Chapter 1364 - Eight-Divisional Pagoda Displaying Its Might

When the massive pagoda descended, it cast a shadow over the Northern Domain Plains. Everyone raised their heads in fear as they looked at the pagoda. They could feel a terrifying fluctuation being emanated from that pagoda.

Even the three who were standing on their Sovereign Immortal Bodies were drawn into the pagoda and disappeared.

Everyone exchanged a look. This scene had exceeded all of their expectations. “What is that Mu Chen trying to do? That crystal pagoda doesn’t seem to be a Peerless Saint Artifact…”

“Doesn’t matter what he’s trying, is he really going to challenge three Overlords by himself?!”

“How is that possible…?”

“It’s just a futile struggle…”


Whispers resounded throughout the Northern Domain Plains, but not many were optimistic about him. After all, it was too unbelievable for him to face all three by himself.

However, Mandala and the rest weren’t too bothered about the commotion going around. They only raised their heads and looked at the crystal pagoda. They knew that when Mu Chen brought out his pagoda, the outcome would be swiftly determined…

Violet crystallised Spiritual Energy swept up a storm within the pagoda with three massive silhouettes standing within it. The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor were looking at the gigantic pagoda with uncertain gazes.

“Hmph, this brat is still trying to fight even at this time?” The Violet Cloud Lord looked in the direction of Mu Chen with a grim expression before he coldly snorted.

Venerable Thunder Note also nodded his head. “Mu Abode’s Ruler, why bother resisting? Just lead your Mu Abode out of the Northern Domain, and we will let you go today.”

Looking at the three of them, Mu Chen folded his arms and smiled. “Why? Afraid now?”

“What a joke.” The Violet Cloud Lord ridiculed.

“What big words.” The Golden Eagle Emperor sneered.

“Make a move together to destroy this pagoda!” Venerable Thunder Note said. For some reason, he felt uneasy being within this crystal pagoda, so it was best to leave right now.

The Violet Cloud Lord and Golden Eagle Emperor nodded their heads. Although they held disdain on their hearts, they were still fearful about this crystal pagoda because they knew that Mu Chen wouldn’t bring it out for no reason. Since he had caused such a commotion by bringing out the pagoda, then he must have some means.

Boundless Spiritual Energy gushed out of their Sovereign Immortal Bodies, and as the spiritual mist condensed, a massive Spiritual Energy struck towards the pagoda’s wall. Seeing this situation, Mu Chen formed seals with a single hand.

The pagoda started to tremble and the crystallised Spiritual Energy covered the walls of the pagoda to resist the attacks from the three Sovereign Immortal Bodies.

After he triggered the defenses of the crystal pagoda, Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the pagoda’s walls before his face turned grim and he formed seals with afterimages flashing out.

As he formed the seals, ancient runes started to appear from the surrounding walls of the crystal pagoda. Gradually, eight pictures appeared on the walls.

“What’s that?” When the eight pictures appeared, a terrifying fluctuation spread out within the crystal pagoda. When the Violet Cloud Lord’s trio sensed it, they raised their heads and looked at the walls in shock.

There were eight pictures on the walls that looked extremely ancient with rage in their eyes— appearing as if they were emanating such destructive prowess that even staring at them could send them into endless fear.

Under the gazes of those eight pictures, even the Violet Cloud Lord’s trio felt a trace of fear in their hearts…

When staring at those eight ferocious pictures, they looked like demonic gods. They were quietly stuck on the wall, looking at their enemies and were prepared to unleash destructive prowess.

It’s naturally the Eight-Divisional Pagoda.

“Today, I’ll use the three of you to test the might of this Eight-Divisional Pagoda…” Mu Chen indifferently stared at the three of them before he waved his sleeve. Sovereign Spiritual Liquid started to gush out from his sleeve and formed into a creek with a total of 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Trying to trigger the Eight-Divisional Pagoda would require massive amounts of Spiritual Energy, which was something that not even Mu Chen could accomplish, even if he exhausted all of his Spiritual Energy. Thus, he needed an enormous amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to aid him.

It was also because Mu Chen had a breakthrough into the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm. Otherwise, he would need at least 150,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

“Fortunately I’ve brought out the storage from the Mu Abode on this trip…” Mu Chen sighed in his heart before he took a deep breath without any hesitation. His seals started to change and the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had formed into a creek.

At this moment, the eight sinister pictures on the walls had also opened their mouths and started to devour the creek.

As they devoured the Spiritual Energy, the eight demonic pictures started to move their upper body away from the walls and took realistic forms.

A terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure whistled within the crystal pagoda. The pressure had caused the faces of the Violet Cloud Lord’s trio to change. They felt extremely threatened by the eight demonic pictures.

“Leave the pagoda!” The three of them hollered at the same time. Instantly, the three of them launched attacks in space, trying to tear a spatial passage for them to leave.

However, how could Mu Chen give them the chance to do that? He had spent such a great price to execute the Eight-Divisional Pagoda, so there must be some harvest from this, so he formed seals with one hand.

Once he formed the seals, the eight demonic pictures unleashed a destructive aura without any emotions. Three of the demonic pictures ferociously stared at the direction of the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor before stretching their fingers out and tapping the space before them.

A total of eight beams shot out from their fingers, causing space to crumble in the process, and even Spiritual Energy was being completely obliterated.

As the black beams shot over, they did not cause any commotion. However, the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor had drastically changed their faces with deep fear in their eyes.

Evidently, they felt threatened by this.

“At the same time!” The three of them no longer looked as composed as before and they abruptly roared.

“Violet Cloud Envelopment!”

“Vajra Indestructible Bell!”

“Golden Winged Godly Armour!”

The three Sovereign Immortal Bodies had gathered together with boundless Spiritual Energy gushing out, forming three defenses in the sky above them.

The first layer was a violet mist, covered in profound runes and beneath it was a massive golden bell and an armor that was formed with golden wings after that…

Facing those black beams, the three of them had utilised their greatest defenses without any hesitation. Aside from a genuine Heavenly Sovereign, no one would be able to destroy the three defenses!

When the three defenses were formed, the eight beams instantly reached them and struck the first violet light without any hesitation.

In that instant of contact, there wasn’t a huge commotion produced, but the Violet Cloud Lord was shocked to see that his Violet Cloud Envelopment had been instantly pierced through by the eight beams. It was a genuine meaning of crushing!

The golden bell emanated a ringing echo, but it sounded like a howl of despair. Before they could even rejoice, cracks started to spread out on the golden bell before it crumbled.

As the golden bell shattered, a black color started to spread out on the golden-winged armor, as if it was being corroded. In just a few moments, parts of the massive armor had turned into black liquid and was dripping from it.

The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor sucked in a cold breath with shock in their eyes. All of their defenses were actually so easily defeated under the black beams!

Mu Chen calmly watched this scene, he wasn’t too surprised. The Eight-Divisional Pagoda was a genuine offensive Peerless Divine Ability. Furthermore, it’s one of those 36 Peerless Divine Abilities.

Back then, the Pagoda Ancestor had used it to slaughter countless Monarchs. So it was naturally extremely useful to deal with just three Perfected Earth Sovereigns that had come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“Go!” Mu Chen gently tapped his finger out he faintly said.

The eight beams violently expanded and in the next instant, before the three of them could react, the eight destructive beams had also slammed against the three Sovereign Immortal Bodies.

Once in the contact with those black beams, everything was being corroded into black liquid and was swiftly dissipating…

The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor looked at the Sovereign Immortal Bodies beneath them in fear. They could sense that their Sovereign Immortal Bodies were swiftly crumbling. Furthermore, the unusual black liquid even tried to get to them through their Sovereign Immortal Bodies.

No matter how they tried to use their Spiritual Energy to resist, they couldn’t resist those black liquids!

They had pale faces. None of them expected that they would be left in such a pathetic state!

Furthermore, they couldn’t figure out how Mu Chen came to possess such a terrifying attack with just a Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm’s strength…

But no matter how much disbelief they felt, the reality was right before their eyes. The Sovereign Immortal Bodies beneath their feet were close to crumbling. The domineering black beams were like a virus that swiftly spread out within their bodies.

“Destruct the Sovereign Immortal Bodies!” The three of them exchanged a look and gritted their teeth. At this moment, they could only choose to break their own wrist. Otherwise, they would surely be heavily injured, while those black beams would corrode them.

Once the three of them made their decisions, the Sovereign Immortal Bodies beneath their feet burst out with myriad spiritual light and exploded. 

When Mu Chen saw this, he raised his brows and waved his sleeve. The crystal pagoda swiftly shrunk before it turned into a beam of light and entered his eyes.

The Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor started to retreat. They immediately rejoiced when they saw that Mu Chen recalled his pagoda. It looked like the self-destruct of their Sovereign Immortal Bodies had caused Mu Chen to be fearful.

But at this moment, it was best for them to retreat or they might be swept into the pagoda again.

With this thought flashing across their minds, the three of them retreated without any hesitation. But when they tried to flee, space shattered before them and their eyes abruptly narrowed, looking at it.

Several black beams streaked across space, chasing after the three of them, then struck them as fear shone in their eyes…

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