Chapter 1367 - Mu Abode showing its Prestige

The Northern Domain Plains’ power struggle ended with the Mu Abode occupying nearly half of the Northern Domain’s territories. This outcome had also lifted waved in the entire Northern Domain.

No one was optimistic about the Mu Abode at the beginning, since they knew that the three Overlords would surely join forces together to stop the new force as had happened in the past. Thus, everyone only felt that the Mu Abode’s ambition would be like their predecessors, erased under the rage of the three Overlords.

Thus, the outcome of the Northern Domain Plains had left everyone dumbfounded.

They couldn’t imagine that the young Mu Abode’s Ruler would have such a deep and unfathomable strength that could fight all three by himself, and he even defeated the three experts who had already come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. One must know that the Mu Abode’s Ruler’s cultivation was only at the...

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