Chapter 1363 - Breakthrough in Battle

“Sometimes, rejoicing too early will just turn you into a joke…” Mu Chen’s soft laughter rang out, causing the eyes of the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor to squint while fixing their sharp gazes on Mu Chen.

At this moment, they never expected Mu Chen to still stand with such a strong front.

“It looks like the Mu Abode’s Ruler is going to walk down the path of darkness.” Venerable Thunder Note shook his head and helplessly said.

A cold flicker flashed across the Golden Eagle Emperor’s eyes before he coldly said, “Don’t talk so much with him; he’s just trying to drag time.”

“Let’s make our moves!” The Violet Cloud Lord solemnly said. Venerable Thunder Note had paid the price to trap the two clones of Mu Chen. If they allowed them to get free, then it would return to a 3v3 match. At that time, their advantage would have decreased.

“Let’s make out moves, then.” Venerable Thunder Note nodded his head. He also did not want an unexpected situation to arise from the delay.

Once the three of them reached an agreement, they did not provide Mu Chen the time to speak and stomped their feet. A violet Spiritual Energy storm wreaked havoc between the heavens and earth as the three silhouettes charged towards Mu Chen.

Looking at those three silhouettes, Mu Chen calmly formed a seal with one hand and the Immortal Golden Body burst out with a myriad feet of golden light that enveloped him.

“Do you think that you can guard yourself till your clones break free?” Seeing Mu Chen’s actions, his three opponents coldly sneered, waved their sleeves and started to unleash terrifying attacks towards the golden barrier.

Although the defense formed by the Immortal Golden Body was powerful, it was violently trembling with ripples spreading out under the ferocious attacks of the three experts.

Looking at it, it seemed like it would shatter very soon.

When the other forces saw this, they inwardly smacked their lips. The attacks from the three Overlords were truly formidable. Even Mu Chen, who held the advantage from before, had fallen into the lower hand.

If this went on, Mu Chen would fall into the hands of the three Overlords once his defense was destroyed, and he wouldn’t be able to escape. At that time, the pitiful outcome of the Mu Abode was practically determined as well…

Thinking of this, many people’s eyes started to turn cold. The moment Mu Chen died, that meant that the pillar of the Mu Abode would also fall, and these people from the Mu Abode would surely not be able to escape from the Northern Domain Plains.

Sensing the ferocious gazes from the surroundings, the faces on the experts of the Mu Abode started to turn grave as they moved closer to each other with Spiritual Energy fluctuating throughout their surroundings as they looked at Mandala.

The latter held her hands behind her back while remaining calm. She only raised her head and watched the intense battle in the sky without any panic in her eyes. Seeing her calmness, everyone’s bodies eased out. All they could do right now was believe in their Mu Abode’s Ruler.

But then, when they followed their Abode Ruler, didn’t they already know that they’d be taking the risk?

For the future of the Mu Abode and also for their future, they could only follow their Ruler to the end.

Huge collisions resounded in the sky, but the Mu Abode’s party gradually calmed their eyes down as the violent attacks continued to slam against the golden barrier.

Mu Chen was enveloped in the light while looking at the three silhouettes without any ripples in his eyes. He merely lowered his head to look at the crystallised pagoda.

“It’s too exhausting to execute the Eight-Divisional Pagoda with a cultivation at the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.” Mu Chen faintly smiled. It looked like he had to make a breakthrough if he wanted to smash the confidence of those three forces so that they wouldn’t dare to compete with the Mu Abode!

A pellet appeared between his fingers that emanated a fragrance; it was the Promotion Pellet.

While the golden barrier was enveloping Mu Chen, the Violet Cloud Lord’s group of three had noticed Mu Chen’s actions. Although they had no idea what he was trying to do, they immediately increased their attacking speed out of cautiousness.

Raising his fingers, Mu Chen tossed the Promotion Pellet into his mouth and closed his eyes.

A flow went down his throat before it exploded. It was like a storm that had instantly spread to every corner of Mu Chen’s body. Spiritual Energy fluctuated within his body with his flesh emanating a glittering light, as if he was being forged from gems.

At the same time, the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor had also sensed the Spiritual Energy fluctuations emanating from Mu Chen’s body. They were surging at an extremely shocking speed.

Visible shock waves of Spiritual Energy could be seen roaring around Mu Chen’s surroundings.

“He’s trying to make a breakthrough!” The Violet Cloud Lord exclaimed with a pale expression. That fellow was truly daring. He’s actually attempting to a breakthrough in front of them?!

“Stop him!” The three of them hollered at the same time. Mu Chen was already so troublesome to deal with as a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign. If he managed to break through to the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, wouldn’t he be even more troublesome to deal with?

Thus, Spiritual Energy gathered behind the three of them, swiftly forming three silhouettes that emanated terrifying pressures. The three of them had immediately brought out their Sovereign Immortal Bodies!

As three Sovereign Immortal Bodies stood between the heavens and earth, Spiritual Energy roaring like a storm.

The three Sovereign Immortal Bodies had made a move together with terrifying energy gathering in their fists as they struck towards the golden barrier.

The golden barrier violently fluctuated before it finally reached the limit. In the next instant, the barrier exploded.

“Die!” When the golden barrier shattered, three jabs descended from the sky. They were directed at Mu Chen, who was standing on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body, as space constantly collapsed.

Everyone watched this scene with their eyelids twitching, would Mu Chen still be able to survive under such attacks?

As the fists landed, everyone watched as Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes while on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body.

His black pupils were abstruse, containing unimaginable power. At this moment, everyone could feel that the Spiritual Energy fluctuation emanating Mu Chen had reached a terrifying height.

“He actually managed to break through?! How is it so quick?!” The Violet Cloud Lord’s group of three trembled. Ordinary people would take a long time for them to break through, so why was it only a few seconds for Mu Chen?!

However, they had no idea that Mu Chen already possessed the qualifications to make the breakthrough. He just refrained from doing so because he wanted his foundation to be more sturdy. So with the Promotion Pellet as the trigger, it was akin to the pressure loosening up, and he easily made his breakthrough.

“Hmph, even if you’re a Perfected Earth Sovereign, you will still die today!” But the three of them swiftly calmed the shock in their hearts and increased the ferocity in their attacks. Although Mu Chen had broken through to the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, they have touched the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. So that didn’t mean that they had no chance of success!

Harboring this thought, their attacks ferociously landed. Mu Chen raised his head and his hands started to form seals. The Immortal Golden Body unleashed a roar and a purple-golden light surged, before it threw a jab out. The light had developed into a golden shield that clashed with the three jabs.

In that instant of collision, the heavens and earth turned quiet. At this moment, the shock wave that swept out in a few hundred thousand feet exploded throughout the sky, erasing all the clouds in the sky.

However, everyone had fixed their eyes onto the point of collision. The Immortal Golden Body had managed to withstand the three fists.

“Hmph.” The Violet Cloud Lord’s trio groaned with their faces not looking too good. Although they’ve obtained the upper hand in the previous confrontation, they also did not manage to instantly defeat Mu Chen. One must know that even someone on the same level as them would have been gravely injured from their attacks!

But, not only did Mu Chen push them back, he also did not suffer any serious injuries.

An uproar rang out with many experts shaking their heads in disbelief. Naturally, they never imagined that Mu Chen could really receive the three attacks.

“How formidable, confronting three Overlords and only falling into a slight disadvantage. This Mu Abode’s Ruler is truly formidable!” Even the forces under the three Overlords couldn’t help sighing.

“But although he managed to withstand them, it’s still impossible for him to face the three of them by himself. The three Overlords will surely gain the advantage!” Discussions resounded. The eyes of the Violet Cloud Lord’s trio had also coldly fixed onto Mu Chen with killing intent flowing from their eyes.

Clearly, they weren’t too satisfied, despite the advantage that they had previously obtained.

But facing their cold gazes, Mu Chen gently waved his hand from the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body. “Indeed, the three of you are still pretty capable.

“But, are the three of you done showing off? Is it my turn now?” Mu Chen smiled as he looked at the three of them.

When he spoke, he did not bother waiting for the three of them to talk. The crystallised pagoda soared into the sky before a huge shadow arrived from the sky, enveloping the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor, along with their Sovereign Immortal Bodies…

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