Chapter 1358 - Three Overlords

When the three silhouettes appeared, the entire region turned silent. Everyone was looking with fear on their faces. That’s because those three silhouettes were the strongest existences in the Northern Domain, and at the same time, they’re also the leaders of the three forces — the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor.

Those three names have even resounded throughout the entire Greatlaw Continent. In the Northern Domain, they’re overlords that no one would dare to defy.

Mu Chen stared at the three silhouettes. The one on the left was a middle-aged man with his white-robe fluttering in the air and looking refined; however, his violet pupils looked so bewitching that no one dared to belittle him.

The one in the center was a bald man with big ears wearing grey robes. His sleeves were extremely loose and emanated a faint fluctuation. Despite the gentle smile on his face, everyone could tell that coldness in his eyes.

The one standing on the right was donned in grey robes and looked stern. He had a pointed nose and both of his eyes were glittering in faint gold, his gaze was as sharp as a blade that seemed like it could pierce through the heart of others.

They emanated similar powerful fluctuations that caused space to tremble. The surging Spiritual Energy fluctuations had also calmed down upon reaching each other.

Just standing there gave others the misperception that they were one with the heavens and earth. It felt that if they unleashed an attack, it would be akin to the heavens and earth launching an attack by themselves.

Mu Chen’s eyes were squinted. The Three Overlords have already started to come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Although they’re considered Perfected Earth Sovereigns, the other Perfected Earth Sovereigns paled in comparison to them.

Although Mu Chen had easily crushed those teams of Perfected Earth Sovereigns from before, the three of them could also do it quickly.

Mandala, Ling Xi, and the rest were also shocked before they appeared beside Mu Chen. They looked at the three silhouettes in fear.

“Those three fellows are truly overlords of the Northern Domain. They’re pretty capable, almost at the level of the four Hall Masters of the Ancient Haven Palace now.” Mandala softly said with a grave expression on her face.

With a shocked expression, Mu Chen asked in astonishment, “So the four Hall Masters of the Ancient Haven Palace have also touched the Heavenly Sovereign Realm?”

He had always considered that the four Hall Masters were only Perfected Earth Sovereigns.

Mandala rolled her eyes before she responded, “The four of them were, after all, nurtured by the Heavenly Emperor. If the Ancient Haven Palace was around for a longer time before the Fiend Clans attacked it, the four of them would have already been in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. Ever since he could easily slaughter Perfected Earth Sovereigns, he had already started to feel a little unusual about the Ancient Haven Palace’s strength. They had the Heavenly Emperor, who was an existence in the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm. However, the fighting strength beneath him was a little weaker.

If the four Hall Masters were only ordinary Perfected Earth Sovereigns, then they weren’t even capable of taking care of the current Northern Domain’s situation.

But if they’re existences that had already come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, then they’re barely strong enough. But compared to the Heavenly Emperor, they’re still a little too weak.

“Whether in ancient times or currently, Heavenly Sovereigns aren’t existences easily found because they represented a foundation. Just take a look at the West Heaven Battle Palace. Although the West Heaven Battle Emperor is a Pinnacle Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, he doesn’t have another Heavenly Sovereign beneath him, right?” Mandala shook her head, since she knew what Mu Chen was thinking.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head before he fell into thoughts. Every single Heavenly Sovereign represented a foundation, and despite the many forces in the Great Thousand World, many forces only had about one or two Heavenly Sovereigns. On the contrary, looking at those ancient clans, like the Ancient Buddha Clan, their numbers were much higher, and from a certain degree, that could be considered as their foundation.

“These three fellows are powerful, and even in the Ancient Haven Palace, they could fight for the Hall Master’s position.” Mandala said with worry flashing in her eyes. Although Mu Chen easily showed his might, this wasn’t a game. If the Mu Abode wanted to enter the seat of one of the Northern Domain’s Overlords, then he would have to snatch from these three.

If he failed, then everyone with him, along with the Mu Abode, would be reduced to ashes.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. He could sense the trace of a dangerous aura coming from the three of them. Evidently, their target was the Mu Abode, and a great battle was unavoidable.

When the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note, and the Golden Eagle Emperor appeared, the three of them looked at Mu Chen with killing intent flickering in the depths of their eyes.

Those nine Perfected Earth Sovereigns were all their subordinates, but Mu Chen ruthlessly killed half of them, and it was a price that made them feel aching in their hearts.

They had underestimated Mu Chen, and also how decisive he was.

The Violet Cloud Lord eerily looked at Mu Chen before he slowly said, “Haha, good. It has been so long since my Violet Cloud Sect has suffered such losses. You’re truly something.”

Out of six Perfected Earth Sovereigns of the Violet Cloud Sect, three of them were sealed by Mu Chen, and of the remaining three, two were killed and one was heavily injured.

Practically all of the Violet Cloud Sect’s higher hierarchy was wiped out by Mu Chen.

Looking at the Violet Cloud Sect’s cold gaze, Mu Chen faintly smiled. “Your Violet Cloud Sect came to my Mu Abode and acted arrogantly, so you guys bear all responsibility.”

The Violet Cloud Lord’s gaze turned cold before he sneered. “A small Mu Abode is something that my Violet Cloud Sect can destroy with a wave of my hand. Yet, you dare to act so arrogantly before me?”

Shaking his head, Mu Chen replied, “It’s a pity that your Violet Cloud Sect is the one being wiped out now.”

Facing the killing intent from the Violet Cloud Lord, Mu Chen did not cower, but refuted with his words. He knew that any signs of retreat right now would only let his opponent take one step further.

The entire Northern Domain Plains was silent with the people in the surroundings looked at the confrontation between Mu Chen and the Violet Cloud Lord. They trembled in fear, but they did not dare to utter a single sound.

They knew that neither of them were pushovers, and if they clashed together, it wouldn’t be resolved so easily.

“Haha!” Hearing Mu Chen’s words, the Violet Cloud Lord couldn’t help laughing out with dense killing intent filling his eyes, causing the temperature between the heavens and earth to drop.

“Rest assured. I will personally make a move after today and slaughter your entire Mu Abode!”

The Violet Cloud Lord fixed his eyes on Mu Chen with a savage smile appearing on the corner of his lips. “Your Northern Region will also be turned into an ocean of blood under my rage. At that time, you will become the sinner of the Northern Region, and all of this is because of your ignorance and foolishness!”

Sensing the Violet Cloud Lord’s cold killing intent, there wasn’t any ripple on Mu Chen’s face. He gently said, “Noisy pecker. If the mouth is effective, then you would have already dominated the entire Greatlaw Continent.”

The surrounding people’s lips twitched. They clearly did not think that the young Mu Abode’s Ruler was not only ruthless with his means, but his mouth was also vicious and nearly drove the Violet Cloud Lord insane.

They sneaked peeks at the Violet Cloud Lord and saw rage gushing out of the latter’s eyes. Even the surrounding space was trembling under his wrath with cracks spreading out.

However, when the killing intent had reached the limit in the heart of the Violet Cloud Lord, his expression gradually calmed down, like the calm before the storm.

He did not look at Mu Chen but turned around to look at the Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor. “I’ll let this bastard watch how I tear him apart. What do you want to do?”

The Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion could be considered as enemies. But with Mu Chen, the challenger, appearing, they had temporarily given up their grudges to kill this challenger first.

Venerable Thunder Note and the Golden Eagle Emperor exchanged a look before they squinted their eyes. “We’ll let Violet Cloud Lord make a move first to teach this arrogant brat a little.”

At this moment, the killing intent in the Violet Cloud Lord had reached the limit. Although the Mu Abode’s Ruler was young, he had some ability, and it's good for the Violet Cloud Lord to probe him first.

If that brat showed signs of defeat, then they’d look for an opportunity to kill him before splitting the Mu Abode amongst themselves.

No matter what, the Mu Abode would no longer exist in the Northern Region.

The Violet Cloud Lord calmly nodded his head. Although Mu Chen was a little weird, he wasn’t too afraid. What he was afraid of was that the other two would take the opportunity to make a move against him. In his view, they wanted to get rid of him, as well as this Mu Abode.

Turning his head over, his purple pupils flickered as he looked at Mu Chen. “Since that’s the case, then are you prepared to die?”

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