Chapter 1366 - The New Overlord

“Great Thousand Palace?!” The faces of the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor were covered in shock. They knew the origin of that token. Furthermore, they knew what the Great Thousand Palace represented.

The Great Thousand Palace was one of the most powerful supreme forces in the Great Thousand World. In ancient times, they represented the Great Thousand World to fight with the Fiend Clans.

Although not many people have heard of their news nowadays, that didn’t mean that they’ve disappeared. They’re just lying low like a beast in the dark corner of the Great Thousand World…

However, no one would doubt their foundation. Even the five Ancient Clans would be fearful when facing the Great Thousand Palace.

Although the three of them had a Supreme Force behind them, they’re nothing compared to the Great Thousand Palace… No wonder Mu Chen did not even place the forces behind them into his eyes. With the Great Thousand Palace backing him, there’s truly no one who would dare to touch him.

However, the Great Thousand Palace had always been lying low, and rarely interfered in the Great Thousand World’s matters. So why would Mu Chen possess the token of the Great Thousand Palace?

Most importantly, it’s also the token with the Demon Slayer King title!

Rumor had it that there’s only one Demon Slayer King in the Great Thousand Palace, and the token would never leave that person. So how did Mu Chen get another Demon Slayer King token?

The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor exchanged a look and they could see the puzzlement in each other’s eyes.

“We’ve never heard about there being another Demon Slayer King in the Great Thousand Palace.” The Violet Cloud Lord’s gaze flickered as he said.

Mu Chen casually replied, “Don’t you know about it now?”

As he spoke, he smiled and looked at the three of them. “Suspecting the authenticity of this? Then report it to the forces behind you guys.”

Seeing how fearless Mu Chen was, the three of their hearts jolted and sank. Mu Chen should know the consequences of pretending to be the Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace. If he got investigated by the Great Thousand Palace, then he would surely not have a good time.

So since he dared to bring it now, that meant that he mustn’t be afraid of the Great Thousand Palace’s investigation…

Could it be that this fellow really did become the second Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace? If that’s true, then they could only swallow this grudge down into their stomach, since the forces behind them certainly wouldn’t dare to provoke the Great Thousand Palace.

Just thinking about it, the three’s faces turned ugly, as if they’ve eaten a fly.

Mu Chen smiled when he saw the three of them swallowing their grudge. The reason why he brought out the reputation of the Great Thousand Palace was naturally to intimidate the supreme forces standing behind the three of them. From a certain degree, he’s faking the intimidation, but it was done righteously. Because according to his talk with the Great Thousand Palace, he didn’t possess any authority as a Demon Slayer King, but he did have the status.

If those Heavenly Sovereigns wanted to do anything to him, then they would have to worry about the Great Thousand Palace.

As the four of them spoke, the forces in the Northern Domain Plains had also recovered from their shock and had gradually figured out what the golden token represented.

When the other forces looked at the Mu Abode’s experts, their eyes suddenly blazed with jealousy. That’s the Great Thousand Palace! The most powerful supreme force in the Great Thousand World!

No one expected the Mu Abode to have such a colossal force standing behind them. If they knew about this, then not even the Violet Cloud Lord would dare to provoke the Mu abode, even if the Violet Cloud Lord told them to.

Furthermore, with such a powerful backing along with a talented and unfathomable Ruler, one could imagine the future of the Mu Abode.

The experts of the Mu Abode were somewhat dumbfounded by those gazes, since this situation had also exceeded their expectations.

“How did the Abode Ruler obtain the Demon Slayer King’s token of the Great Thousand Palace?” Liu Tiandao and the rest couldn’t help speaking out in excitement.

They also knew the meaning of the Great Thousand Palace’s Demon Slayer King. They were afraid that Mu Chen forged it, and if that’s the case, he would be attracting huge trouble for the Mu Abode!

Mandala shook her head. She also had no idea about this.

Ling Xi slightly smiled. “It’s the truth, Mu Chen is now the second Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace.”

“Hiss!” Hearing the confirmation from Ling Xi, Liu Tiandao and the rest sucked in a cold breath with excitement on their faces. They knew that with such a background, it’s just a matter of time before their Mu Abode rose.

Not to mention about the Northern Domain, no one would dare to provoke their Mu Abode even in the entire Greatlaw Continent!

The entire Northern Domain Plains was in a commotion. Under the surrounding heated gazes, Mu Chen stared at the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor before pointing at the map in the sky. “Now, do any of you have an objection about the splitting?”

After a brief pause, he continued, “Naturally, if the forces behind you guys have any opinion, they can also speak out.”

The faces of the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor’s faces twitched, but they fell into silence. The Mu Abode occupying half of the Northern Domain’s territories was a significant blow to their forces, but what could they do?

Mu Chen defeated the three of them, and even if the forces behind them were powerful, could they be more powerful than the Great Thousand Palace?

Power was stronger than strength, and no matter how much reluctance they felt, they could only grit their teeth and bear it down.

When everyone saw the three of them falling into silence on the Northern Domain Plains, their hearts jolted, since they knew that the situation in the Northern Domain would completely change after today.

The situation where no one dared to challenge the three Overlords has ended, and the Mu Abode would become one of the sovereigns of the Northern Domain.

When Mu Chen saw how they sucked it down, he nodded his head in satisfaction. “Since that’s the case, then from today onwards, these territories will belong to my Mu Abode.”

As he spoke, he swept his gaze at the forces in the Northern Domain Plains and those forces lowered their heads, not daring to look at this new Overlord.

“The forces in these territories are also forbidden from moving. After my Mu Abode accepts everything, you guys will become the subordinates of my Mu Abode.” Mu Chen’s voice sounded out, which caused another commotion.

The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor’s faces were unsightly. Surprisingly, not only were those forces not against it, they even felt happy.

After all, no matter where they belonged, they would still have to give tributes to the forces they were under. Compared to the three Overlords, the Mu Abode clearly had more potential. After all, anyone that joined them would have greater prospects than in the past.

Having a big tree behind them could shield them from the cold, and having the Great Thousand Palace was better than the Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion!

Those forces that did not manage to go under the Mu Abode fell into silence and looked at those forces that did in envy. 

An elegant fowl perched only on an excellent tree, all of them also hoped to have a better backing.

Mu Chen did not bother about the three of them anymore. He looked around and smiled. “So, shall we call it an end today?”

He also wanted to dominate the Northern Domain, but he knew that it’s best to split it in half for now, since it would take some time for his Mu Abode to digest it.

Furthermore, if his appetite got too gluttonous, he might cause the unhappiness in the supreme forces behind the three Overlord forces, and no matter how powerful the Great Thousand Palace’s name was, the Mu Abode would still be in a dangerous position. After all, the rage of a Heavenly Sovereign wasn’t easy to bear.

Thus, Mu Chen had temporarily called it an end. When he breaks through into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm in the future, he wouldn’t even need to compete, and the entire Northern Domain would naturally fall under his control.

Seeing how domineering Mu Chen was, the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor swallowed down the rage and could only force a smile. “Since the Mu Abode’s Ruler has already won, then please get rid of these things for us.”

They were still being affected by the black liquid. The terrifying corrosive ability had thrown the Spiritual Energy in their bodies into chaos, and it’s extremely troublesome to get rid of them.

Glancing at them, Mu Chen smiled. “Don’t worry, those things won’t kill you. With your strength, half a year should be enough for you to get rid of them.”

Clearly, he had no intentions of helping them. After all, Mu Chen also didn’t like the three of them, and if it wasn’t for him being afraid of the forces behind them, he might even kill them today.

So even if he couldn’t kill them, he didn’t mind torturing them a little.

When the three of them saw Mu Chen’s teasing gaze, they felt rage in their hearts, but they did not dare to flare up. They only snorted before they turned around and left.

“Let’s go!” Their voices echoed in the Northern Domain Plains as they swiftly left in defeat.

When the forces that still belonged to the three supreme forces saw this, they could only lower their heads and follow after them. However, their demeanor was no longer as strong as before.

Mu Chen stood in the sky and looked at the Northern Domain Plains. Aside from the experts of the Mu Abode, those forces under the newly assigned territories would also be under his Mu Abode’s command in the future.

At this moment, those forces were feeling uneasy, since some of them had even tried to obstruct the Mu Abode in the past and were afraid that Mu Chen could come after them.

Mu Chen swept a glance and knew that they were feeling uneasy, so his faint voice echoed out, “I will not pursue those matters of the past, and as long as you guys make contributions in the future, you will enjoy the same treatment as those from the Mu Abode. Naturally, if you hold other thoughts, then the punishment of my Mu Abode will also not be easy on you.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, everyone rejoiced and they respectful echoed around the entire Northern Domain Plains, “We will heed the Abode Ruler’s orders!”

Looking at this majestic scene, Liu Tiandao and the rest felt heavily relieved, since they knew that after today, the name of their Mu Abode would resound throughout the Greatlaw Continent…

The name of Mu Chen would also be ranked amongst the top of the Greatlaw Continent…

Mandala raised her face and looked at the youthful silhouette with a smile. “The fellow… really managed to accomplish it…”

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