Chapter 1364 - Eight-Divisional Pagoda Displaying Its Might

When the massive pagoda descended, it cast a shadow over the Northern Domain Plains. Everyone raised their heads in fear as they looked at the pagoda. They could feel a terrifying fluctuation being emanated from that pagoda.

Even the three who were standing on their Sovereign Immortal Bodies were drawn into the pagoda and disappeared.

Everyone exchanged a look. This scene had exceeded all of their expectations. “What is that Mu Chen trying to do? That crystal pagoda doesn’t seem to be a Peerless Saint Artifact…”

“Doesn’t matter what he’s trying, is he really going to challenge three Overlords by himself?!”

“How is that possible…?”

“It’s just a futile struggle…”


Whispers resounded throughout the Northern Domain Plains, but not many were optimistic about him. After all, it was too unbelievable for him to face all three by himself.

However, Mandala and the rest weren’t too bothered about the commotion going around. They only raised their heads and looked at the crystal pagoda. They knew that when Mu Chen brought out his pagoda, the outcome would be swiftly determined…

Violet crystallised Spiritual...

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