Chapter 1360 - Threat of the Golden Arrow

The sound of the strummed bow echoed between the heavens and earth as the faint golden ray that flew across the horizon collided with the purple fingers.

In that instant of contact, space shattered and countless spatial fragments flew out, leaving marks in the surrounding space within a myriad mile.

Countless gazes stared at the collision between the two and they could tell that both Mu Chen and the Violet Cloud Lord had brought out all of their power, without any intention of probing.

Thus, this confrontation could see the bottom line of those two.

The violet fingers emanated a violent violet gale with a huge commotion, while the ray of golden light was faint and looked weak, but it did not budge at all in the confrontation.

The Violet Cloud Lord’s silhouette hovered in the sky. He looked at the faint golden ray with a dark expression. He could sense that the golden ray that held a dangerous aura wasn’t weakening at all.

“This brat is truly a little abnormal!” The Violet Cloud Lord muttered to himself. Mu Chen had relied on his strength as a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign and surprised everyone. He had exhibited strength that could compete against those that had come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

The Violet Cloud Lord’s gaze flickered before he took a deep breath and he formed seals with a single hand.

A violet aura gathered on the violet fingers and the violet starry sky expanded. Looking from afar, it looked like a realistic starry sky with violet stars constantly revolving that emanated an astonishing power.

Along with the expanding violet finger’s power, the golden ray had finally started to show signs of being suppressed.

The faces of Liu Tiandao and the other experts of the Mu Abode changed upon seeing this scene and their fists were clenched. Their hearts were all pulled to their throats. They knew the meaning behind this confrontation. If Mu Chen succeeded, that would prove that he was capable of competing against those like the Violet Cloud Lord.

But if he failed, Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor would surely not hesitate to step onto Mu Chen and their Mu Abode.

Under all the nervous gazes, Mu Chen’s gaze was also fixated on the violet gale that slowly grew stronger. The power emanating from it had truly reached a terrifying height, and he would surely lose if he was still at the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm.

But it’s a pity… that he had grown much stronger since then. He raised his finger and gently tapped towards the golden ray with a voice that came out of his lips, “Break!”

When his voice rang out, the golden ray seemed to have given up all resistance and had shone like a golden sun as it lit up.

The incredible sharpness also soared into the sky, as if it could pierce through the heavens and earth. The golden arrow violently trembled with ancient runes appearing on the shaft of the arrow while spiraling runes appeared on the tip.

As the golden arrow trembled, countless people could hear a faint streak and they saw that golden ray had instantly pierced through that violet finger, even the terrifying gale couldn’t pose any obstruction to the arrow.

An uproar exploded between the heavens and earth.

“What?!” The Violet Cloud Lord’s face drastically changed. He never expected Mu Chen’s attack to grow so powerful in just an instant.

As the ray pierced through space, it flew towards the Violet Cloud Lord within just a few breaths.

Watching the golden ray, the Violet Cloud Lord’s face turned grave as a dense danger came towards him that made his hair stand on end.

Unleashing a holler, the violet figure behind him brandished its fist and the violet fist covered the sun. He had also retreated as well.

The golden arrow and the violet fist clashed, but that powerful collision still couldn’t block the golden arrow.

Thus, the violet silhouette’s fist had suddenly shattered in that instant.

As the violet giant silhouette retreated, its entire arm was destroyed. But after its arm was destroyed, the energy from the golden arrow had also been finally exhausted and had broken down. The Golden liquid flowed down, then flew back to Mu Chen.

“Truly worthy of being a necessary material for Peerless Saint Artifacts.” Mu Chen’s eyes lit up as he looked at the Vajra Spirit Breaking Liquid. His previous advantage was practically achieved with half the work, and if it wasn’t for the Vajra Spirit Breaking Liquid, Mu Chen’s arrow wouldn’t have been able to shatter the hand of Violet Cloud Lord’s Sovereign Celestial Body, despite being able to make the latter look bad.

As the golden liquid flowed in Mu Chen’s hand as if it was alive, he raised his head to look at the Violet Cloud Lord and saw that the latter’s face was pale and dark.

“This time, it’s no longer an ant’s bite, right?” Mu Chen faintly smiled as he looked at the Violet Cloud Lord.

The Violet Cloud Lord’s face twitched. Although he was raging in his heart, he had no way to argue since everyone had witnessed how he was forced into this state by Mu Chen’s attack.

“It looks like you’re still not convinced.” Mu Chen looked at the Violet Cloud Lord with a faint smile before he formed seals with a single hand. A hundred more Divine Immortal Runes gathered over and formed into another bow.

Pulling on the bowstring, another golden ray flew out. At the same time, the Vajra Spirit Breaking Liquid had also separated a strand and enveloped the tip of the arrow.

“Again!” Another arrow shot out when Mu Chen raised his hand. Under countless shocked gazes, everyone saw another hundred Divine Immortal Runes forming into another bow.

As the bowstring trembled, another arrow flew out.

In just ten-odd breaths, Mu Chen was surrounded by the golden light before ten golden rays flew out and enveloped towards the Violet Cloud Lord.

When the ten golden arrows enveloped over, the Violet Cloud Lord’s face changed upon seeing this, since he had already tasted the power of those arrows. With ten arrows coming over, it was something that even he couldn’t bear if he was struck.

Thus, he did not dare to delay and let out a long howl. Violet rays shot out from his mouth and formed into a cloud that enveloped him. “Violet God Cloud!”

Looking at that violet cloud, a commotion burst out between the heavens and earth. Everyone in the Northern domain knew that the Violet Cloud Lord possessed a Quasi-Peerless Saint Artifact known as the Violet God Cloud. It’s an extremely powerful defensive Saint Artifact and even when it was spread out, it was tough for even an expert on the same level to break it apart.

But the Violet Cloud Lord rarely used this Quasi-Peerless Saint Artifact, usually. However, he had resorted to it today, so one could see how dangerous Mu Chen was.

When Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor saw this scene, their faces changed. Their strengths could only be considered as being on the same level as the Violet Cloud Lord, and if even the Violet Cloud Lord was forced to this point, that meant that Mu Chen possessed the ability to threaten them.

“It looks like we have underestimated this fellow!” They exchanged a look with cold lights flowing in their flickering eyes.

Under the commotion, the golden rays struck against the violet cloud, emanating an ear-piercing noise as space constantly collapsed. Even the violet cloud was intensely rolling under the impact…

However, the violet cloud’s defense was truly terrifying. It only took an arrow to put the Violet Cloud Lord into such a terrible state, but with the protection of the purple cloud, the ten golden arrows only caused the violet cloud to weaken a little.

Watching the rolling cloud, the Violet Cloud Lord raised his head and looked at Mu Chen before he eerily said, “Brat, your attacks are powerful, but how many more of those can you unleash?”

After all, the Violet Cloud Lord was someone that had come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, so his eyesight wasn’t bad. He knew that no matter how powerful Mu Chen was, he couldn't unleash such attacks endlessly, since he was only a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign.

Right now, all he had to do was to hide in the violet cloud and wait till his opponent was exhausted, then he could easily kill Mu Chen.

Naturally, this method might cause him to lose face, but what was such humiliation considered as long as he could win?

Hearing those words, Mu Chen smiled before he nodded his head. “Indeed, this attack is truly exhausting.”

With his current strength, ten-odd golden arrows was already his limit.

A sneer appeared on the Violet Cloud Lord’s lips. As long as Mu Chen revealed the slightest flaw, then it would be time for him to retaliate.

But before the sneer could spread out on his lips, he saw Mu Chen’s abnormal smile and the latter started to form seals.

When he formed his seals, space fluctuated beside Mu Chen and black, and white-robed silhouettes slowly appeared.

Along with the appearance of the black and white-robed Mu Chens, they raised their heads and Divine Immortal Runes started to condense from them. Two more bows were formed.

When they pulled the bowstring, they locked onto the Violet Cloud Lord.

With a faint smile, Mu Chen’s voice slowly rang out between the heavens and earth, “Now, let me see how long this tortoiseshell can protect you.”

Instantly, the sneer on the Violet Cloud Lord froze.

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