Chapter 1368 - Path to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm

This seclusion wasn’t as long as he had expected. He had already come out on the tenth day when he received a piece of information. Mu Chen opened in eyes in the depths of the Heavenly Lake and a purple light was flickering before him. It was a petal that constantly trembled, warping the space along with it.

Mu Chen’s eyes squinted as he looked at the purple petal. It was a message from Mandala, and she would generally not disturb him in his seclusion… unless something big happened that she couldn’t make a decision about.

“Could it be that the supreme forces behind those three sects made their move?” Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. If those forces weren’t intimidated by the Great Thousand Palace and made a move against them, then it would be a little troublesome and he might even have to use the favor of the Martial Ancestor.

“It’s truly troublesome as long as I’m not in the Heavenly...

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