Chapter 1365 - Splitting Up Territories

In the sky of the Northern Domain Plains, when the crystal pagoda dissipated, a powerful Spiritual Energy storm swept out that caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

Countless gazes were looking in the sky, and when the crystal pagoda disappeared, everyone’s eyes flickered before a commotion rang out again.

“The crystal pagoda has disappeared! It looks like the three Overlords destroyed it!”

“So quick? It looks like Mu Chen was just putting up a strong front…”

“After all, fighting the three of them alone isn’t something that just anyone can achieve. Even if he failed, he can be proud, and, after today, I’m afraid that the Mu Abode’s reputation will echo throughout the Northern Domain.”

“So he still failed…”


Discussions resounded. The experts belonging to the three forces had also eased out their faces. Evidently, they felt that the disappearance of the crystal pagoda must mean that it was destroyed by the three Overlords.

When the experts of the Mu Abode saw this, they felt a little uneasy before looking at Mandala. The latter raised her head and was looking at the Spiritual Energy storm with flickers in her eyes.

Sharp whistling sounds rang out, and in the next instant, countless people saw three silhouettes falling from the sky like meteorites before they fell into the depths of the Northern Domain Plains.

The impact had even caused the entire Northern Domain Plains to tremble, with huge cracks violently spread out that covered the Northern Domain plains in holes.

Everyone looked at that direction in shock. It looked like Mu Chen was thoroughly defeated now.

Silhouettes flew into the sky and looked in the depths of the Northern Domain Plains. They saw three massive craters with three silhouettes lying within them…

“This is?” Every single gaze gathered at the three silhouettes, and a brief moment later, everyone widened their eyes with disbelief on their faces. They realised that it was the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor lying in those craters!

Exclamations resounded between the heavens and earth with many forces beneath the three forces changing their faces to fear, as if they’d seen a ghost.

“This… how is this possible?!” They exchanged looks before they said soon after, “Looks like that Mu Chen is truly someone capable. But he must also be heavily injured in the process!”

But as they were comforting themselves, their gazes froze when a youthful silhouette slowly descended and looked at the three craters with a calm expression.

Although that silhouette in the sky wasn’t emanating any Spiritual Energy fluctuations, everyone could feel a terror spreading out in their hearts.

Under the pressure, the entire Northern Domain Plains was silent. Although many forces have submitted to the three Overlord forces, they no longer dared to act as arrogantly as before.

The pressure emanating from that silhouette felt even stronger than the three Overlords. Thus, their ridiculing eyes had changed into fear…

But facing those gazes, Mu Chen wasn’t too concerned as he briefly looked at the three craters from the sky before saying, “Come back up if you’re not dead yet.”

His voice was responded with silence. No one dared to utter a voice as they looked at the craters.

The silence briefly lasted before movement finally came from the craters. Three silhouettes slowly rose up into the sky and under everyone’s gazes.

When everyone saw those three silhouettes, they sucked in cold breaths with fear on their faces.

The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor had their clothes destroyed and the powerful Spiritual Energy around them had also weakened down.

Furthermore, their chests were as black as mud, covering the surface of their skin and was continuously trying to corrode their bodies and Spiritual Energy.

The three’s faces were pale with their flesh continuously swelling before exploding with fresh blood flowing down. Clearly, they have been heavily injured!

Standing in the sky, the three of them stood close together and grimly looked at Mu Chen. However, their gazes were no longer arrogant but held a dense fear instead.

They had gained an understanding of Mu Chen’s fighting strength from the previous battle, and those demons in the crystal pagoda were so terrifying that they couldn’t even pose any obstructions.

“Right now, can we calmly talk about my Mu Abode entering the Northern Domain?” Mu Chen looked at the three of them with a gentle smile and no longer looked as ferocious as before.

“Can we even refuse?” The three of them replied with grim expressions.

At this moment, their fighting strength had been significantly decreased from the massive injuries. If Mu Chen really wanted to kill them, then that would mean that they would fall in the Northern Domain Plains today.

At this moment, they were in the hands of others, and they’d already lost the qualifications to talk to Mu Chen.

“What do you guys feel?” Mu Chen smiled.

The three of them had fallen into silence, no longer looking as aloof as before.

When Mu Chen saw this, he did not pay any attention to them and waved his sleeve. Spiritual light surged in the sky and formed into a massive map, the map of the Northern Domain.

The territories were clearly being separated in the Northern Domain, with over 80% being dominated by the three Overlords, while the Northern Region occupied a remote location.

Mu Chen flicked his finger and a spiritual light shot into the map. Everyone could see the Northern Region’s territories were swiftly expanding, intruding into the three Overlord’s territories, into four sides.

After a few breaths, the expansion finally stopped with the Mu Abode’s territories having occupied half of the territories in the Northern Domain, while the Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion took the other half.

“From today onwards, this will be the division of territories in the Northern Domain.” Mu Chen’s voice echoed as he pointed at the map.

Many forces gulped down. According to this separation, then nearly half of them would be dragged into the Mu Abode, and that’s simply too domineering!

He was swallowing half of the Northern Domain up all at once!

Although they had such thoughts, no one dared to speak a word. Everyone had their gazes on the three Overlords, since they were clear that they weren’t qualified to negotiate with Mu Chen.

“You're too domineering!” The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle roared in anger with their faces turning pale. 

It was equivalent to heavy damage to them!

Mu Chen smiled. “Winner takes all, how is it too much? If my Mu Abode was the one defeated today, then your methods won’t be domineering?”

The three of their faces twitched before they took a deep breath. “Mu Abode’s Ruler, you’re powerful, but you should know that we’re not the ones making the decisions here. All of us here have a force standing behind us…”

His words sounded with a threat in it. Mu Chen was powerful, but they had genuine Heavenly Sovereigns standing behind them. The moment those Heavenly Sovereigns made a move, then even Mu Chen’s demons would undoubtedly be defeated!

“I know that you guys are merely puppets.” Mu Chen faintly said, before he continued, “Otherwise, why would I bother talking to you guys? I would’ve just thrown you guys out and dominate the entire Northern Domain for myself.”

If he didn’t wish to cause those forces behind them to look for him, how would Mu Chen leave half of the Northern Domain to them?

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, the three’s faces turned pale before they gritted their teeth. “Looks like the Mu Abode can confront the three Supreme Forces. It seems like we’re the one making a mistake with our eyes.”

Although they said it this way, the ridicule in their words was blatant.

Clearly, they thought that Mu Chen was just putting up a strong front. After all, Supreme Forces in the Great Thousand World each had Heavenly Sovereigns in it, and the strength wasn’t something that they could compete against.

Mu Chen smiled. “You each have a Supreme Force standing behind you, but did you think that I’m a pushover?”

The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor’s eyes narrowed. They had already investigated the Mu Abode’s background. They’d never heard that a Supreme Force was standing behind the Mu Abode. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even dare to provoke it so bluntly.

Seeing the three of them, Mu Chen smiled before he waved his hand and a golden light shot into the sky. When the light dissipated, a golden token appeared with three golden words on it, Demon Slayer Token. Beneath the Demon Slayer Token, three crimson words emanated with a boundless ominous aura in their eyes — Demon Slayer King.

The three of them instantly directed their attention over, and when they saw the three crimson words, “Demon Slayer King”, they felt a chill and their scalps went numb.

They finally understood the force standing behind Mu Chen…

The strongest force in the Great Thousand World, the Great Thousand Palace!

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