Chapter 1359 - Fighting the Violet Cloud Lord

“Are you prepared to die?” The Violet Cloud Lord’s voice calmly rang out between the heavens and earth. If it was someone else saying those words, then there would be countless people laughing right now.

That’s because, in this Northern Domain, aside from the two other Overlords, the rest could only wait for their death from the Violet Cloud Sect.

But… there’s probably a third person right now.

Under countless views, Mu Chen did not pay attention to the Violet Cloud Lord. He turned to look at the Venerable Thunder Note and Golden Eagle Emperor with a smile. “You guys don’t intend to come at me together?”

He could naturally tell the killing intent the two of them had for him. But surprisingly, they did not make a move, but provoked him instead.

In the Northern Domain Plains, everyone’s faces twitched. This Mu Chen was genuinely confident and prideful. Not only did he provoke the Violet Cloud Lord, he even wanted to fight Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor as well?

They believed that if the three Overlords made their move, even Mu Chen would die today.

Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor squinted their eyes at Mu Chen’s actions with a cold light gathering in the depths of their eyes. They stared at Mu Chen as if they wanted to see through him, since they couldn’t figure out why Mu Chen was so arrogant.

Facing their gazes, Mu Chen smiled without any fear in his eyes but a blazing fighting intent.

Looking at him, Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor’s gazes flickered. Since Mu Chen could remain so calm at this moment, it either meant that he’s arrogant or he’s that confident. As Overlords of the Northern Domain, they were naturally cautious in their bones. Thus, they felt that it was the latter.

Venerable Thunder Note smiled. “You’re just the prey of the Violet Cloud Lord. The two of us aren’t in a good position to interfere.”

Whether Mu Chen was insane or he’s really that capable, the Violet Cloud Lord would be the one testing him out, while they just assess Mu Chen’s ability.

Right now, they weren’t clear about their opponent’s means. What if they carelessly made a move and Mu Chen decided to kill all of them together? Wouldn’t all of them be implicated in it?

They calmly stood by to watch, and once they finish probing Mu Chen’s means, they would let Mu Chen know the price for acting like a fool before them.

Mu Chen did not move, but looked at the two of them and smiled. “What a pity.”

The Violet Cloud Lord squinted his eyes. “You’re about to die, so why are you bothering to pretend and act?”

Mu Chen smiled. “Since that’s the case, then let me experience for myself how powerful someone that has come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm is.”

When he finished speaking, the Divine Pagoda blossomed in his eyes and the Spiritual Energy in his body swept into the Divine Pagoda, converting and amplifying before it returned to his body.

Crystallised light burst out from his body, causing his robe to flutter as the level of his Spiritual Energy surged.

In just a few moments, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation that came from Mu Chen had already exceeded that of ordinary Pinnacle Perfected Earth Sovereign experts.

The entire region went into an uproar. Mu Chen was just a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, but how was the Spiritual Energy emanating from his body even more powerful than a Pinnacle Perfected Earth Sovereign?

Furthermore, his crystallised Spiritual Energy was extremely unusual. As boundless Spiritual Energy whistled within his body, Mu Chen slowly clenched his hand and threw a jab over.

A massive crystallised fist flew out. The might contained within it caused space to explode. It was like a comet as it whistled towards the Violet Cloud Lord.

Facing Mu Chen’s ferocious fist, the Violet Cloud Lord sneered before he put his hands together and welcomed Mu Chen’s attack without any defenses.

When the fist crashed against the Violet Cloud Lord’s body, space violently trembled and shattered.

As the fist faded, everyone squinted their eyes to see that the Violet Cloud Lord did not even budge from his state, as if Mu Chen’s fist couldn’t even move him.

Mu Chen, who had been invincible, was finally being stopped.

“Like an ant.” The Violet Cloud Lord coldly smiled.

Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor’s eyes flickered. ‘Could this fellow be faking his power? He actually couldn’t even shake the Violet Cloud Lord’s defenses.’

Under all the gazes, Mu Chen looked at the Violet Cloud Lord with slight shock before he smiled. “Indeed, truly someone that has come in contact with the profundities of the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.”

The legendary Heavenly Sovereign Realm could become one with the heavens and earth to form a powerful defense around them. The heavens and earth dissipated the majority of the power of their opponent's attacks, and that was the meaning of the so-called “one with the heavens and earth”.

The Violet Cloud Lord had clearly dissipated Mu Chen’s attack into the heavens and earth and only bore a portion of the attack. So it was natural that he could withstand that attack.

In the past, Mu Chen had never experienced fighting with experts that had come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, so he naturally wanted to give it a probe first.

“You have some eyesight, but what a pity that you’re too late.” The Violet Cloud Lord’s face was dark with killing intent gathering in his eyes.

Mu Chen shook his head with a smile. “Talk when you can truly become one with the heavens and earth after stepping into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Right now… your fake one with the heavens and earth isn’t as strong as you have imagined.”

“Reckless fool, you still dare to talk so arrogantly right now?!” The Violet Cloud Lord eerily said.

Mu Chen did not pay attention to him, but formed seals with a single hand. Purple-golden light burst out and formed into a massive silhouette; it was the Immortal Golden Body!

Countless purple-golden runes flickered on the Immortal Golden Body. They were like dragons that separated from the colossal figure and coiled around him.

“Divine Immortal Runes, Immortal Golden Bow!” Mu Chen stretched his hand out and the hundreds of Divine Immortal Runes whistled over and gathered in his palm before a massive golden bow was formed.

Holding onto the golden bow, he indifferently looked at the Violet Cloud Lord as he pulled the string. Purplish-golden light condensed on the bow before a golden arrow condensed with profound runes covering it.

At the same time, Mu Chen’s robes trembled and a golden liquid flew out, enveloping the golden arrow.

The golden liquid instantly froze and the golden light on the arrow dimmed down. It was no longer as dazzling as before and had even calmed down.

The liquid was naturally the Vajra Spirit Breaking Liquid that Mu Chen had bought with his Demon Slayer Points.

The arrow was pointed towards the Violet Cloud Lord. Mu Chen smiled. “Show me how you stand still again?”

He let loose the arrow and a faint golden ray shot out, attracting countless gazes in the process.

Just when the golden ray shot out, the Violet Cloud Lord squinted his eyes. He could sense an incredible sharpness coming in his direction that made his skin feel a stinging pain.

Shock appeared in his heart. The might of Mu Chen’s arrow was exceedingly terrifying. It wasn’t something he could handle, despite being at the one with the heavens and earth realm.

“This fellow is truly somewhat capable.” The Violet Cloud Lord’s face turned dark as the golden light blossomed in his eyes. He did not dare to be slow. Taking a deep breath, he stomped his foot and a violet light spread out. A violet silhouette formed behind him. It was naturally the Sovereign Celestial Body that he had cultivated.

“Violet Emperor Star-Seizing Finger!” The Violet Cloud Lord hollered as his seals changed. His two fingers stuck out into the air.

The violet silhouette also stuck out its two fingers, enveloped in violet luster as it formed a violet starry sky as if it was trying to pluck the stars with its fingers.

The Violet Cloud Lord’s move had instantly caused a commotion. Everyone knew that this was one of the Violet Cloud Lord’s finishing moves, which he had resorted to right now.

Evidently, the attack from Mu Chen had made the Violet Cloud Lord feel threatened.

Under all the attention, a faint golden ray streaked across the horizon and clashed with the violet fingers within a few breaths. Everyone focused their attention on the clash…

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