Chapter 1366 - The New Overlord

“Great Thousand Palace?!” The faces of the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor were covered in shock. They knew the origin of that token. Furthermore, they knew what the Great Thousand Palace represented.

The Great Thousand Palace was one of the most powerful supreme forces in the Great Thousand World. In ancient times, they represented the Great Thousand World to fight with the Fiend Clans.

Although not many people have heard of their news nowadays, that didn’t mean that they’ve disappeared. They’re just lying low like a beast in the dark corner of the Great Thousand World…

However, no one would doubt their foundation. Even the five Ancient Clans would be fearful when facing the Great Thousand Palace.

Although the three of them had a Supreme Force behind them, they’re nothing compared to the Great Thousand Palace… No wonder Mu Chen did not even place the forces behind them into his eyes. With the Great Thousand Palace backing him, there’s truly no one who would dare to touch him.

However, the Great Thousand Palace had always been lying low, and rarely interfered in the...

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