Chapter 1357 - Flaunting Might

As a cold breeze blew in the Northern Domain Plains, countless people felt a chill in their bodies. However, their gazes were gathered on the youthful silhouette before the coldness made them tremble a little.

Behind that silhouette, the two corpses gradually turned cold. A few moments ago, those two corpses were Perfected Earth Sovereigns!

But such powerful existences were so easily ripped of their lives without even being able to withstand a single exchange with that youthful silhouette. They didn’t even have the opportunity to flee!

As countless gazes looked at Mu Chen, fear flashed in their eyes. Although they had heard that the Mu Abode’s Ruler was extraordinary, it was only when they witnessed it that they knew how extraordinary he was.

“No wonder the Mu Abode dares to interfere in this. I’m afraid that their strength isn’t any weaker than the three Overlords.” Someone said with a grave expression. It looked like there would be a huge battle in the Northern Domain Plains today.

Amidst those shocked gazes, Mu Chen gently clapped...

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