Chapter 1368 - Path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm

This seclusion wasn’t as long as he had expected. He had already come out on the tenth day when he received a piece of information. Mu Chen opened in eyes in the depths of the Heavenly Lake and a purple light was flickering before him. It was a petal that constantly trembled, warping the space along with it.

Mu Chen’s eyes squinted as he looked at the purple petal. It was a message from Mandala, and she would generally not disturb him in his seclusion… unless something big happened that she couldn’t make a decision about.

“Could it be that the supreme forces behind those three sects made their move?” Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. If those forces weren’t intimidated by the Great Thousand Palace and made a move against them, then it would be a little troublesome and he might even have to use the favor of the Martial Ancestor.

“It’s truly troublesome as long as I’m not in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.” Mu Chen knitted his brows. If he wanted to fearlessly rule within the Great Thousand World, then he would have to be a Heavenly Sovereign.

As he sighed in his heart, Mu Chen stretched his hand, held onto the petal and disappeared.

In a palace of the Mu Abode. Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared and he looked at Mandala, even Ling Xi and Long Xiang were here, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mandala felt relieved upon seeing him. She pointed in a direction. “Someone came for you, and even insisted on meeting you personally.”

As she spoke, she swept her gaze at Mu Chen before she teased. “Is it one of your scandals from outside?”

Mu Chen first rolled his eyes then looked in the direction and was stunned. A woman in snow-white clothes stood there with a bearing akin to an ice mountain.

“Qing Shuang?” Mu Chen couldn’t help being stunned upon seeing her. He never expected that she would come to the Mu Abode to look for him.

Looking at Mu Chen, Qing Shuang felt heavily relieved before she gritted her teeth. “Mu Chen, something happened to Aunt Jing!”

Hearing her voice, Mu Chen’s face drastically changed and he appeared before Qing Shuang, holding onto her wrist. “What’s wrong with my mother?!”

Boundless Spiritual Energy burst out of his body, causing space to tremble. His emotions were getting unstable now.

Qing Shuang looked at Mu Chen before she sighed, “When Elder Hei Guang and Mo Yin returned to the clan, they told the Grand Elder that you obtained the Eight-Divisional Pagoda.

“After that, they hosted a meeting in the Elders Association and even wanted to dispatch law enforcement to capture you and bring to the clan.”

Mu Chen’s gaze turned cold. Those two old dogs were truly haunting. He never expected that they still wouldn’t give up on the matter.

“The Mo Bloodline and Xuan Bloodline hold the most seats in the meeting, and it would’ve been useless, even if our Qing Bloodline tried to object. However, when the order was about to be issued…”

As she spoke, Qing Shuang bitterly smiled, “Aunt Jing suddenly barged into the meeting of the Elders Association.”

Mu Chen’s face turned grim upon hearing that.

“After Aunt Jing found out that Hei Guang and Mo Yin made a move against you, she flew into a rage and heavily injured the two of them. After that, she even turned the entire Elder Association into chaos…” Qing Shuang bitterly smiled. One could imagine what kind of scene that was like.

Most Elders were gathered in the Elder Association, but even so, those Elders did not have a good time facing Aunt Jing.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen asked, “What happened next?”

He knew that if that was the case, Qing Shuang wouldn’t just run over to inform him.

Qing Shuang sighed, “In the end, the situation turned big, and the Grand Elder had to make a move. After fighting with Aunt Jing, the Grand Elder couldn’t obtain the upper hand, so he brought out the Ancient Pagoda Seal and used the Ancestor Pagoda to imprison Aunt Jing.”

When Mu Chen heard that, rage gushed out of his eyes as he asked with a pale expression, “What’s the Ancestor Pagoda?”

“It’s the treasured Saint Artifact of the Ancient Buddha Clan. The Pagodas that we cultivate originate from there.”

Qing Shuang continued, “But the Ancestor Pagoda is rarely used, but if it’s used, even a Saint Heavenly Sovereign would be fearful of it. Aunt Jing is being imprisoned within it, and I’m afraid that she won’t be having a good time.”

In the past, Qing Yanjing was imprisoned in the clan, but she could leave as she wanted with her strength. Now that she’s imprisoned within the Ancestor Pagoda, although there wouldn’t be any threat to her life, she would inevitably suffer some bitterness.

Mu Chen balled his fists together and his body trembled. Everyone could tell that his emotions were akin to a volcano that was about to erupt.

“Mu Chen, calm down!” Ling Xi walked up and held onto his hand.

“Those bastards!” Mu Chen raised his head with his eyes turning red from the killing intent. His mother had stayed in the Ancient Buddha Clan in solitary and even viewed him as her bottom line. Once her bottom line was breached, she went insane without a care for the consequences. Just thinking about that, Mu Chen felt incredibly guilty as a son!

“Mu Chen, don’t be rash! Although Aunt Jing is being imprisoned in the Ancestor Pagoda, nothing can come to her with her strength. Furthermore, even the Grand Elder doesn’t dare to force Aunt Jing. After all, if a Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm Spiritual Array Grandmaster goes crazy, even the Ancient Buddha Clan will have to pay a great price, and it isn’t something that the clan can bear!” Qing Shuang swiftly said, then she continued, “The reason why Aunt Jing did this is to give a warning to those Elders. At least right now, none of the Heavenly Sovereigns in the clan dares to make a move against you anymore.”

When she finished, she saw Mu Chen coldly staring at her as he said, “Then am I going to thank them?”

Qing Shuang bitterly smiled, “That’s not what I mean. But you must know that Aunt Jing did all of this to protect you.”

Mu Chen’s gaze was cold. After a long time, only then did his trembling body calmed down. He knew that even if he went into a rage now, there’s nothing he could do. Not even if he charged into the Ancient Buddha Clan, since he’s too weak for them to be fearful of him right now.

A Perfected Earth Sovereign could rule in other places, but as long as it’s not a Heavenly Sovereign, then he wouldn’t be able to catch the attention of the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Mu Chen coldly looked at Qing Shuang. “Then is the Qing Bloodline going to watch my mother being helpless?”

Qing Shuang bit on her lips. “The Qing Bloodline is inferior to the Xuan and Mo Bloodline. Furthermore, the Qing Bloodline’s current patriarch is a reserved person, so he has been constantly retreating under pressure of the two other bloodlines.”

“What trash, he can’t even figure out the logic of interdependence.” Mu Chen sneered. Although he had never seen the patriarch of the Qing Bloodline, someone who only knew how to submit to survive was nothing but trash.

Qing Shuang bitterly smiled. “I came over to remind you that although Aunt Jing made such a great commotion, the Elders in the clan won’t do a thing to you for the time being. But they have a great network and know other Heavenly Sovereigns. Although they can’t make a move, that doesn’t mean that they can’t get someone to deal with you.”

Mu Chen squinted his eyes with a cold light flickering in his eyes, then felt sullenness in his eyes. He was actually a little proud that the Mu Abode has dominated the Northern Domain, but it was shattered at this moment.

Although he might have a good time in the Northern Domain, he still needed his mother to protect him from the Ancient Buddha Clan. It was so much so that she even had to take the risk and obstruct the danger for him.

All of this was because he’s not strong enough!

A Perfected Earth Sovereign was still weak, but if he’s a Heavenly Sovereign, then there’s not much to fear from the Ancient Buddha Clan. At that time, his mother also wouldn’t have to be imprisoned in the Ancient Buddha Clan to protect him.

“Thanks.” Mu Chen took a deep breath to suppress his emotions before his gaze calmed down as he looked at Qing Shuang. No matter what, he still felt grateful that Qing Shuang came over to deliver this news to them.

Qing Shuang shook her head as she guiltily replied, “We’re the ones that didn’t manage to help you.”

Mu Chen was clearly one of their Qing Bloodline, but they were helpless.

Waving his hand, Mu Chen went into silence, then he turned to everyone and said, “I will temporarily leave the Mu Abode. I will leave my Demon Slayer King token behind, so if other Heavenly Sovereigns try to cause trouble here, they won’t dare to touch the Mu Abode, even if they can’t find me.”

“What about you?” Mandala and Ling Xi asked.

Raising his head to look at the boundless horizon, Mu Chen’s black pupils turned resolute as he clenched his fists. “It’s time for me to search for my path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm…”

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