Chapter 1357 - Flaunting Might

As a cold breeze blew in the Northern Domain Plains, countless people felt a chill in their bodies. However, their gazes were gathered on the youthful silhouette before the coldness made them tremble a little.

Behind that silhouette, the two corpses gradually turned cold. A few moments ago, those two corpses were Perfected Earth Sovereigns!

But such powerful existences were so easily ripped of their lives without even being able to withstand a single exchange with that youthful silhouette. They didn’t even have the opportunity to flee!

As countless gazes looked at Mu Chen, fear flashed in their eyes. Although they had heard that the Mu Abode’s Ruler was extraordinary, it was only when they witnessed it that they knew how extraordinary he was.

“No wonder the Mu Abode dares to interfere in this. I’m afraid that their strength isn’t any weaker than the three Overlords.” Someone said with a grave expression. It looked like there would be a huge battle in the Northern Domain Plains today.

Amidst those shocked gazes, Mu Chen gently clapped his hands as if he was trying to get rid of the non-existent traces of blood that were on them. He then raised his head and looked at the seven shocked Perfected Earth Sovereigns. “Not going to come together?”

Ever since his cultivation had stepped into the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, those Perfected Earth Sovereigns that were considered tough opponents for him before were no longer a challenge to him. He felt that even if he didn’t use any Divine Ability, with just the Divine Pagoda and his Spiritual Energy, he had exceeded ordinary Perfected Earth Sovereigns.

Not to mention the powerful sealing ability of the Divine Pagoda. Facing this sealing ability, even the Perfected Earth Sovereigns would look as weak as chickens in his eyes.

“You… you dare to kill them?!” The seven Perfected Earth Sovereigns finally recovered from their shock before they hollered. They never imagined that Mu Chen would be so decisive and ruthless.

The moment he moved, he had killed them without any hesitation. Furthermore, those two that died were existences just beneath the leaders of the three forces, holding a high position. They’re famous even in the Northern Domain, but they were instantly killed?

Mu Chen smiled. “Otherwise, won’t you guys think that my Mu Abode came to play with you?

“Furthermore, it’s just the beginning.” Mu Chen smiled, making the seven Perfected Earth Sovereigns feel a chill down their spines. It’s as if they were being looked at by a ferocious beast, making them feel fearful.

However, Mu Chen did not bother speaking much to them. His silhouette then disappeared once again. Vaguely, it was as if a blurred beam of light was shuttling through space.

“Attack together!” The seven Perfected Earth Sovereigns hollered with astonishment on their faces.

At this moment, they knew how frightening Mu Chen was. So they no longer looked that arrogant, since they knew that they could only resist this fiend by joining hands together.

Thus, the seven of them had brought out their Sovereign Celestial Bodies without any hesitation. When seven colossal figures appeared, they swept a storm of Spiritual Energy throughout this entire region.

Mu Chen’s silhouette did not stop until he appeared before a Sovereign Celestial Body. Then he pushed his palm out towards the latter’s chest.

When his palm fell, a crystallised lustre blossomed and the massive Sovereign Celestial Body froze. The boundless Spiritual Energy had also swiftly dimmed down.

The massive Sovereign Celestial Body instantly collapsed since the Spiritual Energy in it was being sealed, and it was no longer able to support the Sovereign Celestial Body.

When the Sovereign Celestial Body collapsed, a pitiful silhouette was blown out with disbelief and shock on his face.

He could never have expected that even after bringing out his Sovereign Celestial Body, he still couldn’t even take a single move from Mu Chen.

The unusual crystallised Spiritual Energy was extremely oppressive, and when it had just come in contact with Spiritual Energy, it had sealed and destroy the Sovereign Celestial Body from the inside out.

Although that person swiftly retreated, Mu Chen was faster. Before the other Perfected Earth Sovereigns could react, he had already appeared before that person and threw a jab over against his chest.

Lights flickered on his fist as a crystallised light gushed out. When that crystallized light came in contact with the Perfected Earth Sovereign, it had pierced through the latter’s body and it swiftly dimmed down.

“Explode!” With an indifferent expression, Mu Chen faintly said.

The crystallised light was like tens of thousands of spikes that burst out from the Perfected Earth Sovereign’s body, causing that person to burst open.

Crystallised light flickered in every single piece of flesh. With the Spiritual Energy being sealed, it didn’t matter how much vitality a Perfected Earth Sovereign possessed. The moment he lost his Spiritual Energy, he would be as weak as an ordinary person. Another Perfected Earth Sovereign had fallen.

Mu Chen did not even cast a glance as he avoided the several attacks of Spiritual Energy coming in his direction before he charged towards another Sovereign Celestial Body.

As violent Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc, six massive figures emanated powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations and a tiny figure was flickering amongst them.

Whenever that figure flickered, there would be a colossal figure that retreated, and that tiny figure would grasp the opportunity to attack with crystallised Spiritual Energy to destroy a Sovereign Celestial Body. After that, he would pursue the person within it and shatter him into pieces.

Spiritual Energy constantly rumbled throughout the heavens and earth as the surroundings turned silent. Occasionally, only the sounds of people gulping down their saliva would sound out.

Although it seemed like several people were targeting Mu Chen, the few Perfected Earth Sovereigns’ rhythms had gone chaotic. Every single attack they launched would carry fear, since they knew that the moment Mu Chen caught their flaws, their outcome would be the same as their companions from before.

But no matter how fearful they were, they realised in horror that after a few minutes, the companions around them had decreased. Their numbers had been reduced to 4 from 7.

That meant that three of them have fallen from the beginning of the fight till now!

Furthermore, their opponent hadn’t even brought out his Sovereign Celestial Body.

At this moment, the remaining four felt exceedingly fearful in their hearts. They understood that they'd encountered a terrifying person today, and they’re practically not on the same level.

“Run!” Their fighting spirit instantly dissipated and the four of them retreated at the same time. They knew that if they continued, they would probably all die here.

“Trying to run now? A little too late.” Mu Chen looked at the four silhouettes and faintly smiled without any warmth in his smile. He knew that if the Mu Abode wanted to rise, then he would have to intimidate others, and right now, these Perfected Earth Sovereigns that had sent themselves up were the best targets.

Thus, his figure flickered, pursuing the four massive figures with a crystallised sun gathering in his palm that held an endless power.

Sensing the terrifying fluctuation from the crystallised sun, the four’s faces turned pale. They couldn’t be bothered with their faces and started to yell, “Sect Master, save me!”

Their voices were enveloped in Spiritual Energy as they echoed out.

They initially didn’t want to seek help, since it would embarrass them. However, they couldn’t be bothered about it much. If they still didn’t ask for help, they would all probably be buried here.

Hearing their screams, Mu Chen indifferently smiled before he quickened his speed and the crystallised sun was shot towards the four silhouettes.

“How dare you!” Just when the crystallised sun was about to envelop the four silhouettes, three hollers echoed out like rumbling thunder with three beams shooting through space before they descended with their powerful might and clashed with the crystallised run.

Facing the three terrifying attacks, the crystallised sun nearly crumbled, but a cold smile appeared on Mu Chen’s lips before he flicked his finger.

Four crystallised beams had separated from the sun, dodging the three beams of Spiritual Energy, and shot towards those Perfected Earth Sovereigns that had felt relaxed after they were being saved.

When the crystallized luster shot into their bodies, their expressions froze and fear rose on their faces as the Spiritual Energy in their bodies froze at an extremely swift speed.

Their Sovereign Celestial Bodies crumbled and the four silhouettes were exposed. All of them spat out a mouthful of blood as they fell from the sky, then they spewed several more mouthfuls of blood.

From the looks of it, they’re practically half-dead, but they managed to preserve their lives.

The entire Northern Domain Plains was in silence and everyone was dumbfounded. No one expected that out of the 9 Perfected Earth Sovereigns, five of them were dead, and four of them were wounded in just barely an incense's time.

Furthermore, the leaders of the Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion had to make a move to protect the remaining four.

Just how terrifying was this Ruler of the Mu Abode?

Under all the shocked gazes, Mu Chen indifferently glanced at the four gravely wounded Perfected Earth Sovereigns before raising his head and calmly said, “Know how to feel heartache now?”

At this moment, the loss of Perfected Earth Sovereigns of the three forces could be considered as having their foundations shaken.

Three sounds of laughter resounded from the depths and everyone could sense the terrifying killing intent within those peals of laughter.

Thereafter, space suddenly distorted and everyone was shocked to see three silhouettes slowly stepping out.

The three silhouettes quietly stood in the sky while emanating a terrifying pressure that far surpassed the Pinnacle Earth Sovereign Realm.

There was already a trace of the Heavenly Sovereign Realm within them. At this moment, Mu Chen’s gaze was also gathered onto them. Aside from the Violet Cloud Lord, Venerable Thunder Note Venerable, and the Golden Eagle Emperor, who else could they be?

“You guys finally showed up…”

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