Chapter 1367 - Mu Abode showing its Prestige

The Northern Domain Plains’ power struggle ended with the Mu Abode occupying nearly half of the Northern Domain’s territories. This outcome had also lifted waved in the entire Northern Domain.

No one was optimistic about the Mu Abode at the beginning, since they knew that the three Overlords would surely join forces together to stop the new force as had happened in the past. Thus, everyone only felt that the Mu Abode’s ambition would be like their predecessors, erased under the rage of the three Overlords.

Thus, the outcome of the Northern Domain Plains had left everyone dumbfounded.

They couldn’t imagine that the young Mu Abode’s Ruler would have such a deep and unfathomable strength that could fight all three by himself, and he even defeated the three experts who had already come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. One must know that the Mu Abode’s Ruler’s cultivation was only at the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm…

While some people were shocked, some had their eyes turning red because the Mu Abode’s actions were just them seeking death. The three Overlords each had a supreme force backing them, and those three Overlords’ forces were just puppets of those supreme forces.

But their thoughts were soon extinguished when they found out about the Great Thousand Palace. No one dared to feel jealous of Mu Chen anymore, since they knew that the Great Thousand Palace was a colossal force that even other supreme forces could only back off from.

At this moment, they finally understood that the Mu Abode wasn’t a force without foundation. Not only did they have a deep and unfathomable young Abode Ruler, they even had a top-tiered supreme force backing them. In terms of strength or backing, the Mu Abode was even stronger than those three Overlords!

Facing this sort of opponent, it was no wonder why even the Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion lost after joining hands.

At this moment, everyone in the Northern Domain knew that the one to make decisions in the Northern Domain would no longer be the three Overlords, but the Mu Abode that had been established in just two years.

“The Northern Domain is about to change.” Many forces in the Northern Domain sighed and were starting to try and form a relationship with the Mu Abode, since everyone could foresee that the rise of the Mu Abode was unavoidable.

As one of the five domains in the Greatlaw Continent, this significant change naturally couldn’t avoid the attention of any Overlord forces in the other domains. The Greatlaw Continent was a supercontinent with vast territories and resources. So it had naturally attracted the attention of many forces in the Great Thousand World. However, no one dared to make a move and ruin this unwritten rule that no Heavenly Sovereigns were allowed to interfere in the Greatlaw Continent’s power struggle.

But despite that, most of the Overlords in the other domains all had a supreme force standing behind them. The other Overlords were naturally watching the show in the Northern Domain. They were more than happy to see the chaos, since they might be able to gain benefits from it.

Thus, when they found out that the Mu Abode defeated the three Overlords of the Northern Domain, they started to make their moves. However, their actions were soon ruined when they received information from the supreme forces behind them to not interfere with the Northern Domain.

In the message, those supreme forces had clearly mentioned that the Abode Ruler of the Mu Abode was genuinely the second Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace.

The information from their backings was akin to a bucket of cold water that made them feel shocked. They guessed the origin of Mu Chen’s Demon Slayer King token, but no one had expected that Mu Chen was the second Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace.

After all, every single Demon Slayer King would possess a strength comparable to a Saint Heavenly Sovereign, pillars of the Great Thousand World. So how could there be a Perfected Earth Sovereign Demon Slayer King?

They had roughly heard of Mu Chen’s reputation, since it was this young man that obtained the goodwill of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor when the Ancient Haven Palace appeared and even received the most benefits out of the Ancient Haven Palace.

But at that time, Mu Chen was still nothing in the eyes of those forces. If it weren’t for their fear for the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, they would have already made a move for the Ancient Haven Palace.

But who could have expected that the young man would become a Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace in just one year? Furthermore, he even raised his cultivation to the Perfected Earth Sovereign realm.

But no matter how much disbelief they felt, they could only accept this brutal reality before they settled down. Some even tried to send congratulations to the Mu Abode, expressing their goodwill to support the Mu Abode as the Overlord of the Northern Domain.

It was also under this situation, the Northern Domain’s incident resounded in the entire Greatlaw Continent, and everyone knew that the Mu Abode was the new Overlord, and that their young Abode Ruler was also a Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace…

The Northern Region, Mu Abode

Mu Chen looked at an envoy that was leaving with a golden card in his hand. It was another congratulations that came from an Overlord force of another domain.

“Till now, there have been at least eight Overlord forces from the other domains that have sent their congratulations to us.” Mandala shook her head behind Mu Chen.

One must know that the current chaos in the Northern Domain was the best opportunity to take advantage of. In the end, not only did these fellows not do a thing, they even sent their congratulations over.

“Looks like your title as the Great Thousand Palace’s Demon Slayer King is truly intimidating.” Mandala smiled towards Mu Chen. She naturally knew the reason behind those actions.

Mu Chen smiled as he sighed. The name of the Great Thousand Palace was truly efficient, but it was a pity that he didn’t possess any authority. Otherwise, why would he need to be afraid of the Ancient Buddha Clan? He could just charge in and rescue his mother now.

“How’s the harvest?” Mu Chen turned to look at Mandala. The increment of the Mu Abode’s territories had occupied half of the Northern Domain, with many forces going under their control.

“Pretty smoothly, so far.” Mandala nodded. After Mu Chen displayed his strength and backing, no one in the Northern Domain dared to be unhappy, so the incorporation was pretty smooth. Some forces even hoped to go under the Mu Abode’s protection.

Mu Chen nodded his head and stretched his waist. “Since that’s the case, then I’ll leave the Mu Abode to you guys.”

Hearing his words, Mandala instantly rolled her eyes. “Throwing the job to us again?”

“I’ve already gotten the territories for you guys, so naturally, I’ll leave it to you guys to manage!” Mu Chen said before he chuckled, “I’ve obtained the second level of comprehension for the Three Pures, so I need to calm myself and study it.”

Mandala gently snorted, but she did not speak anymore, since she was clear that if the Mu Abode wanted to grow, then they would need a pillar to support them.

Right now, Mu Chen had already surpassed her, so it was naturally his job to be that pillar.

Raising his head and see Tang Bing suddenly coming over, he swiftly patted Mandala’s shoulder before he disappeared. “I’ll leave it to you.”

When Mandala saw how swiftly he ran, she couldn’t help shaking her head before looking at Tang Bing, who was coming over, and sourly said, “I’ll be handling things from now, that fellow ran again.”

When Tang Bing heard those words, she looked in the direction that Mu Chen disappeared from with disappointment before she nodded her head with a smile.

The Heavenly Lake stretched out within the Ancient Haven Palace, emanating boundless Spiritual Energy in this entire region, and in the depths of the Heavenly Lake, Mu Chen sat down, preparing to comprehend the second level of the Three Pures.

In his perception, he had already sensed the threshold to the second level of the Three Pures. He only needed an opportunity for him to make his breakthrough.

“I can finally go into seclusion.” Mu Chen muttered. He had been in the Mu Abode for quite a while to stabilise things. Thus, he had been falling behind in terms of cultivation, and now that it had been settled, he could finally free up his time. After he spoke, he gradually closed his eyes.

While Mu Chen started to comprehend, he had no idea that there was a silhouette coming towards the direction of the Greatlaw Continent.

That silhouette looked extremely beautiful with a cold demeanor. It was naturally Qing Shuang, whom Mu Chen had previously met in the Primordial Sacred Abyss.

At this moment, Qing Shuang wore a grave expression with a map in her hand as she traveled towards the Greatlaw Continent with her fists clenched. “Mu Chen, something happened to Aunt Jing!”

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