Chapter 1362 - Mu Abode’s Ruler against Three Overlords

As Mu Chen’s calm voice resounded, it swept a torrential wave throughout the Northern Domain Plains and everyone had shocked on their faces as they looked at that youthful silhouette.

Evidently, no one expected Mu Chen to still not budge despite the three Overlords joining together. On the contrary, he became even more unyielding.

One must know that the three of them were experts that had come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Although Mu Chen had his unusual Spiritual Clones, he didn’t have a high chance of winning if they fought.

The Mu Abode’s experts weren’t too anxious, but had remained calm. They knew that the Mu Abode would inevitably clash with the three Overlords at this stage, and if Mu Chen backed down today, then the three Overlords would surely strike at them. At that time, destruction would await them.

Since that’s the case, why not do their best and take the risk!

As the heavens and earth boiled, the Violet Cloud Lord coldly looked at Mu Chen and said, “What an arrogant fool, you...

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