Chapter 1363 - Breakthrough in Battle

“Sometimes, rejoicing too early will just turn you into a joke…” Mu Chen’s soft laughter rang out, causing the eyes of the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor to squint while fixing their sharp gazes on Mu Chen.

At this moment, they never expected Mu Chen to still stand with such a strong front.

“It looks like the Mu Abode’s Ruler is going to walk down the path of darkness.” Venerable Thunder Note shook his head and helplessly said.

A cold flicker flashed across the Golden Eagle Emperor’s eyes before he coldly said, “Don’t talk so much with him; he’s just trying to drag time.”

“Let’s make our moves!” The Violet Cloud Lord solemnly said. Venerable Thunder Note had paid the price to trap the two clones of Mu Chen. If they allowed them to get free, then it would return to a 3v3 match. At that time, their advantage would have decreased.

“Let’s make out moves, then.” Venerable Thunder Note nodded his head. He also did not want an unexpected situation...

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