans and regain his home, he would give Mu Chen an incredible opportunity.

Although back then, the White Dragon Sovereign, as someone from the Sovereign Realm, was out of his reach, the current him has exceeded the White Dragon Sovereign of that time…

But Mu Chen had a sense that this opportunity might grant him great help in his path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Mu Chen tried injecting his Spiritual Energy into the pearl, but there wasn’t any response from it. Although he could vaguely feel that there’s a spiritual seal in the pearl, he might shatter it if he used too much force.

“It looks like I can only summon the White Dragon Sovereign to go to that plane…” Mu Chen muttered to himself. After a long while, he suddenly closed his eyes and started to sense every corner of his body. Back then, the White Dragon Sovereign had left a seal on him, and said that when the time was right, the seal would be automatically activated and provide him the location of that Lower Plane…

Mu Chen’s senses spread to every corner of his body; even his blood and flesh wasn’t neglected.

This process took an incense’s time before he abruptly opened his eyes and Spiritual Energy surged. He then turned to look at his left hand.

He could sense a subtle white light deep in his flesh, slowly gathering from his flesh and blood as it formed into a thumb-sized white dragon rune.

The white dragon rune twisted, but it did not move, not to mention pointing out a direction for him. The rune looked like it was waiting for something.

Squinting his eyes, Mu Chen fell into silence. “You’re going to test my strength…?”

Back then, the White Dragon Sovereign had mentioned that only when his strength reached a certain level, would it provide a guide for him. Otherwise, he would just be waiting for his death.

Thus, Mu Chen gently stomped his feet and the crystal pagoda appeared in his eyes. The Spiritual Energy in his body surged and endlessly poured into the pagoda. In the next moment, crystallised Spiritual Energy endlessly gushed out of Mu Chen’s body and a powerful pressure spread out between the heavens and earth.

After completing this step, Mu Chen formed seals with one hand and a purple-golden light condensed behind him, emanating an immortal aura.

“Is this enough?” After bringing out all of his power, Mu Chen looked at the white dragon rune on the back of his hand. If he still couldn’t trigger it, then he would have to figure another method for his path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. But that would cost him a lot more time.

Under Mu Chen’s gaze, the white dragon rune remained quiet for a few breaths before it suddenly blossomed with a gratified draconic roar. The head of the white dragon rune turned like a compass and pointed in a direction.

“There?” Mu Chen raised his head in joy. It’s pointing towards the southwest of the Great Thousand World. However, Mu Chen had no idea where the exact location of the plane was.

But no matter how far it was, at least Mu Chen now had a direction. What awaited him would just be a long journey.

Calming the joy in his heart, Mu Chen lowered his head and looked at the territories of the Mu Abode. Perhaps in the Mu Abode’s headquarters, Mandala, Ling Xi and the rest were also looking for him.

“The next time I return, I will let the Mu Abode rule over the entire Greatlaw Continent…” Mu Chen muttered in the direction of the Mu Abode as if he was making a promise to them. After that, he no longer hesitated and waved his hand. The Immortal Golden Body disappeared. He then turned into a streak of light and flew in the direction of the southwest.

In the Mu Abode’s hall, Mandala and Ling Xi raised their heads and looked in the southwest direction. It took a long while for them to retract their gazes. They then exchanged a look and smiled. They firmly believed that when Mu Chen returned to the Mu Abode, the entire Greatlaw Continent would tremble.

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