Chapter 1365 - Splitting Up Territories

In the sky of the Northern Domain Plains, when the crystal pagoda dissipated, a powerful Spiritual Energy storm swept out that caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

Countless gazes were looking in the sky, and when the crystal pagoda disappeared, everyone’s eyes flickered before a commotion rang out again.

“The crystal pagoda has disappeared! It looks like the three Overlords destroyed it!”

“So quick? It looks like Mu Chen was just putting up a strong front…”

“After all, fighting the three of them alone isn’t something that just anyone can achieve. Even if he failed, he can be proud, and, after today, I’m afraid that the Mu Abode’s reputation will echo throughout the Northern Domain.”

“So he still failed…”


Discussions resounded. The experts belonging to the three forces had also eased out their faces. Evidently, they felt that the disappearance of the crystal pagoda must mean that it was destroyed...

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