Chapter 1361 - Domineer

Three silhouettes stood in the sky with the black and white-robed silhouettes looking the same as Mu Chen. Furthermore, what made others feel even more shocked was the fact that the Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from those two weren’t any weaker than Mu Chen!

“Are those Spiritual Clones? How can they be as powerful as his main body?” Someone exclaimed in disbelief. Spiritual Clones weren’t too unusual, but having the same strength as the main body was unheard of!

The Violet Cloud Lord’s face also suddenly froze for a long while before shock flashed in his eyes. He had also felt threatened by the black and white-robed Mu Chens.

‘How is this possible? How can his Spiritual Clones be so powerful?!’ The Violet Cloud Lord roared in his heart. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that mean that he would have to face the attacks of three similarly powerful Mu Chen?

Just one Mu Chen had already given him such a hard time. So even the Violet Cloud Lord was a little fearful that he’s going to face three.

But Mu Chen paid no attention to the Violet Cloud Lord’s panic and waved his sleeve. Sovereign Spiritual Liquid started to flow out before he absorbed and refined them to replenish his exhaustion.

As he replenished his exhaustion, the black and white-robed Mu Chens took a step forth with their bows aimed at the Violet Cloud Lord before releasing them without any expression on their faces.

The bow strings strummed and the two golden rays pierced through space with a terrifying sharpness. In the next moment, the two rays clashed against the thick violet cloud.

As the violet cloud trembled, the cloud violently rolled with layers of the violet cloud dissipating under the golden rays.

Before the violet cloud could calm down, the black and white-robed Mu Chens had launched their second wave of attacks. Another two rays struck against the violet cloud, causing the layers of violet clouds to start weakening.

When everyone looked at this scene, their expressions became complicated. Mu Chen has obtained the advantage right now, and it was the Violet Cloud Lord that could only hide in the protection of his violet cloud.

However, his protection was being slowly weakened after facing the two Mu Chens’ attacks. No matter how powerful the Violet God Cloud was, there would be a time when it could no longer hold on.

Everyone had clearly seen through the confrontation. The one-sided suppression that they had expected did not occur; on the contrary, Mu Chen, who was bound to lose, left them shocked instead.

Mu Chen had proven with his strength that he wasn’t any weaker than the three Overlords of the Northern Domain. Since that’s the case, then he did have the qualification and power to lead the Mu Abode as one of the Overlords in the Northern Domain.

As everyone looked at each other, they inwardly sighed. It seemed like the number of Overlords in the Northern Domain would be increased to four after today…

Compared to the other experts, the Mu Abode couldn’t help cheering as they looked at Mu Chen with respect. They knew how lucky it was to be in a force with such a powerful expert.

“The Abode Ruler is truly formidable.” Liu Tiandao couldn’t help speaking out with excitement.

The others also furiously nodded their heads. At this moment, Mu Chen’s prestige in the hearts of everyone has reached a peak.

Mandala looked at everyone being excited and a smile appeared on her face. She looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette with a complicated gaze.

When she first saw Mu Chen, he had just stepped into the Sovereign Realm. But a few years later, this weak youth had exceeded her without her even knowing it.

“Looks like I also have to work hard or I’ll be thrown further back by that fellow.” Mandala muttered.

As someone as prideful as her, she wouldn’t want to be under Mu Chen’s protection all the time. So to prevent herself from being useless as time passed, it’s time for her to work out her path towards the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

As thoughts flickered in the heart of the other forces, the Violet God Cloud started to gradually dissipate under the attacks of the two Mu Chens.

Mu Chen stood between the black and white-robed Mu Chens and looked at the Violet Cloud Lord’s silhouette that was gradually appearing with a cold smile.

Raising his hand, the golden bow gathered once again and a golden ray streaked across space before slamming against the Violet God Cloud.

This time, golden light blossomed and broke the violet cloud.

When the violet cloud broke, the Purple Cloud Lord’s silhouette flew out and he opened his mouth, sucking the violet cloud back into his mouth, before he looked at Mu Chen with a grim expression.

“Looks like your tortoiseshell wasn’t as formidable as you claimed.” Mu Chen faintly smiled.

If this was mentioned in the past, Mu Chen would probably attract ridicule. But at this moment, the heavens and earth were quiet with countless people shivering. No one imagined that the Violet Cloud Lord would be forced to such a terrible state by Mu Chen…

Especially those who were ordered to stop the Mu Abode. Their faces turned pale. They initially provoked the other party because they thought that the Mu Abode would come to an end today. But looking at it right now, the power of the Mu Abode had exceeded their expectations.

The Violet Cloud Lord’s face was grim before his purple pupils flashed with rage. However, after experiencing Mu Chen’s power, he knew that he couldn't do anything to the latter by himself.

“Right now, do you think that my Mu Abode is qualified to fight for the Overlord position in the Northern Domain?” Mu Chen stared at the Violet Cloud Lord with a faint smile as he asked.

The Violet Cloud Lord sneered, “With the current situation of the Northern Domain, I’m afraid that we cannot contain a fourth Overlord!”

The three Overlords have split over 80% of the territories in the Northern Domain. So if a fourth one appeared, that would undoubtedly cause a colossal tremor and break the current situation.

“What a pity.” Mu Chen shook his head in pity before his gaze suddenly turned sharp. Clenching his hand, the golden bow appeared and he pulled the string without any hesitation.

At the same time, the black and white-robed Mu Chens also pulled their strings and three golden rays abruptly flew out with indescribable sharpness that locked onto the Violet Cloud Lord.

As the three sharp golden arrows shot over, the Violet Cloud Lord’s expression changed before he took a deep breath. Purple light violently gathered in his eyes and formed into a purple ray that gushed out.

The purple and golden rays clashed together, producing a huge commotion before the two erased each other.

However, two other golden arrows appeared before the Violet Cloud Lord. However, when the golden arrow was about to hit the latter, two boundless energies descended and enveloped the golden arrows.

Violent energy exploded and the golden arrows shattered at the same time as the two other forces. A commotion rang out in this region again with countless gazes looking in the direction of Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor. The two of them were looking at Mu Chen without any expressions.

Clearly, it was the two of them who helped the Violet Cloud Lord.

“Finally making a move?” Mu Chen’s brows raised, looking as if he wasn’t too surprised, since he was clear that he would have to shake the three Overlords if the Mu Abode wanted to become one. They had viewed their Northern Domain as their restricted area, but now that someone was trying to touch it, the three of them would naturally see him as an enemy.

“Mu Abode’s Ruler, since you’ve already gained the upper hand, why are you taking it too far?” Venerable Thunder Note looked at Mu Chen as he slowly said.

Mu Chen couldn’t help smiling. “Then, what do the two of you think about my question?”

Venerable Thunder Note sighed as he said in pity, “Mu Abode’s Ruler, the situation in the Northern Domain has already been determined, and it was something that our three forces have maintained. So if your Mu Abode wants to claim the Overlord position, then I’m afraid that there will be bloodshed today.”

“So we hope that the Mu Abode’s Ruler can put your view outside the Northern Domain. If that’s the case, the three of us will naturally support you.”

Hearing those shameless words, Mu Chen couldn’t help briefly smiling before he stopped. “What if I insist?”

Venerable Thunder Note exchanged a look with the Golden Eagle Emperor and Violet Cloud Lord before he sighed, “If that’s the case, then the Mu Abode will have to face the three of us until the Mu Abode stops.”

He sighed as he shook his head. However, his eyes were coldly flickering with killing intent. Mu Chen’s strength had aroused his fear and killing intent.

When he spoke, it caused another tremble in the surroundings, since it looked like the three Overlords were going to temporarily team up to destroy the challenger…

If that’s the case, then the Mu Abode would most likely be in danger.

Although Mu Chen has exhibited extraordinary strength, he only managed to push the Violet Cloud Lord to the lower hand. But right now, Venerable Thunder Note and Golden Eagle Emperor have made their moves, so this situation would most likely be turned around instantly.

Under countless gazes, Mu Chen squinted his eyes while looking at the three of them. The entire region was silent, with only the sounds of a gale blowing.

The silence briefly lasted before Mu Chen shook his head and looked at the three of them. “Since that’s the case… then let’s see if the three of you are capable enough…”

Although his voice was soft, it was like rumbling thunder, making everyone’s hearts tremble. ‘The Mu Abode’s Ruler is going to face three Overlords by himself?!’

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